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New Chemical Conspiracy Brewing: MSM Hot to Save al Qaeda in Idlib


On 13 February, RT reported on a new chemical conspiracy in the works by al Nusra / White Helmets. A tipster to the Center for Reconciliation witnessed, the day before, “three cars with 20 containers of chlorine” and personal protective garb being delivered to Saraqib. Saraqib (also transliterated “Serakab”) is a town in Idlib.  Occupied by terrorists of al Nusra this al Qaeda branch is still on the US and UN terror lists, yet always referred to as “rebels” in NATO war pimping news. That the previously un-mentioned Saraqib has been thrust into the news since The Guardian  launched the Save Idlib Terrorists campaign on Christmas Eve, suggests that this chemical conspiracy has gone live.  Subsequent reports from deep state media further bolsters this hideous plot.  In extraordinary coincidence, on that Monday the Nusra Helmets were bragging on Twitter of giving a “safety” class to young students (more likely terrorizing them.  The photos show nothing of emergency care, but border on the perverse).

Though the new campaign involves a chemical conspiracy, it is a re-run of the months of weeping by msm over the impending liberation and reunification of Aleppo, by the Syrian Arab Army.

Though msm increasingly omits one or more of the five ‘w’s of journalism – who, what, where, when, and why – for the purpose of confusion, they remain steadfast in their war criminality of ‘news’ reporting (e.g., trying to simply ascertain when the Sochi conference was, leads to a lengthy period in a very dark hole).  NATO (and Israeli) media scream headlines that an “Iranian drone” illegally entered Israeli airspace, yet not a single source states where this drone entered, nor offered a single bit of evidence of the existence of the “Iranian drone.” Yet the incitement of fear among the audience becomes an orwellian success.  Whatever Big Brother decrees, is fact, no matter what the fraud.  In the early days of the foreign imposed terror on Syria, Big Brother decreed there was an uprising by persons yearning to be free.  Now, Big Brother decrees Syria most be destroyed as the means to crush Iran and Russia.

In an effort to untangle the knots of lies, SyriaNews offers a small timeline:  Of atrocities committed against the Syrian Arab Republic, of the criminal lies, lies of diplomats, lies of politicians, lies of well-paid journalists, all committed to the most heinous conspiracy in history in the attempt to impose the final solution against Syria. The chemical conspiracy against the SAR began in 2012.  The chemical conspiracy grew rapidly after terrorists killed 25 in Khan al Asal, in order to sabotage Syria’s request for an investigation.

Past is prologue, and it is necessary to add some old, forgotten news of criminal intent, to the current timeline.

January is considered the month of hope for all of humanity.  Throughout the world, millions of people pour into their streets, to usher in the new year, hoping that it surely will be better than the one that just ended. The deep state msm did not engage in respite in criminal lies against the SAR, though; instead, they accelerated them.

Idlib terrorists brought in the new year by kidnapping and raping 9 year old Shams Abaji.  Afterward, they dumped her body into the river.  NATO media chose not to mention this atrocity.

On 7 January, the Syrian Arab Army crushed the Nusra stranglehold in Harasta, Damascus countryside.  Scores of foreign takfiri leaders were killed, and 21 Syrian soldiers were martyred while defending their homeland from foreign human garbage.  The SAA expanded its security zone.

8 January, CNN (the first msm to bleach al Qaeda in Syria, thereby anointing itself terrorists most trusted name in news, whose friends are tied to child beheaders and to members of the SDN hit list) ran an emotional war porn short [cue soft, melancholic violin strings], “Idlib:  Syria’s Latest Version of Hell.”  Spoiler alert, for last, lying sentence: “This is the final holdout, perhaps, of Syria’s [non-existent] Sunni rebellion and it is facing a ghastly yet hideously unnoticed onslaught.”

9 January, displeased by the new success, ISIS moderate savages occupying eastern Ghouta bombed Qassa and Bab Touma, killing 3 civilians and injuring several others. Israel – to the sadistic glee of ISIS – bombed the SAR, with air defenses intercepting most of the Israeli weapons.  Please be aware that there are many types of bombs.  Bombs are not merely the weapons of death dropped from bomber pilots.  They are also surface to surface and surface to air mortars and missiles.  They are land mines hidden in rocks, and they are IEDs.

10 January, ISIS bombed Hama and Homs countrysides as the Israeli perpetual war cabinet held meetings to discuss the Syrian and Lebanese fronts.

11 January, Reuters puked out a “4 minute read” of pro-‘rebel’ drivel while also noting that Nusra is “the dominant [terrorist] force in Idlib.”  Within its blather, it slipped in the names of Khan Sheikhoun (town of slaughter of the kidnapped, by Nusra-Helmets, criminally marketed as the GB hoax), and Saraqib, town of the chemical conspiracy.  Nusra terrorists complained of “warplanes bombing Khan Sheikhoun and Saraqib.”

