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Psyops in Syria: The Fake and the Comical

SAA Syrian Arab Army

A psyops video appeared 17 February on Twitter, claiming to show the gruesome aftermath of US air and artillery strikes in Deir Ezzor on what was said to be Russian military contractors.  Reports have circulated with wild fluctuations of the numbers of Russians being killed from as few as five, up to claims of well over 200 hundred being killed. 

The video fits neatly into the category of psyops which are designed to undermine the credibility of your opponent, weaken their resolve and confidence and shatter their morale. If this video was an accurate depiction of the facts, it would certainly be a devastating blow to Russian, and by extension, Syrian morale seeing the might of the US crushing their most powerful ally.

The psyops video was reposted onto Twitter by a geopolitical analyst well known in the field as an expert on the war on Syria. The motive for doing it can only be speculated on. He may have thought he were providing solid evidence on an incident which has received contested coverage. Perhaps he was trying to expose the Russian government for covering up the deaths of Russians fighting in Syria. Or he may have been presenting evidence of the overwhelming power of the US military, which had decimated Russians in no uncertain terms when the Russians dared to challenge them. Some in the US media are positively gloating at what they see as a humiliating slap in the face to Vladimir Putin. Eli Lake, one of the countless neocon warmongers infesting the ranks of the US media landscape said of the US attack; “The good news is that the U.S. response was swift and brutal.”


Turkish President Erdogan promised an Ottoman slap to the face of the US recently, but the US may have beaten him to the slap with its own blow against Russia.

‘Erdogan thinks he’s a Caliph’~ Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad
Erdogan can slap the one on the left, if he likes

It is certainly the case that if evidence became widespread that a large number of Russians were killed by US forces, regardless of whether they were military contractors or Russian Federation forces, it would be foolish for the government to deny the truth. The loss of citizens in wars abroad always weakens public approval for the war and to cover up losses exacerbates feelings to the point of damaging governments standings with the populace. In the current overheated environment, the strikes could be spun as revenge for so-called Russian meddling in the US election, something bound to infuriate Russians even though they understand the allegations are nothing more than a giant hoax designed to undermine and punish Russia for standing up to the US.

It is not totally clear what happened in Deir Ezzor, apart from the fact that the government-backed forces were engaged in anti-ISIS operations, while the US-led coalition has no grounds to claim acting in self defense while occupying Syrian territory. As regards the video mentioned, it soon became clear something wasn’t quite right.

If you take a closer look you will see all is not what it appears to be.

The original poster of the psyops video, someone going by the name  “Falcon_2021” has got things a bit out of whack. He stuck 3 stars on the flag of his Twitter page. The Syrian flag has two stars. And what’s with the green color? The Syrian flag is red, white and black with 2 stars.

Twit-terer using video as psyops also supports colonialist flag of French Mandate occupation.

If the video were true, it would be a propaganda coup for the enemies of Russia and Syria. It would increase the pressure being exerted on the Russian government following this incident and would be a blow to Syria as it strives to liberate its land. In reality however, rather than being a morale blow, it would more likely stiffen resolve even more. Syria has seen its sons slaughtered more than once by the US and views it as another invading force that must be confronted. There is also an element of revenge that will sweeten the retaking of land occupied by the US and its terrorist allies.

But the thing is the video is a psyops lie. It took less time to detect the lie than it does for Nikki Haley and Donald Trump to tell their lies about the Syrian army using chemical weapons against its own people. Take a look at a video posted by Alexander Pokatsky on 8 September 2015. Hey look, it’s the identical video, not psyops.

Geopolitics meets quantum physics: Original video published in 2015.

Nice psyops try to the instigator, but it fell flat quickly, at least among some. The unwitting retweeter was alerted to the fake within minutes by another Twitter user and promptly deleted the tweet. We all live and learn and it can be quite easy to be fooled, particularly when we seek something which reinforces our position or appears to be the evidence or smoking guns which proves a claim to be true.

Let’s hope the video doesn’t get any mileage, unlike many other psyops operations waged against the people of Syria for the last 7 years.

We may wonder if Falcon 2021 could be a CIA sock puppet account. Plenty of them about. In reality, it could be any number of players who set it up. It definitely wasn’t Bana Alabed who set up her Twitter account. An innocent child exploited by extremist parents and equally extremist activists determined to continue the war on Syria. In the Bana case, there was definitely an objective coordinated with the likes of the Syria Campaign and The White Helmets to set up a no-fly zone.

Bana posed with a string of terrorists and terrorist supporters including photographer Hadi al Abdullah.

