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60 Minutes: Criminal Lies & Criminal Liars


Following up on the depraved Save Ghouta Terrorists! campaign, last night 60 Minutes ran a piece worthy of the Goebbels Big Lie Award.  Gathering all forms of bathetic emotion, Scott Pelley primed the audience for horrors, while criminally lying about culpability.  With the impunity of deep state MSM that ignores Nuremberg Statute on crimes against peace that make journalists indictable, he brayed and bleated about war crimes.  The massacres committed in Khan Sheikhoun on 4 April were committed by the terrorists Pelley cheers in his report.

Pelley bragged about “rare footage” being shown.  He ignored the fact that this “rare footage” was shown around the world, all day long, on 4 April 2017.  It was not “rare,” then, but was made hidden soon after SyriaNews dissected it, in a painful applied forensics analysis of the gruesome video.  The original was cobbled bits of snuff murder of mostly children, brutality of children not stricken, and a fake emergency room cluttered with terrorists and no sight of any form of emergency health care being given.

Should al Nusra’s original snuff massacre videos surface, the ignored mystery of how so many terrorists and terrorist mouthpieces managed to survive the massacre, one need only look at the last, horrifying breathes of the poisoned, kidnapped children, and compare to the last, agonal breaths of this rabbit?  It was killed in Turkey, 21 December 2012.  The takfiri reading the script described the fast-acting chemical and threatened to slaughter Syrians with it, threatened to poison the Alsinn natural water source with it (Syria’s UN Ambassador Jaafari was denied his requests for an investigation into the threats).


Pelley pimped the GB hoax throughout the report, despite the report itself demonstrating there was no GB used against Khan Sheikhoun.

Even 60 Minutes could not edit out the brusque treatment of children in its rare footage.  In the real world of actual health care, children are not tossed around like slabs of beef at the butcher’s.  The handling of corpses is done with a profound reverence for the human being who once lived.

This boy was brusquely tossed about by the Nusra Helmets.

60 Minutes trotted out a series of committed liars, Nusra terrorists occupying Idlib, men the audience were to believe were physicians, and a nicely suited admitted liar from the OPCW.  As always, even terrorists on the US terror list are introduced as freedom-fighting “rebels” in NATO msm.

Alleged doctor Mamoun “Uncle Fester” Murad was brought in to cough — once — as evidence that he continues to suffer deleterious effects of the GB that magically did not kill him (“hero” Murad was slighted by SAMS last year, during their award festivities).

A singular, forced cough from Uncle Fester is all 60 Minutes needs to prove GB?
Morad's doppelganger?

Not interviewed was British born and reared, Nusra illegal in Idlib, Shajul Islam.  Islam was once indicted in his UK home country on terrorism charges.  As a result, the British medical registry permanently revoked his license to practice medicine (such trivialities did not stop his day-long interviews on 4 April).  60 Minutes did, however, show a nanosecond of one of the un-doctor’s video  posts.

Screenshot: 60 Minutes edited out terrorist Shajul Islam who spent much of 4 April doing video shoots on this spot.

Among the exhibits was Mohammed Tennari, reputedly a physician.  He got emotional describing how he performed simultaneous CPR on “two girls who died hours ago.”  To enhance emotional fervor, he claimed the girls were “sisters,” and also had their ages, “5” and “6.”  Such fake details help in the brainwashing procedure.  In fact, in a horrible emergency situation, no physician would ever waste time on patients “who died hours ago.”

Tennari’s name may sound familiar.  In April 2015, he spoke at a very very secret meeting at the UN, in which he showed a very very secret video that made Samantha Power cry.  The video was so very very secret it was not released to the public. See section beginning “Abracadabra:  The Physician Appears, Followed by Thousands of War Propaganda Articles,” here.

This alleged physician can barely contain his sadistic glee.  Perhaps he attended the Mengele School of Medicine.

This criminal looked as though he were about to burst into a huge smile while recounting the atrocities by Nusra in Khan Sheikhoun

60 Minutes gave a dramatic CUT TO: a very very scary image, while someone said we didn’t have any protective equipment for gas.

Pelley noted that the Nusra Helmets collected evidence.

