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UNSCR 2254: The Devil is in the Detail

congressional illegals arrogantly want to change the Syrian flag

by Miri Wood, RNc

Should the lofty day ever arrive, when history is told by the truth-tellers, and not the vanquishers, 18 December 2015 will be reported as the day when the United Nations irrevocably demonstrated itself to be the neo-colonialist gang of fascist mafiosi thugs that it has been, since its inception.

On this day, China and Russia, unfortunately, joined with France, UK, and the US — the three leading perpetrators of the mass genocide against humanity, of modern history — in dictating terms of “surrender,” to Syria, Syria which “is civilization before being a state;” Syria, whose culture dates back 10,000 years, Syria who has contributed so much to the development of humanity.

Resolution 2254 demands that the Syrian Arab Republic adhere to specific ultimata, the most colonialist being the forced creation of a new constitution, and the demand for early, supervised, elections; it is of no consequence that Syria made changes to its Constitution in 2012, via referendum,* and that the Syrian people voted for their president, Dr. Bashar al Assad, in 2014, for a 7-year term.  Quite patronizingly, UNSCR 2254 calls for “encouraging the meaningful participation of women in the UN-facilitated process for Syria.”  Odd that no one in the UN knows that Syria’s Vice President, Dr. Najah al Attar, is a woman, nor that President Assad’s Senior Advisor, Dr. Bouthania Shaaban, is a woman, nor that the SAR afforded women full suffrage 7 years after the French Mandate occupiers were ejected.

Does anyone ever remember foreign observers of elections in France, the US, UK?  Would any French, Brit, or US American consider even tolerating such a thing?  Of course not.  So why would any French, Brit, or US American think it legitimate to do to another country?

The SAR, despite being an ancient civilization, is a very young country, having overthrown the fascist French Mandate (Mandat français pour la Syrie et le Liban) in 1946, finally becoming independent, after centuries of occupation, and balkanization (beginning with the original fascists, the Roman occupiers, which carved Greater Syria into Syria and Palestine), after France and UK made their secret treaty to divide the region, via their Sykes-Picot Treaty, after casting out the Ottoman occupiers, and casting their lots, for the looting of lands.

Though from the United Nations website, and though containing both a summary of the day’s neocolonialist meetings and  “The full text of resolution 2254 (2015),” the bottom of the report contains a somewhat odd disclaimer:  “! For information media. Not official record.”


USA: The US Constitution was signed into law, 17  September 1787, in Philadelphia.  It was written by the new republic’s Founders and included a Bill of Rights that guaranteed a minimum standard of civil liberties.  Improvements are made via amendments, which require two-thirds ratification by both the House of Representatives, and the Senate, all US citizens. 

Two examples of improvements are Amendment 15, which gave black men the right to vote, and Amendment 19, which gave women the right to vote.

Fullscreen capture 142016 64213 AM.bmp
“We the People…to form a more perfect Union…and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…”

The US Constitution now has twenty-seven amendments.  There may be an urgency in noting that not a single one of them was written by a foreign government, nor under the watchful eye of any member of a foreign government.   All have been written by US citizens who are US lawmakers.

[NB:  That the fascist Patriot Act and the fascist National Defense Authorization Act are both unconstitutional, is beyond the scope of this article.]

For those who may have forgotten, US POTUS Obama has consistently declared that the original terrorists against Syria, the foreign-driven FSA-takfiri were the representatives of the Syrian people:

In 2013, Obama's rebels coerced a child into hacking off the head of a Syrian man who was tethered.
In 2013, Obama’s rebels coerced a child into hacking off the head of a Syrian man who was tethered.

FRANCE:  The Constitution of the Fifth Republic was written by French lawmakers, and adopted on 4 October 1958.  Its preamble proclaims the “attachment to the Rights of Man and the principles of national sovereignty as defined by the Declaration of 1789…”, and has been amended 18 times since its adoption.   On 17 November 2015, Francois Hollande called for a change in the Constitution to undemocratically give sweeping powers to the president to dictate suspension of civil liberties, using the horrific, self-inflicted, wetworks in Paris, 13 November, as raison d’etre.

