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SAA Eliminates 150 AlQaeda Terrorists in Hama Northern Countryside

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The Syrian Arab Army units continue the fiercest battles against a large combination of terrorist groups operating directly under the Turkish supervision and support in northern Hama countryside.

More than 150 terrorists from Nusra Front and its affiliates were killed out of 500 who carried out the latest 3 offensive waves this day only against the town of Kafr Nabudah in northern Hama countryside, which was recently cleaned from the terrorists, Russian Ministry of Defense stated.

Since their swift defeat in Hama countryside and the success of the SAA in cleaning several main towns from their terror, the Turkey-sponsored Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda Levant), Islamist Turkestan Party, Izza Army, among other different names of Al-Qaeda, are trying to restore any of the towns and villages they lost.

In this latest development, Turkey directly joined the terrorists with reports from the field confirming Turkish and US special forces spearheaded Nusra Front attacks. Turkey, also, transferred a large number of terrorists from its Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations in the north to confront the advancing SAA troops.

Syrian Brigadier Suhail Hassan Commander of SAA’s Tiger Special Forces addressing his troops: “You fought against Turkish and US special forces today”

Turkey maintains an observation point in the Mount of Shahshibbo based on the Astana de-escalation agreement. The observation point is supposed to assist Turkish forces in dismantling the terrorist groups operating in Idlib, separating foreign radical terrorists from local less radical terrorists, instead, the Turkish observation point was turned into a command and control point to supervise and arm the terrorists it gathered under united command and augmented them with more terrorists from northern Aleppo countryside.

Despite all the support they received and two suicide bombers, one of them came all the way from the Maldives to join the ‘Syrian Opposition’ failing to penetrate the SAA’s posts, Nusra Front and its subordinates continue their offensive hoping to drag the very much willing US into the war.

US special envoy to Syria James Jeffery whined before Congress today calling for the need to stop the military operations in Idlib as his dearest terrorists are losing. Simultaneously, the US propagandists are circulating reports of a new alleged chemical attack by the Syrian state against the civilians, contradicting the events on the ground where the SAA is advancing and the recently leaked OPCW report debunking the lies by the international organization that were the base of an illegal joint US, UK, and French bombing of Syria last year.

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