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Syrian Arab Army Secures Hama Northern and Western Towns

SAA Cleaning Hama from Nusra Front and its Affiliates

Hama western and northern countrysides are in the progress of getting cleaned from US-sponsored ‘Regime Changing’ tools, ie. al-Qaeda and its affiliates. The Syrian Arab Army and its allies started a military operation to clean an area infested with herds of anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists who used the plains in the region to target secured villages, the SAA positions, and also the Russian military base in Hmeimim with Grad missiles, drones, and direct infiltrations.

Turkish pariah Erdogan, who Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant) and its affiliates report to, has not only failed his own commitment to disarm the terrorist groups in the de-escalation zone defined in the Astana Agreement for Idlib, he has intensified the support to these terrorists, especially Nusra Front which consolidated its grip over other terrorist groups.

Syrian and Russian officials have repeatedly warned Erdogan that their patience is running thin with Erdogan’s aggressive acts using terror against not only the Syrian forces, but extended to endanger the lives of the Russian forces based in Hmeimim, Erdogan, being a backstabber Muslim Brotherhood would only further his agenda, and would always betray and choose the wrong sides, this case is no different.

Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

When the Syrian leadership vowed to clean the whole country from terrorists, their affiliates, and their sponsors, it was serious about that. President Assad stated: Every inch of Syria will be liberated.

The latest swift advances of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies prove yet once again that the defenders of the land will stop at nothing to clean their country and secure their people, however, the US and its cronies try by all their means.

Below is a video report by Dima Nassif, Director of Lebanese news channel Al-Mayadeen in Damascus with English subtitles, transcript of the translation below.

Transcript of the video translation:

Nobody knows for sure where did the Syrian Armed Forces reach in its advance in Hama northern and western countryside, the forces advancing is exceeding the timetable for the military operation, the agreement in Sochi is still enforcing the scope of the military operation fought by the Syrian forces on the ground and the Russian forces in the air.

The terrorist groups have not adapted to the surprise element followed by the SAA in the operation.

A fire-power defeated the fortifications of the terrorist groups after it was engaged in the Kafr Nabudah axis while opening another front in the east towards Al-Hobait as a Prelude to advance towards Khan Sheikhoun and in the west towards the strategic Qalaat Al-Madiq (citadel) where the storming forces are readying to fortify their position inside.

SAA Syrian Arab Army Forces - Syrian Golan Grad Missile Launcher Mounted on Pickup Trucks
Syrian Golan Grad missile launchers mounted on pickup trucks deliver immense fire power

Cleaning the citadel from the terrorists constitutes a turning point in the battle and a victory for the Syrian Arab Army, and a harsh and indisputable defeat for the terrorist groups, especially Al-Izzat and Nusra Front groups which fled without putting up a real fight.

It’s a turning point because it eliminates the main platform the terrorist groups were using to target the SAA positions in Hama countryside, and the Hmeimim military base, it also completes cutting off the supply routes for the terrorists from their large rear bases in Idlib. It also set the stage to storm the mount of Shahshibbo, and Al-Zawya Mountain, and a key to clean the villages in Al-Ghab Plains.

The aerial bombardment foiled the counter-attack Nusra Front organized to restore Kafr Nabudah, the connection point between Al-Ghab Plains in northern Hama countryside and southern Idlib countryside, which controls the supply routes for the terrorists.

The (foiled Nusra Front) counterattack was to prevent the SAA from connecting with its units in Qalaat Al-Madiq and to create a major gap in the frontline, all these attempts failed.

As Nusra Front retreats to protect the areas under its control inside Idlib province, it left Izzat Army terrorists to meet their fate.

Terrorist activists accused Nusra Front of preventing sending enforcements to support the terrorist groups after it has previously attacked them and dismantle their heavy weapons months ago.

The terrorists were defeated swiftly in their frontlines because they were under an illusion that the possibility of a Syrian Arab Army advances to militarily restore the de-escalation zone would face a Turkish red line, and maybe an international one as well, and they have not prepared a strategy to face the attack in a bet for a Turkish move that would stop the military operation.

End of video transcript

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