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Russia Offering Everybody S400 Except Syria and Iran!

image-Russian S400 Advanced Air Defense Missile System

In the news yesterday that Iraq, which is still considered under occupation by the United States of America, wants to purchase Russia’s S400 air defense system, the 2nd most advanced of its kind after the Russian S500 system.

Russia offered to sell the same S400 system to NATO member state Turkey, which in turn wanted to co-produce the system with Russia in Turkey, Russians are considering this option.

China already purchased the S400 system from Russia and expecting or already have received it. China and Israel have very sophisticated close ties in many economic developments including 2 or 3 seaports that are run by Chinese companies and both cooperate on developing high-tech drones, some of which are the targets of the S400 system…!

Russia offered to sell the S400 system to India, a country that doesn’t know exactly where to stand on the international political stage, it has very close relations with Israel and on odds with China at spat war with Pakistan which is considered in the US camp and a Saudi client but tries to show it sympathizes with the Palestinian cause and the Syrian state war on terror… The deal failed now but talks would continue.

Russia offered to sell this latest system to almost any country on the planet, but the only two countries that really need it Syria and Iran. Both countries that actually bought the S300, the 30 years old previous system, are deprived of receiving it due to unknown reasons cited by Russian officials, even though both countries are supposed to be the closest it can get to an ally to Russia fighting the same wars against terror and against terror sponsors in the West an regional stooges.

Syria finalized the deal to buy the S300, received multiple shipments of it but yet to be completed. Syria had to cooperate with truer allies like North Korea to develop its aging 4 decades old S200 missile defense system that was able to knock down the Israeli F16, the pride of the US fighter jets, to the astonishment, if not dismay, of Russia, among the rest of the world.

Iran, on its part, after years of struggling legally with Russia to complete the deal to purchase the S300, not the S400, air defense missile, had finally got the system and wondering whether it would work against Israeli fighter jets especially that rumors backed with publications including in the Israeli press itself that Iran was shocked that Russians handed over codes of the Syrian Russian-made air defense systems to the Israelis prior to Israeli attacks against targets in Syria. Such talks were strongly spread after Syria fired back at attacking Israeli jets in March 2017.

In the only conclusion to all the above, the only two countries that would actually use their air-defense systems against Israeli targets during live attacks by the latter, are Syria and Iran.

Keeping in mind that Russia agreed to coordinate with Israel on ‘operations over Syrian skies’, which puzzle all observers especially the Syrian ones. Russia’s policies in Syria during this conflict has also caused upset among the Syrian political elite community.

I personally will be very pleased if someone would offer any explanation other than this, to shut off the rumors and try to decipher this complicated issue.


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