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Terror Hits Istanbul & Saudis Start Rumors

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by Afraa Dagher

Terror hit the Istanbul Ataturk Airport yesterday.  Same suicide bomber method, same terrible terror that has been exported to Syria via the same country, Turkey.

Turkey has used such bombings — which were false flags, many times — to increase its aggression against Syria, under a pretext of fighting the same terrorists in reality backed by Turkey, itself.  However, this time seems to be a true bombing, with 49 dead and more than 200 injured.

Who knows who is behind this incident?

Is it the Turkey backed terrorists themselves, who got a secret order from Erdogan, to gain world sympathy?

If Edogan was responsible or not, he is involved in these crimes, by one way or another, as he made his country the main terminal of foreign fighters to cross into Syria.

Syrians has been living this hell, of bombings add to missiles and starvation, since more than five years, Syrians are still patient.  Moreover they still resisting.

Would any other nation’ citizen stand such hell life?

The answer is no.  Thus Turkey president  Erdogan rushed  to apologize to  Russia president Putin, over the shooting down of Russian SU-24 in the sky over Syria, killing one of its pilots.

Erdogan, sudden political turn, just to mend ties with Russia, to save the Turkish  economy and tourism.

Syria will be present, in such relation, as Syria is the big ally of Russia.

However, at this same moment, Turkey opened another front against Syria:  Turkey which has a dream to annex Aleppo, the Syrian province to its territory.   Turkey has increased its support and supply lines to terrorists onto countryside of Lattakia, to confuse the SAA, with two simultaneous fronts, Aleppo and Lattakia.

At the same time, the US is using  its mercenary tools on the Syrian ground to attempt achieve its agenda of partitioning Syria.

A Saudi magazine now reports about a call from President Erdogan to his counterpart President Assad, to discuss the historical relation between the two countries, and the necessity of working together to face terrorists, immediately after terror hit Istanbul Airport.  It is difficult to imagine that Erdogan dares to call our president directly.

Saudi news has consistently tried to harm the reputation of our leader.

If that was true, it would be clear, that because of a Russian pressure on Turkey, as an condition to tie the relation between both countries; however this news was not confirmed yet. Moreover as I said above, Turkish opened another war front in countryside of Lattakia, with many martyrs and wounded since yesterday.

The ironic point is the shameful comment of Saudi magazine, about this alleged call, which is not confirmed yet: Saudi magazine described it by Turkish betrayal of Arabs.

Erdogan has apologized to Russia.   However this is not an apology to Syria (the Russian pilot was shot down in Syrian airspace) and to the Syrians;  we  will not allow this Ottoman to pray in Damascus mosque, he cannot clean the Syrian blood from his guilty hands in Aleppo, Lattakia, and every spot.

We have witnessed massacres because of his terrorists.

Syrians have paid the highest price in this war.  It is a global war between evil and right.

We Syrians trust our president; his policy, his brilliance, and we are step by step with him,  in any step he does. Thus if President Assad received such call or not, we trust whatever decision he makes.

But as the source is Saudi, we suspect such call.


Editor’s notes:

  • Hakan Fidan, Erdogan regime’s head of intelligence and main backer of ISIS and Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant) is infamously known for false flag ops, caught once on leaked tape recording suggesting such an operation against Turkish soldiers protecting a tomb inside Syria to justify NATO intervention against the Syrian Arab Army.
  • Erdogan regime imposes total media and communication blackout in Istanbul after his ISIS thugs killed 28 & injured dozens at Ataturk airport.
  • Now 50 dead counted. Such a horrific attack that in a democracy would lead to the resignation of the head of the state, will Erdogan resign?


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1 Comment

  1. Thomas Meehan

    Mary you are not Syrian, have never been to Syria and therefore have no right to call Syria or Pres. Assad your president.
    This posting was full of factual errors and more of your peddling of poor information. These aren’t “his terrorists” (referring to Erdogan) they belong to the world who raised a generation of wahabbists over the last 30 years. It’s part of a very sophisticated well planned NATO army that use to be based in Italy but today they use Turkey as the base.
    Erdogan, Putin, Assad are all now fighting the same enemy. Erdogan is the puppet for NATO that broke the strings and now he will be gone as all puppets before him: Hussein, Murbarek, and even those that refuse to be puppets- Qadafyi.
    Meri Wood (Mary Woodward) you do not speak for Syrians, you only speak for Arab Souri. Afraa has been manipulated by you, lying ugly woman that fantasizes over her online encounters.
    Syrians will no longer tolerate this manipulations and lies. Stop it now and move back to Israel.


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