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Syria Surprises Turkish Regime in Afrin

image-SAA-Allied Popular Forces Enter Afrin

The Syrian Kurds’ political and militia leaders are to be blamed for any and all bloodshed in northern Syria after the USA persuaded them to work as its agents in dividing Syria – Iraqi style.

Kurds in Syria and Syrian Kurds didn’t learn the lesson not to trust the US from what happened to their brethren in Kurdistan Iraq when the US and its Gulfies allies pushed for a referendum on separation from Iraq and ended up in losing more ground and lots of the gains they collected when the US-sponsored ISIS invaded the country.

Trying to establish their state over the land they grabbed from the people who hosted them and provided them with shelter and refuge across north of Syria, Israeli-styled Kurdish militias thought it’s easy to replicate Israel and Iraqi Kurdistan in Syria taking advantage of Syrian Arab Army’s engagement with terrorist groups all over the country and Israeli and Turkish repeated attacks and threats from the north and south, emboldened by the presence of few thousand US soldiers and few thousands of terrorists remnants, yet failing to learn from history, even the most recent history, the Kurds did their major sin.

The Syrian government might be busy fighting US-sponsored ISIS, Nusra Front, al-Qaeda other branches, the FSA, Israel and other terrorist organizations, had never left any doubt that it would fight to protect its people and the sovereignty of the country, even against all odds.

With very little and shy help from its assumed allies Iran and Russia, especially when it comes to countering Turkish and Israeli threats, the Syrian state took its decision to stop the hypocrite humanitarian bastards and defend its people. The Syrian state extended a reconciling arm, actually both arms, to the separatist Kurds in northwest Afrin after New-Ottoman Erdogan sent his troops to attack the region. It did reconcile terrorists who fought the SAA before, the Kurds have only betrayed once in military earlier this month near Der Ezzor, but not confronted the SAA directly, reconciliation with them would be much easier for the Syrian population majority to digest; yet to their own doomed wrong moves, the Kurdish politicians and militia groups refused the offer and instead wanted the Syrian Arab Army to protect their enclave and not to interfere in their illegal self-proclaimed self-governance of the Afrin region.

The Syrian state’s position was firm: Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces will protect all Syrians in all regions from all threats and will establish its sovereign duties over all of its territories.

Kurds rejected again, Russian observators withdrew when Erdogan forces and mercenaries started their attack and Kurds thought they can repel NATO’s second largest army augmented with terrorists from Nusra Front. Upon failing and when they started realizing the huge mistake they’ve committed, the Kurds asked for help again on the conditions the Syrian state have set.

Russia and Iran were said to have negotiated with the New-Ottomans to halt the operation as about 4000 Syrian Arab Army troops will be deployed in the Afrin Region. Erdogan first agreed then the hypocrite and backstabber he is demanded further conditions while his forces intensified their bombing of Syrian territories in Afrin and its surrounding. Syria couldn’t stand idle and instead of sending the SAA, SAA-allied forces were dispatched and the first wave of battle-hardened heavily armed fighters arrived at Afrin under the eyes of a consortium of international media outlets and live on air.

Video uploaded by activists showing the vanguard of SAA-allied popular forces enter Afrin:

(Video also available on BitChute:

To his dismay, Erdogan ordered his forces and the mercenaries to attack the vanguards of the SAA-allied popular forces, which they tried to target but instead their shelling came closer to the media outlets and the SAA-allied popular forces outmaneuvered the Turks and managed to deploy in their given positions fortifying the defenses of the city of Afrin and its surrounding towns.

Another dispatch of the popular forces the SAA-allied militias will follow suit, and Erdogan forces will have to confront those who defeated tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi Suicide terrorists and drove them out of the territories in each battle they fought and won over the soldiers of Satan. Despite ISIS, Nusra Front, FSA, and other al-Qaeda terrorists were enjoying billions of dollars of finance from the US taxpayers, Gulfies and other donors, state of the art weapons from all NATO produced and Eastern Bloc, like Ukraine, origins, and logistics using NSA satellites, CIA stations, prime time mainstream media coverage in their support, and above all of that full time Western and stooges political and diplomatic pressure.

Will Erdogan forces known for their cowardice risk a war with the fighters who have defeated tens of thousands of suicide bombers? That’s what Erdogan would love to see but his generals might not agree to.

If, however, Erdogan and his general would think the US would support them in their adventure, they’d be no smarter than the separatist Kurds.

Erdogan, USA with you
Erdogan doesn’t worry, Uncle Sam with you to the end.. of you.

Operation Olive Branch should be carried out by the Syrian Armed Forces chasing terrorist groups inside Erdoganstan (Turkey), Jordan, Lebanon, Occupied Palestine and Iraq, not the other way around, had logic been used.

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  1. James

    Supposed established political wisdom about Turkey, in much of the supposed alternative media is:

    1. That the attempted coup of July 2015 against Erdogan was instigated by Washington;

    2. That Erdogan’s Turkey is now firmly in the camp opposed to American Imperialism;

    3. Erdogan should be congratulated, as did the Russian government, for winning the rigged referendum of April 2017 which gave President Erdogan more powers over the elected Parliament;

    This attempt to conquer Syrian territory, had it not been so decisively resisted by pro-Government Syrians, could only have further the American government’s attempts to Balkanise Syria. Had they succeeded, the likely future course of events would be very similar to all the chaos that occurred in Yugoslavia in the 9 years which followed the secession of Slovenia in 1991.


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