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NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda Escalates Attacks in Northwest Syria

NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda Levant Escalates Attacks in Northwestern Syria

NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda Levant is escalating its attacks against the Syrian people, the Syrian armed forces, and the Syrian Arab Army allies in the northwestern provinces, the level and number of attacks by this NATO proxy has increased since the beginning of the Israel Holocaust of Gaza two months ago on October 7th.

Local sources in the provinces of Aleppo, Idlib, Hama, and Latakia have been reporting an increase in the number and size of attacks carried out by the US-created, NATO-funded, armed, trained, and sponsored Al Qaeda Levant and its affiliates and offshoots, especially the Turkestan Islamist Party (Chinese Uighur), and the Nusra Front (formerly moderate rebels aka FSA), the main targets of these terrorist attacks are the liberated villages and towns in the afore-mentioned provinces, and against positions of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies.

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

The latest terrorist attack was an infiltration attempt by the Nusra Front on the Afis axis in the eastern Idlib countryside against a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) position in the area.

The infiltrating group of Nusra Front terrorists was spotted by the SAA intelligence and was delivered a heavy blow by the SAA post in the region, local sources confirmed the members of the attacking terrorist group were all either killed or wounded. We are awaiting further details about their numbers.

Minutes earlier, at around 10:35 am local time, a coordinated attack by Nusra Front and Turkestan Islamist Party terrorists was carried out against the SAA positions on the Kafr Ammah axis in Western Aleppo countryside.

The SAA multi-grad missiles and heavy artillery are addressing the attackers and expanding the targeting of their rear positions on the outskirts of the towns of Kafr Taal, Al Qasr, and al-Wastah in the same region.

Yesterday, Wednesday evening at around 5:25 pm local time, the SAA heavy artillery was pummeling the posts and fortifications of the Nusra Front on the Al Qasr axis in the Western Aleppo countryside, and the gatherings of Turkestan Islamist Party and the Ansar Tawhid (ISIS) on the outskirts of Al Fatirah town in the Al Zawya Mountain in southern Idlib countryside, and the axis of Sarmaniyah and Shaikh Sandyan in the Al Ghab Plains axis in the northern Hama countryside.

Since the early hours of yesterday morning, the Syrian Arab Army units in the southern Idlib countryside have been addressing the gatherings and posts of the Nusra Front (NATO Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda Levant) on the outskirts of the town of Maarat Naasan in northeastern Idlib countryside with Syrian-made Burkan (Volcano) missiles inflicting direct casualties among the terrorists who were preparing for their daily attacks.

We at Syria News were reporting the clashes between the Syrian Arab Army, the Russian Aerial raids, and allies against the NATO US-created, Turkey-sponsored terrorists on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. However, due to the pressing circumstances, especially the lack of financial support, we are going through, we are forced to limit our reporting to the most important updates from Syria.

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