Holland breach French constitution

UNITED KINGDOM:  Despite being founded way back in 1707, the UK has no codified constitution (perhaps the upwards of one-half billion in funding of the current parasite royals is a compensatory mechanism).  To repeat:  The UK has no codified constitution.  How does a country without a constitution, get to dictate a new constitution for a country that has already written one?

CHINA:  The Constitution of the People’s Republic of China was adopted on 4 December 1982.  A key point in its lengthy preamble is that feudal monarchy was abolished in the revolution of 1911, “led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen.”

China constituion

RUSSIA:  The Constitution of the Russian Federation was adopted 12 December 1993.  Its preamble states it proceeds from the universally recognized principles of equality and self-determination of peoples.

Russia constitution

On 15 December 2015, RT reported that “President Vladimir Putin has signed into law the bill allowing the Constitutional Court to overrule the decisions of international courts if such decisions contradict the principle of supremacy of the Russian Constitution.”  Such a law is fitting, and of the principle of national sovereignty — of which every country in the world is entitled, including Syria.

Putin signing law preserving Russian constitutional rights

Four of the P5 have constitutions with preambles of lofty ideals of freedom, national sovereignty, abolition of feudalism, equality, and self-determination.  The US member has passed two laws (the Orwellianly named “Patriot Act” and the “National Defense Authorization Act”) destroying its citizens’ civil liberties.  France is attempting to do the same.  Russia has passed a law rightfully stating that its Constitution cannot be infringed by external law.  The UK does not even have a constitution, despite being 308 years old.

Is there a name for this type of insanity which allows 5 countries to create an alliance wherein they see themselves having the ordained right to dictate to another country to change its government, to change its Constitution, which was amended in 2012?

Might this insanity be properly named neo-colonialism, fascism?

UNSCR 2254 (2015) did not appear out of nowhere; it was the illegitimate child of the Syria-less, International Syria Support Group (ISSG), founded in Vienna, Austria, 30 October 2015, in ‘diplomatic response’ to Russia having militarily entered Syria.  Its co-chairs are the US and Russia. It has over 20 members, countries, and groups such as the Arab League and the EU.  Most of this group has taken an active role in the international conspiracy to destroy the SAR:

Western EU countries all shut down the Syrian Embassies, in 2012.  The EU has engaged in draconian sanctions against Syria, and given this history, it would be fair to call its involvement in the Syria-less ISSG, double dipping.

The Arab League, founded in Cairo, 1945, has since become the rabid dog of NATO terror.  It ejected Libya, 22 February 2011, after which it called upon the UN to impose a No Fly Zone against the country.  A NFZ is the euphemism for fascist allies to invade the integrity of a country, shoot down any planes within it, and lay the ground work for obliteration.  It suspended Syria  on 12 November of that same year.

Post "No Fly Zone"
Post “No Fly Zone”
Illegal alien McCain, in Libya, organizing with al Qaeda.
Illegal alien McCain, in Libya, organizing with al Qaeda.

Australia has sent hundreds of its nationals to invade the SAR, and slaughter its people.  On the occasions that these Australian terrorists are killed by the Syrian Arab Army, Aussie MSM writes glowing obituaries about their humanitarian work, against the Syrian people.  On 8 October 2012, Australia’s Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, called for “an assassination combined with a major defection…” against the SAR.

France has also been prominent in sending its nationals to invade and slaughter Syrians.  After the November Paris terror attacks, its urchin war criminal president, Hollande bombed the SAR.  Considering that the reported mastermind of the Paris attacks was a French national, would have it not made more sense for him to have bombed France?  And, when the mastermind magically escaped a shoot-out with French and EU security and fled to Belgium, would it not have made more sense to bomb Belgium?  To be honest, France has always hated Syria, since it ejected the French Mandate occupiers.  France would like to return to its known imperialist days, of the shameless Sykes-Picot treaty, which carved up much of the Levant.  France recently deployed some of its special forces into Syria, a flagrant violation of international law, to assist the separatist Kurds in helping to re-carve the SAR.