If the terrorists had their way, Omran Daqneesh, the boy placed in the back of a nice new orange ambulance for a photo shoot to be sold as evidence of “Assad’s atrocities” would have had a Twitter account set up too. He probably would have gained thousands and thousands of followers in no time as well. He could have sat on Mr. Erdogan’s knee, just like Bana did. The Aleppo Media Centre and the White Helmets were key actors in the Omran saga later revealed by his father to be a total lie.

Omran and dad (Photo: Eva Bartlett/MintPress News)

Omran is now trying to live a normal life with his family, his father happy he is away from the spotlight the terrorists and the terrorist supporting NGO”s wanted shone on him to maximize their propaganda operations against the people of Syria. I say propaganda to harm the people of Syria, not just Bashar Al-Assad very consciously. That is because, while the conceivers and implementers of these propaganda operations claim to be against Assad, they are really against Syria. They promote death, destruction, displacement, hostility and sanctions on Syria. That affects all Syrians as we can plainly see.

Mahmoud Raslan, friend of child beheading terrorists & photographer for the French Foreign Office funded Aleppo Media Center.

The Ukraine video fraudulently passed off as being from Syria comes hot on the heels of another clanger. @AsaadHannaa posted a tweet of a picture of two members of the academy award winning White Helmets with the description: “Two white helmet volunteers got burn injuries in their faces while trying to put out a fire in Harbanoush town in Idlib countryside.”

Employment in the ‘Royal’ Chatham House think tank & living in Turkey perhaps cause Hanna to show his appreciation.

Mr. Hanna didn’t elaborate on how they managed to come away with unscathed hair…or beards….or for that matter, noses and mouths either. A farcical state of affairs that may look comical but belies the malevolent intentions of the terrorist aligned group that falsely claims to be the Syrian Civil Defence.

Never has such an obscure group gained such notoriety or acclaim in western political and entertainment circles. There was no scraping enough money together to buy a stapler, a few pens and so on as they tried to build a rescue organization. The White Helmets were swimming in cash in quick fire time courtesy of the UK Foreign office, Germany, US AID, and the Netherlands among others. $123 million had poured into the coffers by late 2016 in fact.

White Helmets murder Syrian soldiers. Western MSM attacks independent journalists who report this.

Just as the unsuspecting and uninformed may have failed to detect the video falsely claimed to be from Deir Ezzor as being actually from Ukraine, it would be easy to gloss over who Assad Hanna is after having a chuckle at the comical picture of the “burned” White Helmets.

Upon reading several tweets from Hanna, it becomes apparent he tweeted this picture in total seriousness. Hanna’s tweets from the past couple of days pay homage to the White Helmets as fearless and brave first responders. A copy and paste job from all the other regime change advocates who are the last people that Syrians would view as their friends. He even calls them volunteers, when we know they are in actual fact paid for their work.

Hanna also sounds the alarm bells on the claims that the Syrian government is deliberately starving civilians in East Ghouta, a claim at odds with the reality of the SAA patiently and carefully trying to liberate the city, a task which would have been achieved long ago if not for the support of the terrorists by countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the US and the UK. He uses the hashtag #SaveGhouta, sure to get a solid workout as the SAA prepares for a concerted campaign to finally liberate the city.

Perhaps the bandaged jokers in Hanna’s tweet have roles to play in forthcoming fabrications of chemical weapons use by the SAA. The allegations, made by the terrorists, the White Helmets and the likes of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights are coming thick and fast in recent times, with multiple allegations of chlorine use.

Reports emerged in the past week that Al-Nusra brought more than 20 containers with chlorine to a village in Idlib. Sputnik News reported:

According to the center, representatives of the local branch of the White Helms conducted rehearsals of providing “first aid” in individual means of protection to allegedly “affected local residents” from poisoning.

The person, who called, drew attention to the fact that these actions were filmed by professional TV correspondents who, commenting on the actions of representatives of the White Helmets, put on a microphone with a cover, having a logo of a Western television company.

Could the “professional TV correspondents” be from the Al-Khanzeera channel? They have a track history of elaborately staged fabrications in Syria, to which their propaganda dressed up as expertise provides an appearance of legitimacy and professionalism. We respectfully submit that some dedication to honest journalism might earn Al-Khanzeera the legitimacy and professionalism totally absent in their Syrian propaganda.

Perhaps too, the bandaged jokers could be used by Nikki Haley as a prop at the UN to promote more attacks on Syria and demands for the removal of Bashar al-Assad.

