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UNSC Deliberation on Eastern Ghouta Explained in 10 Minutes

image-UNSC Meeting on Eastern Ghouta - Damascus - Syria

Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations H.E. Dr. Bashar Jaafari in 10 minutes sums up the whole deliberation at the United Nations Security Council in regards to the situation in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus Countryside, in bullet points.

Dr. Jaafari’s remarks:

1. It is shameful that those who call themselves the pin-holders, the delegations of Kuwait and Sweden, and who are working as they said on drafting the draft resolution on the humanitarian situation in the Eastern part of Ghouta in Damascus, it is shameful that these two pin-holders have not consulted the Syrian delegation or the Syrian government while working on something related to Syria.

This in itself shows the very serious shortage in the way these two delegations are conducting their humanitarian business with regards the situation prevailing in the Eastern part of Ghouta which is located as you know in the suburbs of Damascus and where couple of thousands of terrorists are located and shelling the (Syrian) capital around the clock by mortar shells and rockets.

2. It’s also shameful that a certain number of ambassadors called the government of my country, which is invited to the meeting under the name of Syrian Arab Republic, called this government ‘Regime’, though they are members of the Security Council, and that means in itself that they are in charge of maintaining peace and security, and respecting and observing the rules and procedures of the Security Council which prevent member states from addressing other member states with different names than their initial names mentioned in the Blue Book of the United Nations.

So, those who called the government of my country with the word ‘Regime’ revealed very swiftly actually and in a very superficial and a stupid manner their mind and their policies towards my country are not neutral, are not impartial, are not objective. Meaning that these countries, which are members of the Security Council are lacking the credibility to deal with the situation prevailing in my country.

3. The representative of OCHA (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), Mr. ‘Lowcock’, was not presenting an objective statement on the situation in the Eastern part of Ghouta, but reporting the kind of game he’s playing through his phone with some terrorists from the ‘White Helmets’ located in the Eastern part of Ghouta, meaning he became a tool of propaganda against the Syrian government in official meetings of the Security Council.

This again condemns the way some officials of the Secretariate are acting on what’s going on in Syria, meaning that some officials became part of the problem and not part of the solution.

4. The (current) president of the Security Council, the ambassador of Kuwait, acted irresponsibly today by trying to prevent me from speaking, while the meeting is on Syria. So, this irresponsible behavior coming from the president of the Security Council in a meeting allocated to the situation in Syria, reveals also that the Kuwaiti delegation is not up to the responsibility it is assuming as the president of the Security Council, because this irresponsible behavior works against the rules and procedures of the Security Council and this shortage in the moral behavior of the Kuwaiti Ambassador found a crystal cut answer by the Russian Ambassador who corrected him and told him you have no right whatsoever to prevent the Syrian Ambassador from addressing the Council.

5. The information reported by Mr. Lowcock as well as the 3 Musketeers: ambassadors of USA, Britain, and France, is totally untrue. Mr. Lowcock said there was no convoy whatsoever sent to the restive areas, or the hard to reach areas, he’s wrong. I didn’t have enough time to talk about it (during the session), I will tell you now.

We have an official letter from the resident coordinator in Damascus, who is Chair of OCHA in Syria at the same time, saying that during 2017 OCHA with the cooperation of the Syrian Government and the Syrian Red Cresent and the ICRC (International Committee for the Red Cross) have provided altogether humanitarian assistance, here I’m talking about the restive areas only not all Syria, to 2.3 million people. And Mr. Lowcock, who is supposed to be the guy who knows everything in OCHA, denied this information while we have it in a written form coming from the head of OCHA in Damascus, so something is wrong. Either these people here in New York do not read what they get from their own people in Damascus, or they mislead the Security Council members about what’s going on in Syria.

Of course, here we are not talking about the humanitarian assistance distributed with the authorization of the Syrian government by 13 international NGOs: ICRC alone, Syrian Red Cresent alone, the Syrian government alone… and counting on. This huge humanitarian assistance covers the needs of millions of Syrians and they are not provided by OCHA, they are provided by other entities and establishments working in Syria with the authorization of the Syrian Government.

The reporters Dr. Jaafari was addressing had some questions which the Syrian Ambassador replied to in details:

Question: When were those convoys you talked about? Would you allow more convoys to reach Eastern Ghouta?

