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Russia Offering Everybody S400 Except Syria and Iran!

image-Russian S400 Advanced Air Defense Missile System

In the news yesterday that Iraq, which is still considered under occupation by the United States of America, wants to purchase Russia’s S400 air defense system, the 2nd most advanced of its kind after the Russian S500 system.

Russia offered to sell the same S400 system to NATO member state Turkey, which in turn wanted to co-produce the system with Russia in Turkey, Russians are considering this option.

China already purchased the S400 system from Russia and expecting or already have received it. China and Israel have very sophisticated close ties in many economic developments including 2 or 3 seaports that are run by Chinese companies and both cooperate on developing high-tech drones, some of which are the targets of the S400 system…!

Russia offered to sell the S400 system to India, a country that doesn’t know exactly where to stand on the international political stage, it has very close relations with Israel and on odds with China at spat war with Pakistan which is considered in the US camp and a Saudi client but tries to show it sympathizes with the Palestinian cause and the Syrian state war on terror… The deal failed now but talks would continue.

Russia offered to sell this latest system to almost any country on the planet, but the only two countries that really need it Syria and Iran. Both countries that actually bought the S300, the 30 years old previous system, are deprived of receiving it due to unknown reasons cited by Russian officials, even though both countries are supposed to be the closest it can get to an ally to Russia fighting the same wars against terror and against terror sponsors in the West an regional stooges.

Syria finalized the deal to buy the S300, received multiple shipments of it but yet to be completed. Syria had to cooperate with truer allies like North Korea to develop its aging 4 decades old S200 missile defense system that was able to knock down the Israeli F16, the pride of the US fighter jets, to the astonishment, if not dismay, of Russia, among the rest of the world.

Iran, on its part, after years of struggling legally with Russia to complete the deal to purchase the S300, not the S400, air defense missile, had finally got the system and wondering whether it would work against Israeli fighter jets especially that rumors backed with publications including in the Israeli press itself that Iran was shocked that Russians handed over codes of the Syrian Russian-made air defense systems to the Israelis prior to Israeli attacks against targets in Syria. Such talks were strongly spread after Syria fired back at attacking Israeli jets in March 2017.

In the only conclusion to all the above, the only two countries that would actually use their air-defense systems against Israeli targets during live attacks by the latter, are Syria and Iran.

Keeping in mind that Russia agreed to coordinate with Israel on ‘operations over Syrian skies’, which puzzle all observers especially the Syrian ones. Russia’s policies in Syria during this conflict has also caused upset among the Syrian political elite community.

I personally will be very pleased if someone would offer any explanation other than this, to shut off the rumors and try to decipher this complicated issue.


  1. Aboud Bash

    Russia has limits when it comes to Israel..An entity that has US backing as well as all NATO members..One can see clearly how this zionist murderous entity gets away with everything in this planet..even harming the supposedly allies in the West through false flag operations…Trust me if Russia hadnt got involved in Sept 2015 there would be NO Syria…Syria would have been the same situation as Libya today…On the other hand Russia is a natural ally to Israel so they are very careful not to arm Israel enemies aka Syria Iran and Lebanon with sophisticated weapons such as S400..Syria shoul diversify its foreign policy and acquire advanced weapons from north Korea and China or even a blue print to manufacture those advanced weapons

  2. falcemartello

    It is simple and can be easily verified by the latest Zionist colonial outpost census. Their are over 1 million Russian migrants in their colony. Hence Russia has fifth columnist inside the Zionist colony. Hence Russia is playing a double edged game and looking at the future. Unlike WASP anglo-zionist western oligarchs Slavs historically are psychosomatic and everything they do is measured and calculated. Hence the future of the colonial Zionist outpost will be transferred from the anglo-zionist to the slavs. Once the reset happens and the Likudniks become passe we will be seeing more Russian influence on the Zionist colony. Will it benefit the Arabs. Doubt it . The only way the Palestinians will get any benefit from future events is the rebirth of pan-Arabism and degrading the various vassal Arab countries from the detrimental influence the anglo-zionist have over them IE Jordan and the GCC>
    Post Scriptum: Pan Arabism is the greatest threat to all this hence the resistant movement the triad of Syria Hezbullah and Iran are trying to achieve this. iNch by inch mile by mile country by country it will be a long and incremental fight but in the end it will be achieved, The late Qadaffi was trying to start it but obviously failed and much to the detriment and intransigence of the Syrian oligarchs they did not take his warning serious.
    So here we r today the resistance is standing after the deaths of many martyrs.
    We shall overcome and Zionism like its father fascism shall be defeated once again IN SHAH ALLAH

  3. Stefan Heuer

    Putin chats with Erdogan – Turkey invades Syria.
    Putin talks to Netanyahu – “Israel” attacks Syria.
    Putin talks to Trump – USA and its “coalition” bombs Syria to rubble.
    Putin talks to Macron – France declares it would attack Syria.
    Putin talks to Merkel – Germany announces to broaden its military engagement in Syria and Iraq.

    “Nothing to see here, move on!”

    But the Putinists still will defend their hero, prooving again and again that they are duller than dishwater and have not a single though of their own…

  4. Stefan Heuer

    Fascism was only defeated in Italy but is being performed (in new costumes) by Germany until this very day. If you do not believe me, ask the Greek people, about the impacts of financial fascism, or the Serbs about the Luftwaffe killing serbian children.
    The regime of the Reich never surrendered, only the Wehrmacht (army) surrendered, hence Germany has no peace treaties with over 54 nations, including Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq.. This makes it possible for Germany to perform every war without a declaration – like it does against these very nations, like it did against Yugoslavia in 1999. The Red Army smashed the military capacities of the Nazis, but in West Germany, under US-aid, Nazism was preserved and rebuild.

  5. falcemartello

    @Stefan Haeuer
    Fascism is alive and well we in the west are at the apex of this dreaded phenomena. :LO STATO CORPORATO First coined by Mussolini in an article he wrote in the early 20’s of the last century. The Corporate State, The European Economic Community is virtualy an Hitlerian dream come true. > Perfect example is recent job to earning statistics that clearly show how we have the largest wage and economic gap between the working class and the oligarchical class that exceeds the Gilded age. so all so called western countries are living Benito’s dream the merging of Corporate power with sovereign state power. . Back to the question of why Iran and Syria are not offered the latest missile technology. Back in 2007 the Isaelili Russian lobby /oligarchs lobbied hard and fast to deny the Iranian purchase of the s-300 then they invented the mythological Iranian nuclear weapons hasbra. The Antlantacist wing of the Russian ruling elite made sure that Iran would not ever receive those weapons that wefre paind for in advance by Iran. Ahmadjedan was the leader then and was a Jewish/ancestry(Mitzai) Iranian nationalist who was a real yhreat to thye anglo-zionist. The Iranians sidelined him much to their bad judgement that they could re -enter the anglo-zionist banking system . Well as we can see that the Iranian state as well as the Russian state is still in their cross hairs.
    My 2 cents worth . I think be it Russia ,Iran or China should no longer play this BS appeasement game with the anglo-zionist. History tells as much.
    Iran has benefited greatly from its imposed fascist/western isolation scientifically

  6. miri

    In Pravda interview 18/09/2015 FM Walid Muallem stated that Syria didn’t need Russian military assistance. Syria needed delivery of S-300s it had already ordered.

  7. Bissy

    Hmm! These Europeans are all the same. Whether they are from the West or from the East. They are just fooling the world. Third world countries should not lean too much on any of them.


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