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Infighting Between Terrorist Groups and Nusra Front in Idlib

A Wahhabi terrorist from Ahrar Cham terrorist group in Idlib firing a mortar against towns in Hama countryside

Idlib became the dump site for all the terrorists defeated all over the country by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, the terrorists who rejected to benefit from the Syrian state’s reconciliation offers to citizens who joined such groups and do not have blood on their hands, because they committed crimes and fear facing justice or those who couldn’t because simply they are not Syrians.

Idlib, because it borders Turkey and the terrorists enjoy lifeline support from their caliph wannabe Erdogan and Erdogan troops, the province has a complex terrain, and sadly, about 3 million Syrian citizens had to endure living pre-historic conditions under the ruling of these radical Wahhabi terrorists.

Al-Qaeda Levant aka Nusra Front which changed its name several times to evade the international designation of it as a terrorist organization. It has the upper hand in the province and fought an elimination war against the other terrorist groups a year ago.

After the swift defeat of the terrorist groups operating under its umbrella in the face of the Syrian Arab Army in the past week, and the failure of Nusra Front and Erdogan to stand by them, many of the terrorist groups accused Nusra Front and its leader Abu Muhammad Jolani and Turkish President Erdogan of betraying them and leaving them to face their doomed fate. As a result, their hidden hatred and differences of their different foreign backers have led to infighting among these groups itself and between it and the Nusra Group.

This is a short report by Dima Nassif, Director of Lebanese Al-Mayadeen news channel in Damascus about the latest divisions among the terrorists in Idlib:

Transcript of the English translation of the video report:

The battles of Hama northern countryside and the advance of the Syrian Arab Army in it exposed publicly one of the main disagreements between Nusra Front and the other terrorist groups as a repercussion of the battle and the humiliating and harsh defeat it faced, especially that these groups found itself exposed in the open by its support base and militarily after the bets of Nusra Front failed.

Nusra’s commander Jolani, during the terrorist groups fleeing from the SAA in Hama countryside, did not, even for once, deliver the painful strike he promised to the SAA attack and has left the frontlines to fall without a proper fight.

Jolani: We sent many forces and several reinforcements while keeping our eyes open on the other fronts out of fear the ‘regime’ or the Russians and Iranians would open other fronts, therefore, we distributed our forces in a way that all the force would be lured to one place.

The fear of new splits war pushed Jolani to send his forces. The group was completely killed out during its attempt to recapture Kafr Nabudah, and he negotiated without any conditions with the Turkish guarantor to allow the passage of reinforcements of the so-called National Army to support the other groups, as per activists.

Jolani, while fighting the Idlib battle, continue to dismantle the other groups and strip it off of its weapons, and take his revenge from his opponents, to impose himself as the sole party capable of tipping the powers balance in the province, and to negotiate its fate after making himself the only military and political decision maker in it.

A year ago, the columns of Ahrar Cham withdrew from the Mount of Shahshibbo towards the northern countryside of Idlib. The battle Nusra Front started to eliminate the groups that participated in Sochi talks that time spread from Aleppo’s western countryside all the way to Idlib’s southern countryside and took the other groups by surprise with a wide military operation to undermine Sochi’s agreement and take control of the international highway.

Since the defeat of the terrorists in Aleppo, all of the plans of unifying terrorist groups outside the Turkish umbrella vaporized.
And despite Ankara’s attempts to revive the Free Army within the Euphrates Shield groups, the attempt didn’t expand to include Idlib. Ankara couldn’t impose a unifying plan on Nusra Front and other al-Qaeda affiliates within the other groups to clear it from its terrorism label, and kept it as a negotiating and bargaining card in the face of the Russians, as what it’s doing today.

Dima Nassif – Damascus, for Al-Mayadeen

End of transcript.

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