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Believe in Aleppo

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) declares the city of Aleppo secure after over 7 years of being invaded and bombarded by tens of thousands of anti-Islamic terrorists.

Against all odds, and in the very difficult weather conditions the SAA cleaned all of Jamiyat Zahraa western Aleppo after taking control of the Llayramon and cleaned the two cities of Hreitan and Anadan in Aleppo’s northwestern countryside.

Hayyan, Bayanon, and Tal Musibin in northern Aleppo countryside are also cleaned from anti-Islamic terrorists of Nusra Front, the al-Qaeda group loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan.

The SAA stormed the districts of Rashidin 1, Rashidin 2, and Rashidin 3 west of Aleppo and cleaned the village of Kafr Naha, the Regiment 46, and Jamiyat Ridwan in the southwestern countryside of the province.

Aleppo – Idlib highway in the province of Aleppo is under the control of the Syrian Arab Army after cleaning the Police Academy and a number of residential blocks southwest of the city.

Aleppo is the second city in Syria and is the economic powerhouse of the country, its people were living under constant terror attacks and indiscriminate bombing until just a few hours ago. Over 150 civilians were killed by these bombings in a couple of months towards the SAA military operation to clean the region.

The most-hated pariah Erdogan, the head of NATO member state and commander of NATO’s second-largest army, tried his best in shouting, lying, pimping, and sending Turkish Army soldiers to stand as human shields to protect al-Qaeda terrorists to supplying al-Qaeda directly with the latest weapons and armored vehicles, even MANPADS that enabled them to shoot down two Syrian Army helicopters within one week, now he’s seeing his dream of becoming the current day Caliph collapse with his own eyes.

Aleppo citizens flooding the streets in celebrations, many can’t believe the speed the SAA managed to clean large areas from tens of thousands of human-garbage dumped on Syria. Residents praised the Syrian Arab Army and its leadership, thanked President Bashar Assad, Iran, and Iranian slain general Qasim Soleimani, Russia, Hezb Allah chief Hasan Nasr Allah, and called on cleaning Idlib next.

Congratulations to humanity the liberating of one of its oldest continuously inhabited cities, the second to Damascus in historical importance.

All disgrace and shame on NATO states who waged the War of Terror against Syria using over 350,000 terrorists imported from all sides of the world and spending over $200 billion, at least. $137 billion spent by Saudi Arabia and Qatar until 2017 alone.

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  1. Greg Casey

    Thanks for this Miri!
    How absolutely bloody wonderful to have Aleppo completely cleared of the SalafiFilth and I hope the People of all those western areas of the City and stretching north into the countryside will celebrate long into the night and for many days into the future.
    My only fear is that the Rats have run to Idlib, there to meet with the emissaries of EmperorErdogan who sent (apparently) one of the largest convoys of Turkish military ever to enter Syria & that arrived into Idlib during the night ….. presumably the Emperor & his Empress will require Turks to return with the head of President Assad on a plate for them but they’d better be more protective of their own heads. If/when they leave all their tanks and guns behind when they (inevitably) run, the Jihadi filth from all over the Caucasus & from Europe & N Africa & Arabian Peninsula will, at least have a taxi service to bring them to Ankara on the low-load trucks & artics that brought all that NATO equipment with them.
    My fear is that there will be one almighty shxt-show in Idlib and many will die.
    God Bless the Syrian Arab Army and the non-partisan Syrians of Idlib who will be caught in the crossfire.

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