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Large Quantities of Weapons and Drugs Left behind by NATO Terrorists in Southern Syria

Large quantities of weapons, munition, and drugs left behind by NATO terrorists

US taxpayers were found to be hard at work, again…in Syria. Tens of millions of dollars worth of automatic weapons, ammunition, and explosives have again been abandoned by NATO terrorists in Syria, again found by the Syrian Arab Army, this time in regions of the south of the country, newly liberated from terrorists.

US taxpayers continue to fund atrocities in the S.A.R., as evidence by found weapons being from NATO countries. US taxpayers pay twice, for this luxury, as their subsidized ally, Israel, also gives weapons to the criminally insane ‘moderates’ — as the US infrastructure continues to crumble, and as the people of Flint continue to patiently wait for potable water in their city.

The video is also available on BitChute:

Additionally, US taxpayers have funded illicit drugs in Syria. Another large quantity of Levantine hashish was also left behind, in addition to an unnamed quantity of Captagon, the methamphetamine potentiated by the bronchodilator, theophylline, making this the drug of choice for the criminally psychotic, as Captagon can correctly be described as meth on bath salts.

Let the US taxpayers — many of whom must Crowdfund to care for their catastrophic medical needs — be of good cheer, though, as weapons manufacturers make killer profits over the carnage launched against Syria.

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  1. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    You are wrong again my friend… US taxpayers are happy to make a few or more Arabs dead. US taxpayers are genuinely believe in messianic Zionism.
    Second thing you seems don’t understand – in the Zionist world the victim always, always pays for being victimized. And the victim never understands that he is just a prey.
    So American taxpayer also always get a bit of material good from the new prey being savaged.
    This is how God Chosen People dispose of this world.

  2. Roger McKindly

    Y’all smoking way too much crack over there. You might consider backing off the drugs you use. Then you might not write garbage like this.

  3. Noreefermadness

    Soooooo Hash! BFG! Now that meth/crack opioids is a real Drug. Reefer Madness a little? Thought this site was written by grownups.


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