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Most of the Opposition to Assad are Jihadists – UK Former Ambassador

Al Qaeda - Al Nusra Front

‘Most of the opposition to Assad are Jihadists’, in short blowing up all the policy and media propaganda the David Cameron regime built its policies for in its intervention in Syria on utter lies. That comes directly from a person who would definitely know more than Cameron himself.

Peter Ford, a veteran diplomat in the United Kingdom’s ranks and a former ambassador to Syria between 1999 and 2003, during the critical transition time the Arab nation went through after the death of its long ruling late Hafez Assad, threw his statement in short but in full description.

Mr. Peter Ford says: “What Cameron amazingly called ‘the legitimate opposition to Assad’; let’s be clear here, we’re talking about Jihadists. Most of the opposition groups are Jihadists, the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) is..

Just a footnote: If Assad was to fall, and Russians thankfully realized this, it would be a disaster.” Mr. Ford adds.

Will David Cameron avoid facing justice like his predecessor Tony Blair for the crime of lying at his own people, waging war in the name of his people against a sovereign state that posed no threat at all to his country, on the contrary, that has helped his country and other European countries stop terror attacks throughout the years on their soil? We have no faith at all in the self-proclaimed ‘International Community’ and its justice system.

Tony Blair, who formerly ran Briton as a US poodle into wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq causing the main chaos in the Middle East and beyond where millions of people including of their own are still suffering from until now, is still at large. Not only at large, but he’s still earning millions of pounds from lecturing on international policies!

David Cameron, infamously known as well for ‘PigGate’ scandal, has already drawn his country into a number of wars against other sovereign states directly like the invasion and devastation of Libya and killing its leader, and indirectly like supporting the terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq like how this former ambassador defaces him for.

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  1. Yonatan

    Blair protected Thatcher
    Camron has protected Blair
    Who will protect Cameron?

    The next selected NeoLib/NeoCon placeman.


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