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Erdogan’s Terrorists attack Erdogan’s Army in Hama & SAA Field Updates

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Erdogan army post in west of Hama was attacked by a group of terrorists loyal to Erdogan for failing to provide cover for their crimes against the Syrian villages and towns and against SAA military posts in the province. While Syrian Arab Army units operating in Hama north and northwest countryside targeted Turkish-sponsored terrorist groups in the Hama and Idlib provinces.

The terrorist groups operate under the command of Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant) which in turn is NATO’s strong hand in its War Of Terror against Syria and the Syrian people.

Turkish helicopters were spotted evacuating a number of Erdogan forces from a post in Shier Maghar village west of Hama.

The post operated by Erdogan forces was attacked by terrorists loyal to Erdogan who were upset of the Turkish ‘negative reactions’ towards SAA and Russian air raids against their posts.

The terrorists are not able to understand they’re being used as pawns in a bigger political game by their master Erdogan and even they thought they could trust the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood pariah to protect them after he uses them.

Three helicopters were seen evacuating Erdogan forces from their attacked post, Erdogan fighter jets were seen hovering over the post during the evacuation process while sources from Erdogan’s army stated the post will remain in its place and the personnel evacuated were replaced by fresh victims to be sacrificed with to satisfy Erdogan’s thirst for blood, even from his own clan.

The following is a brief of SAA operations throughout yesterday 04 May 2018 as reported by Syrian News Channel Ikhbariya, transcript of the video below:

The Syrian Arab Army units destroyed terrorist groups’ vehicles and gatherings deep inside its fortified locations in Idlib and Hama countryside in response to its continuous violation of the de-escalation zone.

SAA units targeted terrorist groups gatherings in Ammiqa town, western Hama countryside. In the northern, and northwestern countryside, the SAA units targeted terrorist groups’ locations and fortifications resulted in destroying a large number of vehicles and eliminated a number of them.

SAA units targeted gatherings of Nusra Front terrorists and its affiliate groups in the northern countryside of Hama and southern countryside of Idlib, in response to their repetitive breaching to the de-escalation zones agreement and their attacks on safe areas.

SAA units targeted terrorist’ dens in Kafar Sijna, Ma’ar Zeita, Mari’yan, Kafar Owayyied, Karsa’aa, Al-Hibayyet, Haas, and Al-Mastouma towns and villages in Idlib countryside inflicting direct losses among their ranks.

SAA units targeted a number of terrorists’ dens and vehicles in Janabera, Lataminah, Kafar Nabbudah, Qala’at Al-Madiq, and Al-Sahriya in Hama countryside.

In Idlib countryside, the SAA targeted terrorist groups’ gatherings and dens in Tarmalla, and Ma’ar Tahramma, and Sheikh Damess villages.

The attacks by the terrorist groups are in blatant violation to the de-escalation agreement known as Idlib Agreement signed by their sponsor the Turkish pariah president Erdogan, in Astana, with the Russian President Putin and the Iranian President Rouhani as his guarantors.

Erdogan committed to unarm the terrorists and clear an agreed-upon zone surrounding their locations in Idlib province where they are taking near 3 million Syrian civilians hostages and human shields, as a first step to be completed mid of last October 2018, followed by steps of reconciliations similar to the ones that secured the rest of regions previously infested by terrorist organizations all over Syria.

Instead of obliging by his commitment, and despite the several extensions he received for no proper reason from his guarantors, Mr. Putin and Mr. Rouhani, Erdogan consolidated the terrorist groups under the command of Nusra Front which in turn was beefed up with more terrorists and more weapons, in addition to being readied to carry out false-flag staged chemical attacks to accuse the Syrian Arab Army with and draw a wider and direct NATO invasion of the country. The chemical attacks are planned and prepared by advisors from Belgium and France, NATO member states.

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    God Bless Dr Bashar Al Assad,The SAA,The SAAF And All The Syrian People! President Vladmir Putin and His Armed Forces!And All their Allies….God Speed ?❤️


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