The necrophiliac-beastialist Prime Minister Cameron, of the UK, has demanded “Assad must go,” since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.  Countless Brit nationals have also traveled to invade Syria, generic terrorists and mercenaries such as the two humanitarians cum orangettesin addition to various war criminal bombings, and deployment of special operations military.  UK funding to the takfiri has been immense.  UK’s former Foreign Secretary, William Hague, once called for his country to offer group therapy to its nationals returning from Syria, to help them deal with the trauma of blowing up children’s school buses and beheading Syrian patriots. The recently assassinated MP Jo Cox supported Syria’s destruction, and her widower started a GoFundMe account which has gathered a couple of million to support the contra-like mercenaries in Syria.

Egypt‘s past president, Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamed Morsi was also on NATO’s side, against the SAR, frequently giving speeches in front of the FSA-terrorist flag of French Mandate occupied Syria.  Though current president, Abdel Fattah el Sisi portrays a neutral, secular, outlook, his country hosted the “B List” of terrorists in suits against the SAR, in June 2015, Cairo (the “A-List” barbarians were hosted by France’s Foreign Minister, Laurent “Fetid” Fabius, in Paris).

It’s about 23 million Syrians besieged, by economic sanctions, by terrorists crossing from Turkey, from Jordan, from Iraq.  This is the reality.  The whole Syrian people are besieged. — Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN.

Japan sent mercenaries cum orangettes into Syria, and funded terror in the region to 2.2 billion USD.  Prime Minister Abe reported this gift while speaking in Cairo, last year.  As there have been no visible great projects, the money had to have gone somewhere.

Italy gave, in the early days of the Syrian crisis, a national podium from which Italian national, Haisam Saqar spewed war propaganda against the SAR.  Saqar gained international prominence, as one of several foreign terrorists photographed executing Syrian Arab Army soldiers, in Idlib, Syria.  During the early days of the crisis, Italy covered up the extensive murders of Syrian nationals, in Italy, after they had been labeled “shabbiha” (”agents of Assad”), by the FSA-terrorist Italian nationals.  Italy laundered almost 14 million USD to takfiri in Syria, under cover of ransoming two of its mercenaries, odalisques Ramelli and Marzullo — who were given international coverage when they were videoed, pleading with their country to pay the ransom…in English.  Full documentation is found in the previously hyperlinked “Armageddon” article.

Italian national illegally entered Syria, sprawling graffiti on a Syrian wall: "Here in Syria the only terrorist is Bashar Assad."
Italian national illegally entered Syria, sprawling graffiti on a Syrian wall: “Here in Syria the only terrorist is Bashar Assad.”

While Hillary Clinton was still Secretary of State, the US had funded the moderate terrorists more than one billion USD.  In May 2013, Senator John McCain slithered into Syria, an illegal alien, where he met with kidnappers and other terrorists, all supporting the FSA-flag of French Mandate occupation (the FSA barbarians had not begun to branch out into sub-sects of takfiri) — with the full approval of Obama.

Illagal alien McCain. Syria terrorists

Meeting with terrorists in Syria

Germany, which also diplomatically closed Syria’s embassy, in 2012, has engaged in war propaganda, and war crimes against the SAR, since the beginning of the crisis.  Though western media portrays Angela Merkel as kind-hearted leader, she is actually a xenophobe, and Islamophobe, whose sole interest in “refugees” relates to the international conspiracy to strategically depopulate Syria.  This month, Germany flagrantly flaunted international law, deploying its own special operative mercenaries into the SAR, to work with the separatist Kurds.

Saudi occupied Arabia has been at the forefront in funding and deploying terrorists against Syria.  It has paid airfare for Chinese terrorist Uighurs to be flown from China, to Saudistan, given money and weapons, and shipped into the SAR.  One village of Aleppo governate, saw its indigenous population of 3,000, slaughtered by these foreign takfiris, who have now colonized their Syrian homes, businesses, and land.  The inbred Saud royals deployed 1,239 death row inmates into the SAR. Saudistan’s barbaric crimes against Syria are too numerous to list.

