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The SAA Killed 5 More Turkish Soldiers in Taftanaz East of Idlib

Erdogan turkish Army losing to the SAA in Idlib - Terror HTS al qaeda Nusra Front

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) killed 5 Turkish / NATO soldiers and injured 5 others in a bombing in Idlib province northwest of Syria.

The casualties among Erdogan soldiers occurred when the SAA bombed an illegal Turkish post in the Taftanaz Military Airport in Idlib.

Erdogan sent the Turkish /NATO soldiers to Syria to stand as human shields to protect al-Qaeda terrorists from the advancing Syrian Army units after Damascus and Moscow had enough of Erdogan’s lies and his use of the Astana and Sochi agreements for de-escalation to beef up the terrorist groups which in turn increased their indiscriminate attacks against the residential neighborhoods in Aleppo, and the secured villages in northern Hama countryside.

Al-Qaeda terrorists of Nusra Front, aka HTS, increased their level of bombings to target the Russian Military base in Hmeimim with advanced drones received from NATO ‘intelligence’ agencies.

Earlier this month the Erdogan ministry of war declared that the SAA killed 6 of the Turkish soldiers and injured 9 others when the SAA was bombing with artillery a gathering of Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda Levant) in Idlib.

The Turkish/ NATO soldiers happened to be in the same place of al-Qaeda terrorists as the SAA units were advancing north in pursuit of the terrorists in Idlib.

Erdogan claimed that time that his military forces retaliated by bombing over 40 SAA posts and killed 35 Syrian soldiers, he is the only source of this news, all other sources explicitly denied any such retaliation happened. Apparently, Erdogan wanted to please his brainwashed loyal members of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood organization, his AKP party base, and the backbone of the Nusra Front operating in Syria.

Syrian President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad said in an interview with the Syrian Ikhbariya News Channel last November:

I assure you that those fighters are closer to Erdogan’s heart than the Turkish Army itself.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad

Syrian Ambassador to the UN told a UNSC meeting that the ‘regime of Erdogan is sending his troops to Idlib to protect armed fighters of the Nusra Front, the same organization you placed on the terrorist list at your council.’

Western mainstream media, aka PP: Pentagon Propandists, will not report the real news or cover at least part of the real news, they will have to deliver their own version of reality which shows that the Syrian Arab Army has no right to defend the Syrian people on the Syrian soil and that right is limited to foreign terrorists of al-Qaeda and their NATO Turkish sponsors!

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