 Last week at the UN, Haley gave another performance demonstrating she is as fully committed to psyops warfare as her predecessor, the “humanitarian interventionist” Samantha Power. Haley spewed forth over the top propaganda as though she was reading from an al-Qaeda activist script. She said:

“When we see the Assad regime starving civilians in Eastern Ghouta, or pummeling schools and hospitals in Idlib, we see advisers from Iran and Hezbollah helping direct those atrocities…instead we see the Assad regime continue to bomb, starve and yes, gas civilians.”

Haley would be advised to be more in sync with US Defense Secretary, James Mattis who told reporters  “We do not have evidence of it,” referring to the alleged use of sarin nerve agent by Syrian government forces. Mattis said the only information the US has been able to obtain comes from “other groups on the ground, NGOs, fighters on the ground” and just “people who claim it’s been used.” To elaborate on behalf of General Mattis, he refers to the terrorist group Al-Qaeda and others such as child beheading Nour al-Din al-Zenki, the White Helmets, The Aleppo Media Centre, The Syrian American Medical Society, The Syria Campaign and the Syrian Observatory for Human rights. All of these are terrorists, terrorist associates or anti-government organizations intent on seeing it overthrown by any means necessary. If lying and misleading achieves that, they are more than happy to do it.

Haley wants to protect kids by bombing them.

Shortly after Mattis’s statement, the smug and arrogant French President, Emanuel Macron vowed to “strike” Syria if it was proved it had used chemical weapons, but he too admitted France didn’t have the evidence. “On chemical weapons, I set a red line and I reaffirm that red line. Today, our agencies, our armed forces have not established that chemical weapons, as set out in treaties, have been used against the civilian population.” Macron set his red line last year, repeating it again and vowing to strike at the source of any chemical weapons.

Those who remain convinced that the Syrian government military forces have never used chemical weapons may have started to feel vindicated at the admission by western political leaders that they lacked evidence to the contrary. It is tempting to rub it in to mainstream media and pundits who have steadfastly stuck believing accusations against the Syrian government, even though the “evidence” has been totally reliant on terrorists and opposition supporters.

However, I feel a sense of unease that this is just a contour of this whole psyops operation. Until now, western leaders such as Macron and Mattis have made strident accusations of chemical weapon use based on the flimsy evidence. With multiple recent allegations, reports of 20 containers of chlorine being bought into Idlib, cries of Eastern Ghouta being “starved” and SAA forces advancing deeper into Idlib, it is easy to believe the US and France will claim to find the “smoking gun” in a new round of terrorist false flags.

Nikki Haley is not as circumspect as Mattis and Macron, or perhaps given her antagonistic personality she has been chosen to play the bull in a china shop role of throwing accusations with abandon.

Back on 23 January, she accused the Syrian government of using chlorine gas in the town of Douma, in Eastern Ghouta, just one day after allegations were made that an attack had been carried out.

Coordinating scripts with terrorists in Syria?

Super speedy investigations analysis and conclusions, or did one of the bandaged White Helmets jokers tell her?

Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack White Helmets Oscars attacking. Immune to GB.

Haley was at it again on 5 February, accusing the Syrian government of chemical weapons usage in Idlib, again just one day after allegations were made. The paper of record of the Netanyahu regime, the Jerusalem Post reported, “Chemicals dropped from the air caused at least nine people to suffer breathing problems in an attack in northwest Syria, rescue workers and doctors said on Monday, February 5. The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), a charity which supports hospitals in Syria, said its doctors in Idlib reported 11 patients “with symptoms indicative to usage of chlorine.”

The last allegation came from SAMS, another anti-Syrian propaganda outfit which pushes for the replacement of an inclusive, secular government with a backward-looking, sectarian one.

Miri Wood has used her medical expertise to expose the SAMS scam in Syria News, writing an excellent investigative article, which included this passage:

SAMS is the fraudulent acronym for the Syrian American Medical Society, reputedly founded in the US, in 1998, as a “nonpolitical, nonprofit, medical relief organization.”  Its acronym needs correcting, as it spends most of its time in Erdoganstan.  It does not offer any evidence of medical licensure.  It is completely political, used as a money-making, anti-Syria propaganda mouthpiece for the US State Department and the P3 mafioso clique running the United Nations.

SAMS gloats with impunity, of breaching the standards of Geneva 1949 Treaties on health care, brags about fake hospitals, lies about training physicians and nurses. SAMS breaks every legal standard with shameless impunity because NATO media supports them in their crimes against peace anti-Syria propaganda.

So the psyops deception, obfuscation, and fabrication on Syria continue at a rapid pace, the miscreants unencumbered by feelings of guilt or remorse following revelations of their mountain of lies. All Syrians can do is rely on their heroic military forces to fight the terrorists, while they continue to refute head on the army of propagandists who are little more than well-paid trolls.

—  Paul Mansfield

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