Saudistan death row release

Saudistan death row release (2)

Saudistan death row release (3)

Qatar, by 2013, had funded the foreign attack against Syria, in the amount of 3 billion USD.  In November 2012, along with Turkey, this Gulfie gas station paid the FSA savages to dismantle and transport more than 1,000 Aleppo factories.

Qatar’s aj+ propaganda medium has been called “the greatest psyop in history.” Though most Syrian refugees are Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs, more than 8 million Syrians refuse to leave their country)  aj+ manipulated the myth of the external Syrian refugee, via repositioning of a drowned baby’s corpse, as part of the international campaign to strategically depopulate the SAR.

Saud, Qatar fight to kill Syrians

The UN‘s blatant hostility against the SAR, makes its involvement in the Syria-less ISSG, also unfair double-dipping.

Jordan‘s many war crimes against Syria are also too numerous to list.  It has allowed the US Marine Corps to train takfiri, then deploy them into Syria.  Between late 2012 and early 2013, it helped Turkey move more than 3,000 tons of Croatian weapons to the FSA terrorists.  It has given Israel its airspace for bombing missions against Syria. It has allowed thousands of foreign terrorists to invade Syria, through its border.  After its war criminal pilot cum orangette al Kasebeh was shot down by UAE war criminal pilot (see “Armageddon” for documentation), Jordan’s Castretto King Abdullah squished himself uniform, and quoted barbaric script from a Hollywood actor.

Jordan King

25 March [2015] was one of the darkest days in Syria since the international attack on it began. Two hundred thirty Syrian soldiers were martyred in a coordinated blitzkrieg attack by 10,000 terrorists, thousands of whom came from Jordan, in Jordanian tanks, with Jordanian jets flying overhead in the ancient town of Bosra al Sham, a town so rich in cultural history that it is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Castretto King buying alcohol during Ramadan. Italy.
The West’s “good Arab” Castretto King Abdullah, purchasing alcohol during Ramadan, in Italy 2015.

Turkey has consistently been the leading war criminal state against the SAR, even building its first tent dump for Syrian refugees, before the international attack was launched.  It has used its tent dumps for sex trafficking and organ harvesting of healthy Syrian children (fatal harvesting).  It has allowed tens of thousands of barbarians — including reporters from the BBC and CNN — to invade Syria.  The first threat of chemical weapons use against the SAR was videoed in a Turkish lab, using the neurotoxin VX, to quickly kill two rabbits.

Turkey has transported countless convoys of weapons for FSA terrorists, in Syria, and arrested its own security forces who tried to stop them.

MIT Syria

The UAE, a ridiculous hodge-podge ‘federation’ of seven absolute monarchies, has acted as another rabid dog of NATO imperialism, against Syria, since the beginning of the crisis, sending various terrorists to butcher Syrians, in their homes. Last year, it was forced to ground its first woman bomber pilot, after she shot down a Jordanian bomber, instead of an SAAF jet, in Syrian airspace.


  • Transition
  • Ceasefire.  The subsequent US-Russia brokered ceasefire of 27 February resulted in the halting of the SAA’s attempt to permanently liberate Aleppo.  It was breached on multiple occasions by various terrorist gangs, and gave them the opportunity to re-group, and re-arm.  Syria’s good faith act resulted in dozens of deaths of Syrians throughout the country.
  • Assignment of Syria-hating UN Special Envoy to decide which moderate terrorists would represent the opposition.
  • Condemnation of only ISIL and Jabhat al Nusra barbarians as terrorists to be ‘defeated.’
  • Placement of Jordan in charge of developing intelligence and military community representatives to determine who the takfiri are

During its founding meeting, the Syria-less ISSG reinforced the importance of the fascist UNSCR 2165 (2014).   Resolution 2165 was the mafioso breach of Syria’s national integrity, by forcing open reputed “humanitarian corridors” not under Syria’s control.

Let us call this action by its proper name:  Foreign invasion.

The only decent thing about the Orwellian title of this colonialist resolution is that whoever did the typesetting knew that prepositions are not to be capitalized.

2165 breach of Syrian sovereignty

The intention behind this fascist breach was immediate and deadly.  Approximately 50 Syrian children were murdered by poisoned measles vaccines, poisoned in Turkey (the exact number of children’s deaths is unknown, as these murders were in takfiri-occupied regions of the SAR).

