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Erdogan Killed 2 More Turkish Army Soldiers to Defend al-Qaeda in Idlib

Turkish Army tank in Syria

Turkish madman Erdogan today continued his adventure in Syria by pushing al-Qaeda terrorists loyal to him and supported by the Turkish NATO artillery against the Syrian Arab Army in Al-Nerab (Nayrab), Idlib countryside in a desperate attempt to capture any meter of land. Instead, 2 more Turkish soldiers killed, 5 injured by the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Air force.

Erdogan, who was assigned a leading role in the Greater Israel Project aka Greater Middle East by George W. Bush, is still going full force in this evil plot despite the setbacks and failures he received in Syria, and the large number of innocent people killed, injured, destruction of properties and families.

Today’s attempt by al-Qaeda terrorists of a new formation of al-Qaeda Levant fighting under the banner of the so-called ‘National Army’ was targeting the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) posts in Neirab town, cleaned by the SAA recently from the terrorists.

Serious development of today’s attack was the announcement of the contribution of the Turkish artillery in the terrorists attack by all of Erdogan’s media in Turkey which was celebrating the commencement of the military operation to remove the Syrian Arab Army from the Syrian Idlib province which NATO was pushing Erdogan to carry out.

The desperate attempt of the terrorists today against the SAA posts comes a day after the Turkish hypocrite madman believed the ‘liar, cheater, and thief’ of state of the USA that the US will support the Turkish attacks against the Syrian Arab Army in Syria, Erdogan met his mate in Pompeo it seems.

The SAA absorbed the terrorist attack and foiled it within minutes, the terrorists failed to advance in any meter, the Russian air force joined very shortly after the beginning of the suicidal terrorist attack and bombed artillery posts set up by the Turkish Army effectively killing 2 Turkish soldiers and injuring 5 more.

Four of the Syrian Arab Army soldiers were injured in this attack as reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Erdogan’s ministry of war admitted the sacrificed Turkish soldiers but stopped short of stating whether they were killed by the Russian air force or by the SAA.

Of course, as is the custom now, Erdogan’s propaganda claimed they fired back at the SAA posts and ‘neutralized’ 50 of them, and as usual the only one source for this claim is Erdogan’s war ministry.

Meanwhile, the terrorists Erdogan is sending and sacrificing the Turkish Army soldiers to protect are accusing him of failing them and that the units he’s sending are not to fight the Syrian Arab Army, rather block their attempts to go back to mommy Erdogan. Terrorist coordination pages are full of such accusations, it’s all not good times for the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood madman and his dreams.

After the Libyan National Army bombed the Tripoli seaport Turkish weapons depots and boats shipping them and the EU agreeing to impose a blockade on Libya, Erdogan cannot ship more terrorists from Idlib to Libya. He cannot accept them in Turkey as they will clash with the security forces there when they practice their terrorist rituals, and also cannot convince them to surrender to the SAA. Soon enough, the majority of these terrorists will realize how Erdogan is letting them down and after they will realize they won’t be a match to the advancing SAA, they will slaughter the Turkish Army sent to protect them.

The author is personally anticipating a military coup in Turkey, it needs a trigger, I’m personally hoping that Mr. Putin will not save Erdogan this time, whoever comes in his place even if it was Satan in person won’t be as hypocrite as this madman, although Satan had some lessons to learn from Erdogan, but so did the rest of the world and any new leader in Turkey will have to face the ‘all enemies’ policy Erdogan led his country into.

In related news leaked from Turkish sources: Erdogan asked Pompeo to supply him with Patriot missiles to defend his forces from Russian and Syrian Air forces, the S400 air defense missile systems he bought from Russia do not work against Russian fighter jets and its allied forces, he is just discovering.

Previous Turkish Soldiers killed by Erdogan to defend al-Qaeda in Syria and why:

I assure you that those fighters are closer to Erdogan’s heart than the Turkish Army itself.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad

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