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Hmeimim Russian Military Base Under Terrorist Drones and Missiles Attack

Russian Military Base in Hmeimim

One dozen of drones were destroyed last month alone attempting to carry out attacks on the Russian reconciliation and coordination base in Hmeimim, Lattakia, on the Syrian coast.

The drones were sent from the de-escalation zones in the countryside of Idlib’s province, the Russian base stated.

Russian Army Major General Victor Koptchichin, commander of the Hmeimim Base (Khmeimim Air Base), clarified that all the drone attacks were launched by terrorist groups operating from the de-escalation zone in Idlib.

Major General Koptchichin stated that these terrorist groups continue targeting the Russian base and the Syrian Arab Army posts in Lattakia using multiple rockets launchers and drones.

The site from where the attacks are launched has been identified at the Qalaat al-Madiq. Qalaat al-Madiq is a medieval fortress and town surrounding it in the al-Ghab plain at the borders of Idlib Province with Hama Province, Major General Koptchichin added.

Out of the 12 attacks, 8 were carried out using drones and a total of 12 drones were destroyed without any harm caused to the facilities in the base, the Russian officer concluded.

Attacks on the Hmeimim and SAA military posts have been constant, especially since Turkish pariah Erdogan promised to dismantle his Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant) terrorist group by 14th of October last year as per the Idlib Agreement signed in Astana with the Russian and Iranian presidents as guarantors. Instead, the hypocrite pariah Erdogan augmented Nusra Front’s personnel, weapons, and logistics support since, taking advantage of the extensions he’s granted by his guarantors Mr. Putin and Mr. Rouhani.

Above video report by RT showing some drones destroyed during an attack on the Hmeimim air base August last year.

Erdogan’s terrorists have been increasing their level of criminality lately targeting the villages and towns cleaned earlier from their filths by the SAA with all sorts of weapons available to them by NATO member state Turkey, and they have also readied themselves to carry out new false-flag staged chemical attacks against civilians living under their control with the help of NATO member states Belgium and France to provoke a larger intervention by NATO in Syria.

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