Poisoned measles vaccine

Syria’s UN ambassador, His Excellency Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, called this massacre a “war crime,” and immediately demanded a UN investigation.

The degenerates of the UNSC countered by giving this atrocity an absurd whitewash.

In lieu of an investigation, the UN offered an absurd cover story, illogical and devoid of any shred of common sense: Human error of an unnamed NGO that accidentally reconstituted the measles vaccine, using skeletal muscle relaxant, atracurium, as a diluent, instead of water.  Despite the measles vaccine requiring refrigeration, and reconstitution immediately prior to injection, this same ”accident” occurred dozens of times, at different locations.

Also deadly, was the suspicious vehicular accident of Press TV’s Serena Shim, who had been investigating on-the-ground reports about terrorists and weapons being brought into the SAR via “humanitarian” convoys.   Shim’s evidence disappeared with her death.

The Syria-less ISSG also focused on the importance of the refugee crisis, neglecting to note that:

  1. Prior to the international conspiracy to destroy the SAR, there were no Syrian refugees.
  2. Less than 20% of the world’s refugees are Syrian, as most Syrian refugees are Internally Displaced Persons (more than 8 million have been forced to abandon their homes, in search of safer areas of their own country).
  3. The fraudulent concern for ‘’Syrian refugees” is part of the international conspiracy to *strategically depopulate* the SAR, first noted by Syrian journalist, Afraa Dagher, in a PressTV interview, and in her writings.  Her analysis was bolstered when Julian Assange subsequently acknowledged this form of terrorism.

The Syria-less ISSG made mouth noises regarding the takfiri illegal oil trade, the stealing of Syrian oil, without any condemnation of the countries who purchase these stolen goods.   Israel is the number one in this theft, according to Israeli medium, Globes

Israel main buyer of oil stolen by takfiri

Another mouth noise of the Syria-less ISSG involved the generic condemnation of chemical weapons bombings in the SAR, cheering UNSCR 2139.  No mention, alas, of the UN’s criminal negligence in investigating the deadly use of weapons-grade chlorine, against the Syrians of Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013.  Syria’s UN ambassador repeated this request, on multiple occasions, after which the Israel government launched the myth of GB use, by the SAR, against the SAR.   [1]

Forty days after the atrocity against Khan al Asal, Syria’s ambassador gave an extensive press briefing, which included histories of western countries using WMD against non-western countries, and never being held accountable:

At its 14 November 2015 meeting, the Syria-less ISSG “[p]articipants began with a moment of silence for the victims of the heinous terrorist attacks of November 13 in Paris…”.

Consider the double standards, involving Syria.  On 5 May 2012, the UN refused Ambassador al Ja’afari’s request for a moment of silence for Syria’s martyrs.

al Jaafari calls for moment of silence for Syrian martyrs


Though Carter is not a special envoy to the ISSG, his “white man’s burden’’ philosophy against Syria, is congruent with the overwhelming majority of its members.   US Americans continue to suffer amnesia regarding his presidency, and currently revere him as an ‘’elder statesman.’’ They refuse to remember the many countries in Central America, against which he helped launch coups, nor that his “Center” was involved in the fraudulent elections of Panama, after the US invaded, slaughtered upwards of 10,000 Panamanians, kidnapped their head of state, Manuel Noriega (for the crime of refusing to continue to allow Bush/North drugs to be moved through his country, via Iran/Contra), and then ‘oversaw’ elections of persons the US wanted in office.

On 23 October 2015, Carter ran extensive op-ed in the NYT, describing his colonialist “Five Nation Plan to End the Syrian Crisis,” which strongly suggests his intention for his “center” to oversee colonialist elections in the SAR.

Carter colonialism
Carter colonialism

“For the past three years, the Carter Center has been working with Syrians across political divides, armed opposition group leaders and diplomats [sic],” he began.  He offered no explanation for his referring to terrorists as “armed opposition.”  Would he tolerate “armed opposition” within his own country?