Here is another view of the crater area.  White Helmets man collecting GB in sandals and dramatic surgical mask. GB is both pneumonic and transdermal, which means this man would have quickly died after this picking through evidence.

Part of 60 Minutes rerun of GB hoax did not show this man not dying from the deadly neurotoxin.

60 Minutes used the opportunity to advertise for the MI-6 “humanitarian” organization with a $35,000,000 (million) operating budget, Mayday Rescue, which subsequently sent proper protection after the Nusra Helmets were not afflicted by the GB (hoax).

60 Minutes sneaked in a fund-raiser for the MI-6 run Mayday Rescue.

Continuing to omit truth while enhancing the emotional fervor of the audience,  60 Minutes threw up a Nazi black and white photo, stating it was the Nazis who developed this neurotoxin.  Actually, GB was developed as a pesticide, by I.G. Farben. The more deadly VX was also developed as a pesticide, but in the UK; one may wonder if a photo of Churchill would have been shown, had 60 Minutes ever reported on the first rabbits experiment (5 December 2012) used to threaten the Syrian people.

To give a western, scientific fraudulent balance to the program, Pelley also interviewed Edmond Mulet of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

OPCW Khan Shekhoun GB investigator.

Oops, wrong photograph — though readily excused, as the OPCW did not go to Khan Sheikhoun, as the investigators considered traveling to al-Nusra occupied Idlib as too dangerous.  Instead, they broke the forensics chain of custody by accepting “evidence” from terrorists, and also accepting their verbal reports.

OPCW investigator Mulet did NOT go to investigate in Khan Sheikhoun. No one from OPCW went, instead accepting fake evidence from real killers.

In his role as criminal liar, this man said something very, very scary for the emotional disturbance of the audience, that one single drop [of GB] can kill everyone in this studio!!!!!! Such as statement, though might actually cause the thinking person to marvel that the Nusra Helmets survived without “any protective equipment.”

60 Minutes also managed to insert a condemnation that very very bad Russia put Mulet out of work by not giving UNSCR 2319 (2016) an extension.  The JIM deception had previously been extended.

60 minutes
Scott Pelley & 60 Minutes crew illegally slithered into Syria, to meet with takfiri savages. “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.”

Pelley joined a disgustingly long list of criminal liar journalists who breach Syria’s border with illegal and illicit entry into the country, in order to give continuing support to mass-murdering terrorists.  In doing so, he has also breached Nuremberg Principle VI, engaging in crimes against peace.  In standard immoral and amoral fashion, without a twinge of shame that a decent human being should have, he has the temerity to call the elected president of the Syria Arab Republic, a “war criminal.”  The author wonders if Pelley has a reflection from any mirrored sources.

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Did anyone in the 60 Minutes gang see this Syrian girl, anywhere in  Idlib?

She was last seen around 9 February, clutching a baby, and keeping another child close to her. All were in a van with the White Helmets logo on it.  A boy who tried to get out of the van was shoved back in.

The Nusra Helmets cosmetic team had already FX’d her to appear as if pulled from the perpetual rubble, all gray, rubble burden worse than Sisyphus’ perpetual boulder.  The rubble bane of the existence of the stethoscope-less, CPR-less, spinal-precautions-less Nobel nominee and Oscar-winning Helmets.

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  1. falcemartello

    Tell a lie repeat it over and over and voila you have just created confirmation bias. The Nazi regime post WW2 were tried for crimes against humanity and out of those trials came the infamous Nuremberg principles.
    Let us reflect and critically look at events post WW2. using those aforementioned principles. Korean war Pax-Americana using defoliant agents through out the Korean War and carpet bombed evry building in the North Korean side. Vietnam war further use of chemical agents. We move forward and 1999 Nato illegal bombing of Yugoslavia to post 9/11 crimes against the ME.Pure vile military aggression and plunder is rephrased as Humanitarian intervention and bringing western values to the world. If there was any real International Law and justice we would be seeing quite a few presidients and primeministers along with their generals standing trial all Nuremberg.
    Post Scriptum> Pre WW2 Churchill the western standard of great statesman in the 30’s gassed close to a million civilians in the ME.but hell why have such details fog our western exceptionalist world view.


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