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Syria- SAA Saves Tens of Thousands of Lives in Aleppo from a Terrorist Chemical Attack

image-Russian Air Force over Syria

Aleppo – Local civilian and military sources:

On 25 June 2016 the Syrian Intelligence came to a conclusion that terrorist groups holding positions in Bani Zaid, Eastern Aleppo City, are planning to shell the city of Aleppo with chemical weapons they acquired with the help of the Turkish regime of Erodgan.

The main problem with the Syrian Crisis is the culprits ability to control the media by bombarding the main news agencies with their false reports and blacking out the truth, we intend to break that truth in all ways possible, this chapter is just one piece in a very long string of achievements by the only forces fighting ISIS, Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant), FSA and other terror groups, the only force fighting these terrorists since the first day of the Syrian Crisis and continuing to do so disregarding the whole world and focusing on what they see with their own eyes, believing in their right to defend their families and their people from Western foreign invaders.

The terrorists in the infested district of Bani Zaid in Aleppo were trying to deter the imminent military operation the SAA, Syrian Arab Army, is preparing to launch to clean their stronghold in that district. The terrorists have used Chlorine Gas before against Ashrafyieh neighborhood in the city where a majority of residents are of Kurdish origin.

Knowing there are only two ways to isolate the chemical substance before being used by the terrorists, either by decomposing it within the lab, or by frying it and evaporating all its traces with excessive heat.

Syrian Air Forces with assistance of the Russian Air Forces targeted the identified site suspected to contain the Chlorine Gas warehouse in Bani Zaid using incendiary bombs with wide destroying spectrum to ensure the burning out of all traces of the poisonous gas.

To make sure not a tiny bit of the gas would be left in the air that would cause something like the GWI (Gulf War Illnesses) which the US invading army in Iraq faced, and in order to clear the air for the safety of the SAA ground troops, the Russian Air Force heated up Bani Zaid for hours before allowing the ground operation.

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