He complained that “Assad’s only concession in four years of war was giving up chemical weapons…”.  Who is Jimmy Carter, to require concessions from a head of state?  Who is Jimmy Carter, that he chastises Dr. al Assad’s being a leader of his people?

“Mr. [sic.  It should be “Dr,” as President Bashar al Assad is a physician] Assad’s governing authority could then be ended in an orderly process, an acceptable government established in Syria, and a concerted effort could then be made to stamp out the threat of the Islamic State.”

Is it possible that Jimmy Carter has no idea that “the Islamic State” never existed in the SAR, until it was brought there, by the genocidal west?

Who gave Jimmy Carter the impunity to decide what is, and what is not an “acceptable government”?  Certainly, it is not possible that Carter was in a coma state when the Syrian people elected Dr. al Assad as their president, in 2014.

what gives Kerry the right
Dr. Shaaban’s question can be applied to Jimmy Carter, to the Syria-less ISSG, and to the UN.


The end of the statement of the Syria-less ISSG meeting of 11-12 February 2016 notes that “Full implementation of these objectives [transition, humanitarian corridors, cessation of hostilities] will require the ISSG co-chairs and members, the UN and others, to work closely on political, humanitarian, and military dimensions.”  This statement, of course, did not state all this horde had decided to end the draconian economic sanctions against Syria, nor that this horde would cease training, arming, and facilitating the transport of takfiri against the SAR — despite Syria noting that the Syrian Arab Army could destroy ISIS in three days.

This 11-12 February meeting of the Syria-less ISSG occurred in Munich, in such a timely fashion as to roll right over into the annual Munich Security Conference (MSC), 12-14 February.  The MSC was voted the “Best Think Tank Conference” of 2016, by the University of Pennsylvania.  MSC consists of 450 “senior decision-makers from around the world,” including heads of NGOs.

As with the Syria-less ISSG, the MSC is also devoid of Syrians, but it must be noted, here, as every prominent non-Syrian member of the ISSG was also represented at Munich, in addition to other countries.   Headlines from Israeli medium, Ha’aretz, reported meetings between Israel and Jordan – with both being “concerned” that the Syrian Arab Republic was protecting itself from foreign invaders — and of Israeli officials “secretly meeting” with various Gulfie leaders.

The British Mandate's twin turds, Jordan and Israel, worry that Syria is succeeding in defending itself from foreign terrorists.
The British Mandate’s twin turds, Jordan and Israel, worry that Syria is succeeding in defending itself from foreign terrorists.
Israel & Gulf
Israel & Jordan, Munich

Though Israel is not officially a member of the NATO war criminal coalition, it has bombed Syria, on a regular basis, has been at the forefront in war propaganda against the SAR, used the Zionist Federation in the US to support the terrorists in suits against Syria, provided free trauma care to wounded terrorists, both on the occupied Syrian Golan, and in Israeli hospitals.  Among Israel’s non-NATO coalition bombings:  May 2013, Israel coordinated the bombing of Damascus countryside, with the takfiri cameramen, so they could capture the Kodak moment; October 2015, Qalamoun; 11 November 2015, near Damascus Airport; 24 November 2015; 29 November 2015, Qalamoun; 19 December 2015, Jaramana neighborhood, Damascus.

What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow.  This is the whole Torah.  The rest is commentary; go and study it. — Hillel


On 24 May, al Akhbar Arabic ran a report that the US and Russian had penned a new constitution to be imposed upon Syria, which Syria rejected.  On 6 June, LevantInsight published a graph of the changes from the Constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic to the foreign one, to be imposed; soon after, SANA posted a short, stating that the ‘’official Facebook page’’ of the Syrian Arab Republic had denied the Akhbar report.

Despite the denial, such an imposed constitution is congruent with the goals of both the Syria-less ISSG, and its progeny, UNSCR 2254.

