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Iraqi Media: US Helicopters Drop Food & Medicine to ISIS in Anbar

US Helicopters Deliver Food, Medicine, and Aid to ISIS Terrorist in Anbar, Iraq

US Army helicopters dropped food and medicine to ISIS terrorists hiding in the depth of Anbar desert, Iraq, as per locals.

Qussai Anbari, director of the Iraqi Badr Organization, stated ‘ISIS terrorist groups hiding in the depth of Anbar province where no one can reach except US planes and under strict US approvals.’

‘Local Beduin families living in the desert have seen US helicopters drop food and medicine packages to the terrorists who are hiding in the western desert,’ Mr. Anbari added. He explained that the ‘Anbar desert is vast and terrorists cannot travel for long distances to buy food there’.

It’s not a first for US helicopters to deliver aid to terrorists, the US army operates under an illegal coalition of similar evil countries has been spotted delivering food and other aid to ISIS terrorists while the Iraqis were trying to clean their country from the terrorists in Saladdin, Falluja, Musol, and Diyala.

Iraqis also reported US planes transporting ISIS commanders and personnel from frontlines to other areas.

The same what US troops allegedly fighting ISIS in Syria within the same illegal coalition of evil countries have done multiple times leaving no doubts as to who is behind these world’s trash terrorists.

US fighter jets have constantly targeted and bombed the Syrian Arab Army and its allies during fights with ISIS, Nusra Front, and other internationally designated terrorist groups in the country.

A very infamous incident occurred in September 2016 when the US fighter jets bombed for almost an hour an SAA post which was stationed in Thardeh Mountain protecting the city of Deir Ezzor from ISIS. This attack, the Pentagon apologized for later claiming it was by error, killed 90 SAA soldiers and injured 110 more, led to the waiting ISIS herds storming the mountain and taking control of it before SAA reinforcement could arrive and clean it again.

Former US secretary of state Kerry was caught in a leaked conversation with political heads of Syrian terrorists that the US sought the use of ISIS to add pressure on the Syrian leadership to effect the long-awaited Regime Change in the country.

Worth noting that a considerable number of US troops have been killed in both Iraq and Syria during their mission to destroy both countries for the few greedy evil junta ruling the USA. Lives wasted for nothing while working for Satan killing innocent people in countries that posed no thereat whatsoever for the USA across the planet.

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