Amb. Jaafari: 2017, the whole year. There is a Plan called the Humanitarian Response Plan, it is signed by both the Syrian Government and the UN OCHA in Damascus every 6 months, and Mr. Lowcock is supposed to know that. This agreement is renewable every 6 months, and we are working on this kind of bilateral cooperation for the past 7 years.

Question: Ambassador, you questioned the neutrality of Mr. Lowcock, — Amb. Jaafari: ‘Not only of Mr. Lowcock’ –, and normally we rely on the UN to give us the facts on the ground. So can I ask you about what he detailed and what’s wrong with it, he detailed a picture of what was going on in Eastern Ghouta and the bombardment by your government, do you deny that you are killing civilians in Eastern Ghouta?

Amb. Jaafari: Definitely, I said it in my statement, it seems you didn’t hear what I said. Not only we deny, we are saying that many of these fake news are staged by the terrorists, by the Syrian Moderate Oppositions, as the Americans like to qualify it.

Question: Have you seen some of these photos?

Amb. Jaafari: Of course we saw, there are victims, definitely there are victims, but you need to understand the global picture. These terrorists are taking the civilians as hostages, they have a jail in Douma (Eastern Ghouta’s main city) called the Jail of Toubah, do you know what Toubah means in Arabic? It’s ‘Repentance’, you don’t leave this jail until you repent. They have thousands of innocent people taken prisoners, civilians, and put in this jail in Douma. And from time to time they take women and children, put them in cages and drive them into the streets, I guess you saw that.

image-Women and children held in cages by Nusra Front driven around Douma - Eastern Ghouta
Women and children held in cages by Nusra Front driven around Douma – Eastern Ghouta

You don’t need to deny everything, you don’t need to ignore everything, all that you need is to open your mind, open your eyes and read everything you get. Not only unilateral reports coming from here and there.

You should know that what is called the ‘White Helmets’ working in some parts of Syria is nothing but al-Nusra Front which is al-Qaeda, it’s a terrorist entity according to these people who are sitting in the Security Council. They qualified Nusra Front as a terrorist entity, and Nusra Front has this ‘humanitarian’ body called ‘White Helmets’.

Question: That’s not how the UN sees it…

Amb. Jaafari: Of course, because some of them are big ignorants, some others they know the truth and they hide it.

End of Dr. Bashar Jaafari’s stakeout.

The draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council to impose a 30 days cessation of hostilities presented by Sweden and Kuwait without consulting the Syrian Arab Republic was blocked by Russia, permanent members of the UNSC with Veto powers, as the drafters of the resolution and the Western backers of it rejected to exempt Nusra Front and Faylaq Rahman, two branches of AlQaeda operating in Eastern Ghouta, from the cessation of hostilities despite the repeated requests by Russia and Syria. The drafters of the resolution with their Western backers wanted in a very blatant, hypocrite, and criminal ugly act, to preserve the terrorists of these organizations from any retaliation by the Syrian Arab Army.

Syrianews question in turn to the masses: How come that the same lies by the same liars are repeated each time, in its exact way as if following an instructions manual, yet the same audience fall for them?

Can you count any difference, other than the names of the areas, between the madness of the Western mainstream media along with the Western politicians against Syria using fake reports issued by a terrorist organization Nusra Front and its White Helmets, the terrorists wearing white helmets, in the previous Eastern part of Aleppo end of 2006 and now in Eastern Ghouta?

There are none. It’s the same lies by the same liars to the same audience using the same exact tactics and methods. It is beyond us to see how the ‘3 Musketeers’ as Dr. Jaafari called them the ambassadors of countries with colonialist and invading past the USA, UK, and France, how these ambassadors referred to Eastern Aleppo in their addressing of the situation in Eastern Ghouta. They do know that all the material they used on Eastern Aleppo were proved fake and wrong and sheer propaganda and once the terrorists were driven out of the districts they were infesting in Syria’s second largest city, the residents returned to their homes and started rebuilding and resumed the life they were stripped of by the same Nusra Front and its ‘White Helmets‘. Yet, these ambassadors have no shame in repeating the same lies and trying to apply it to Eastern Ghouta and expect the world to believe them, again.

media lies
“They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re Foolable”~Arabi Souri

Terrorists  of Nusra Front, aka al-Qaeda Levant, in the pockets near Damascus in Eastern Ghouta are used by their enablers, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, France and Israel, to pressure the Syrian government whenever they deem by shelling the Syrian capital with mortars and depriving about 400,000 civilians residents of the areas they infest from the humanitarian needs basics while their enablers work on dividing the country.

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