Among the significant changes:

  1. Presidential candidate no longer needs to have Syrian parents, a Syrian spouse, nor a minimum continuous residency of 10 years.  This is of significant consequence; consider that former State Department employee, Natali Jaresko, who was born and reared in the US, is now Finance Minister of the [Nazimaidan] Ukraine, and may become its head of state, in December.
  2. Decentralization of governmental, *dirigist* power, which will  result in balkanization, fiefdoms, Bantustans, Judenrat-type councils.
  3. Removal of the President from emergency legislative power.
  4. Basically, the President is no longer commander-in-chief, just someone who may discuss emergency measures with *tribal* leaders.
  5. Should the President become incapacitated, the Vice-President does not assume the presidency; it is shared among the Council of Ministers and Regional Assemblies (i.e., *tribesmen*)
  6. The President no longer appoints 7 members of the Supreme Constitutional Court; instead, 11 are to be appointed by the *tribesmen.*
  7. TRANSITION appears to be the President’s only duty.
  8. Vagueness regarding the military.  No mention of mandatory conscription, guarding the security of the state, territorial integrity.
  9. Adam Smith’s invisible hand comes to loot the raw materials of Syria, via privatization.
  10. The Constitutional oath eradicates God, the republic, and Arab nationalism.

God is worshiped by all three divine religions composing more than 98% of the Syrian population.  Syria cannot be ruled by the 1%, that’s a “privilege” for the uneducated masses, only. — a Syrian, in Syria

Assad quote

For more than five years, Syria has been fighting terrorism on behalf of humanity.  The Syrian people have suffered heinous, unfathomable atrocities, atrocities committed by the most deviant sociopaths — on NATO countries’ payroll.  No Syrian family has remained untouched.  Every Syrian grieves for the martyrs.

The noble Syrian people have not resisted these years, to now tolerate the dictates of war criminals.

الله، سورية، بشار وبس

الله، سورية، بشار وبس

الله، سورية، بشار وبس

[1] Chronology of chemical weapons threats, and use, by the FSA-takfiri, here.  Exclusive report on the use of the genetically altered Clostridium tetani biological weapon to massacre more than 50 Syrian soldiers, here.

*A slight irony, considering the international MSM outrage over the recent BREXIT referendum.

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  1. silverpalomino2013

    Possibly the second constitution written by US for a foreign nation. They wrote the Russian constitution but never consulted the citizens as to what they wanted in it.

    The Iran-contra point has been totally overlooked by most people. I’ve seen the parallels for years and re-read 3 books — amazingly they are following exactly the same pattern. Would be nice to point out that in 1980s the money was laundered in Israel… so they likely are giving more than just “medical” treatment to those terrorists. The weapons and comms devices have been shown many times, funny how we don’t get told about how all terrorists are able to feed, clothe, arm etc. themselves when instead of working, they choose to destroy everything.

    • miri

      Thanks for some interesting insight, ‘Silver.’

      US Americans tend to have amnesia about some of the darkest times in our history. We complain about the illegal guns and the drugs in our cities but the relationship to Iran/Contra has been severed. Decrepit Bush I is now revered as senior statesman (who not long ago received a ‘Freedom Medal’ from Obama) Ollie North gets interviewed on tv, may have a radio program.

  2. miri

    Note to Ms. Zakharova: Civilized countries do not make ‘suggestions’ for the constitutions of other countries. A civilized humanity is anti-colonialist, and cognizant that countries made their own constitutions..

    The Syrian Constitution was updated per Syrian referendum, in 2012.

    No discussion required.

  3. miri

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  4. Miri

    “We have to go through the steps. If we follow every step, the sanctions will be lifted, in stages. We here in Syria are forced to comply.”

  5. Miri

    “If he believes that Resolution 2254 gives the authority to any party, international or otherwise, to supervise the elections, this means that they are returning to the era of the mandate. I would like to recall that the first part of the resolution refers to Syria’s sovereignty, which is expressed by the Syrian state alone and no one else. The elections that will be held will be under the supervision of the Syrian state from A to Z. If we want to invite any other party – an international body, certain states, organizations, societies, individuals or personalities, it will still be under the supervision of the Syrian state and under the sovereignty of the Syrian state. The constitutional committee has nothing to do with the elections it is only tasked with the constitution. If they believe that they will return to the days of the mandate, then that would only be in their dreams.” President Assad interview:


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