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Security Officers Dismantle a Booby-trapped Car in Homs

C-4 Explosives Found in the Booby-Trapped Vehicle in Al-Zahraa District - Homs

Syrian security officers discovered and dismantled a booby-trapped vehicle in the highly-dense Al-Zahra residential district in Homs.

The German-made Opel passenger car was parked in the main square in Al-Zahra district. It carried a plate issued from Sweida province, the southern Syrian province which borders the US-closed zone protecting the remnants of ISIS terrorists and Maghawir Thawra affiliates, who in turn are in control of the Rukban Concentration Camp.

The security officers found 20 kilograms of C-4 highly explosive material connected to a remote control circle.

All the explosives were safely removed from the vehicle which in turn was moved away from the neighborhood.

Luckily, and thanks to the vigilant security officers and residents a catastrophe is avoided which was supposed to be a gift from Trump and the terrorists he’s protecting to the Syrian people in the first days of the holy month of Ramadan.

Video by Syrian News Agency – SANA

Al-Zahra district is a suburb in the city of Homs populated mostly by public workers of all minorities and has been a constant target of all sorts of the ‘Moderate Rebels’ operating under the FSA umbrella since the early days of the Syrian crisis. It’s the district which heard the first sectarian slogans in the first week of the US-sponsored ‘revolution’ against the Christians, Alawites, and the rest of its inhabitants.

One of my relatives was killed by a group of the FSA, Free Syrian Army, terrorists after his unit successfully dismantled a number of IEDs (Improvides Explosive Devices) planted by the terrorists next to a school in Homs, Syria, he was 19 years old and has joined the Syrian Arab Army as a volunteer in the engineering unit. His unit was ambushed on their way back to their base by a group of ‘the Western-sponsored Moderate Rebels’.

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