On 15 January, fake conservative Fox News irrevocably outted itself as an integral part of the deep state about which it frequently whines.  Ben Evansky’s exclusive diatribe against the Syrian Arab Republic involved interviews with unheard of members of the terrorist FSA, a gang that had lobbied Capitol Whore Hill for more US tax dollars – secretly – the previous week, and which was to be meeting with White House officials, the following day.  The exclusive mostly revolved around the new and improved FSA, the one that no longer throws mailmen from rooftops in support of democracy and freedom.  Now these terrorists — the original al Qaeda in Syria — will also slaughter Iranians and Russians, for a price, of course. They will beat the war drums against Iran and pimp the neo-McCarthy witch hunt.  Surprisingly, this piece contained no bleatings of the chemical conspiracy.

There was also no mention of whom picked up the tab; was it one of the Gulfies, or was it again the US taxpayer?

From 2012, Fox Friends throwing postal workers from the roof of the post office:

Most importantly, though, was deep state Fox’s concern for “an oncoming catastrophe in Idlib,” called this terrorist occupied governate “one of the last major strongholds of the opposition in Syria,” and excreted the pathogenic lie that the human garbage FSA “spearheaded rebel fighting against ISIS in Aleppo.”  FSA was and remains the progenitor of ISIS in Aleppo, al Raqqa, and every other region that takfiri savages – foreign illegals —  entered and occupied.  Shamelessly also ejaculated were the sleazy fraudulent words, “Syrian Interim Government,” a gang of fake Syrians headquartered in Erdoganstan, Saudi-occupied Arabia, Britain, France, and the US.  Imagine Fox News discussing a gaggle of foreigners as the “American Interim Government.”

Fox News’ concern for the terrorists occupying Idlib also helps to set the stage for the new chemical conspiracy.

Perhaps Evansky might have done a bit of research to discover that even the Obama Pentagon emphatically stated that a name change did not change the ideology of al Qaeda in Syria?

As there are no coincidences in geopolitics, on this same day, The Times of Israel ran its own “exclusive,” of an FSA terrorist on yet another “last pocket of resistance.”  This takfiri reputedly commands a “motley crew of rebels [who] keep Iran from Israel.”

On 16 January, the rehabilitated Fox Friends FSA opposition moderates bombed a kindergarten in Aleppo (killing a 2 year old, and a bus driver), bombed Hama, bombed Damascus.

On 17 January the US kicked off the new year with a gathering of neo-cons at a Brookings Institute meeting, in Stanford.  Neo-con used to be a bad word, but this group has been joined by the neo-lib crowd, formed to love war crimes and bombings, under the Obama administration.  Syria and Iran were headline topics.

By 18 January, Fox News must have noticed that nobody noticed its exclusive, and re-ran it (do not weep, Bob!  CNN’s Amanpour had to do the same thing with her fake Caesar report).  The pimping of terrorists to a conservative audience was mostly the same, with a bit of tweaking to further demonize Iran, and support the savages occupying eastern Ghouta (“there is a dire need to  defend…East Ghouta…”).

Fox’s  featured photograph was changed to include Congressman Adam Kinzinger, who launched the Monsters of Congress against Syria Caucus in December.

Both photos were courtesy of the SAC of Exudate, a State Department offshoot of non-Syrians who called upon Congress to ‘enjoy’ the ‘rare opportunity’ to obliterate Syria in ’13, and also cheered Obama’s democratic censorship of Ambassador Jaafari’s Town Hall meetings — censorship maintained under Trump.

Coalition for a Democratic Syria call on US Congress to approve bombing Syria..!

Inexplicably, as of this writing, Kinzinger has not posted of his meeting with the FSA, to his website.  This Congressman has never been previously shy about his support for the destruction of Syria.   In September 2014, the large R, colonialist Republican Kinzinger brokered a deal with FSA-ISIS terrorists, against Syria.

In an additional affront to the SAR, the wretched meeting was held in Antakya, a city of Syria annexed illegally by Turkey.  Again unknown, was who paid for the congressman’s expenses.

Kinzinger's colonialist affront included meeting with terrorists on Syrian land annexed by Turkey.
Kinzinger’s colonialist affront included meeting with terrorists on Syrian land annexed by Turkey.

On 22 December 2017, he idiotically introduced a bipartisan bill setting conditions on US assistance to Syria (to date, between funding terrorists, and bombing the SAR, US tax dollars have exceeded 12 billion).  This legislation were better called the Sour Grapes against Syria Act, as Dr. al Assad has previously announced, and stressed that no country that sponsored terror against the Syrian people and their country, would take part in its reconstruction.

