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Erdogan, the Tool in the Hands of the Zionists

Erdogan Delivering FSA

The Arab Spring started a long time before what is known now in Tunisia in 2010. It actually started in a non-Arabi, and even in anti-Arab country Turkey, which was also an anti-Islamic and ultra-secular country.

Turkey had a major role in each Arab state infested with the Arab Spring, the Muslim Brotherhood international terrorist organization took its full support from its branch in Turkey led by Erdogan and his AKP party: Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and others in the line. The main victim was the Palestinians through Hamas and its political leaders. Turkey offered all kinds of support to the Muslim Brotherhood political wing and its armed terrorists especially the unlimited support to al-Qaeda in Syria operating under its different names: the FSA, ISIS, Nusra Front, Faylaq Rahman, Jaysh al-Islam… etc.

Secular people are not that easy to control, unlike the radical religious one. Definitely not including the religious clerics who understand their religion properly and preach it. I’m talking about those who read some radical books written especially by the Wahhabi scholars instead of reading the Quran itself and the original books of Islam. Those less knowledgeable can be molded much easier by some sectarian slogans.

image-Erdogan, Gul and their Zionist Master Shimon Perez and Cheers for the Greater Israel Project in the Middle East
Erdogan, Gul and their Zionist Master Shimon Perez and Cheers for the Greater Israel Project in the Middle East under Watchful Eyes of Ataturk

So it wasn’t an easy task to turn Turkey, or at least the majority of Turks, into a country of radicals, a few events needed and a lot of inducements. This all came into place with the help of the deceived and the tools.

Using the clean image of a known scholar like Necemettin Erbakan to get his Islamic party first to be recognized then to get into the parliament and get a clean victory over the others was part of the long-term plan to prepare his successor, a radical lunatic who would later betray all his mentors and lead his people to where the plotters wanted. Erdogan was chosen.

In a previous post, we detailed the work of a Syrian Spy Behind Enemy Lines. The Syrian Spy outlined very importantly the Nurjia Movement and how Erdogan’s masters recruited tens of thousands of school students into later becoming his faithful followers.

The Turkish economy was in very bad shape and the Islamists led by Erbakan promised to bring prosperity, and of course, they could.

Western investments poured into the country and talks to join the European Union were going ahead not to finally accept Turkey as a member, that was never the plan at any time. It was to deceive investors, especially the Gulfies, to invest heavily in the country that would become an EU member and their investments would be secured and lucrative.

image-Erdogan and his late mentor Necemettin Erbakan
Erdogan and his late mentor Necemettin Erbakan

I don’t have the exact timeline and won’t bother myself to gather it, on when did Erdogan and Gul take over the Islamist party from their mentor Erbakan and then they got to power. But what I know for sure is both Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his buddy Abdallah Gul have betrayed their mentor, their religion, their people and worked as the faithful servants of the Zionists, just like true anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood members would do.

Watch Erbakan describing Erdogan, then Erdogan confirming what Erbakan said about him:

(Video also available on BitChute:

Erdogan should consider joining his country’s drama as a lead actor, he’s a much better actor who can play several roles at the same time. A useful hypocrite who can change faces as easy as one changes his socks.

image-Turkish president Gul and Turkish PM Erdogan at Erbakan's Funeral
Turkish President Gul and PM Erdogan at Erbakan’s Funeral after he called them tools in the hands of the Zionists!

From my post on Steemit ‘Erdogan Explained‘:

When he meets the Gulfies he attacks Iran,
and when he meets Iranians he attacks the Gulfies.
When he goes to the USA he attacks Russia,
and when he goes to Russia he attacks the USA.
When meets the Arabs he attacks Israel,
and when he meets Israelis he attacks the Arabs.
When he wants to enter the EU (European Union) he claims he’s secular,
and when he wants to enter the hearts of the Muslims he raises the holy Quran.

Our main question goes for the Russians and the Iranians: how on Earth could you trust this creature? The Russians went as far as saving him from a military coup, offered him S400 when they didn’t even offer Syria S300, and started building for him a nuclear reactor on their account, the Iranians shored up his economy when it started flattening!!!

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  1. miri

    Erdogan’s penchant for trying to hijack funerals hasn’t changed. He tried to grab center stage at Ali’s services, but The Greatest’s family told him to step back.

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