On 21 January, the Syrian Arab Army liberated the Abu Dhohour military airport from the CIA’s Nusra.  A shipment of weapons en route to Nusra in eastern Ghouta was seized.  The next day, deep state beloved Ghouta terrorists – which had been shelling neighborhoods in Damascus throughout the month —  slaughtered 9 in the Bab Touma neighborhood, injuring more than 21, and destroying several homes.  The monsters chose the bombing time to maximize the number of student casualties.

Deep state MSM inverted the atrocity; ignoring the slaughter of mostly children, Reuters, AP, and their various outlets reported the fake news that the terrorists in Douma (in eastern Ghouta) were stricken in a “gas attack.”  Reuters pathetic foto was especially bathetic, inverting the natural body posture of a patient in respiratory distress.

Photo choreographed because reality does not look dramatic.

Fox News then did its best CNN imitation, accepting the lies of known terrorists for its reporting:  Syrian civilians it in poisonous gas attack, rescuers say.  Its sources for this part of the chemical conspiracy were the convicted felon who gets paid by British intelligence to run the Syrian Observatory for Human Rites, the death squad Helmets, and the French intelligence funded operation named the Ghouta Media Center.  The Fox report added a smarmy tweet from the German reporter known as “Jihadi Julian,” for his love of takfiri against Syria.

Fox included a video of the death squads holding an infant, in no respiratory distress.  Concern should have been over the dangerously improper holding of the baby’s neck (no surprise, considering the Nusra Helmets are kidnappers, torturers, and killers).

YouTube censored the 4 April 2017 video, but screen-grabs shown here
YouTube censored the 4 April 2017 video, but screengrabs shown, here.

Fox pimped out the paid warmonger, who is notorious for Twitter blocking anyone who asks him an honest question.

On 23 January, Fox pasted an AP report, a nasty bit of Goebbels propaganda with a headline that dropped the Bab Touma slaughter of 9 — mostly students, as the FSA takfiri in Ghouta timed their deadly weapons to murder kids — down to one 3 year old, created an air of non-existent sectarianism, and then proceeded to complain about the SAR attacking terrorists in eastern Ghouta.

Also on this date, Fox ran a huge chemical conspiracy piece, complete with video of Tillerson making threats, based solely on verbal reports from terrorists who have been shelling and slaughtering Syrians.  It also included more blathering by Haley, over Russia having vetoed a 3rd extension on the Kafkaesque JIM, unprecedented in UN history, and created for the purpose of accepting lies from killers in Syria, as truths. Member states tossed in millions for this Syria-hating resolution; does anyone imagine these monies are simply to be paid for bearing false witness against the SAR?

Note the nasty background:  CHEMICAL WEAPONS NO IMPUNITY!  Despite the US being a member of the OPCW, as of 2013, it still had not destroyed 3100 tons of its chemical weapons.   Who has the impunity?


The words “alleged” and “if true” were tossed into the propaganda as a sneaky plausible deniability.

On 26 January, the capo di tutti capi, SG Guterres called upon the UNSC to refer Syria to the International Criminal Court, for “serious violations” regarding medical care and food distribution.  Obsessed with terrorist occupied eastern Ghouta, Guterres has never condemned the draconian sanctions against the SAR, nor the war criminal coalition bombings, nor UN member states sponsoring terrorism in Syria.  He has, however, had the “honor” to share an admittedly flawed report from the OPCW, on Khan Sheikhoun, and has had the dishonor of lying that the investigators were in Syria.

UN dot org seems to have a shell game going on, in which it is impossible to find an actual statement.  Its news page will report on a statement, and will have a hyperlink to comments made by an attache’.  Intriguingly, msm reports have quotes from statements not available on the UN website, a geopolitical, neo-apoocyphra.

On 29 January, the branch of French intelligence services which calls itself Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF/Doctors Without Borders) launched yet another vile attack on Syria, claiming that the SAAF and or the RuAF had bombed its hospital, the Owdai Hospital, in Saraqib, Idlib — which is in Syria.

Founded in France  — by French physicians and journalists  — in 1971, headquartered in Switzerland, this Nobel Laureate NGO boasts 36,482 employees.  It has an annual budget is 1.63 billion USD and a mythological reputation for being a truly self-less, humanitarian organization.  When MSF speaks, deep state dutiful echolaliac MSM and colonialist fraud diplomats regurgitate, no questions asked.

MSF immediately showed its politicized enmity against Syria, in the early days of the crisis, when it opened a facility in the refugee camp in Arsal, Lebanon, “for the exclusive purpose of treating FSA fighters to send them back to the battlefields.”

The French intelligence operation has promoted the anti-Syria chemical weapons conspiracy since the early days of the crisis.  Despite its crocodile tears for the Syrian people, MSF does not lament the destruction of actual Syrian hospitals, by its al Qaeda friends, but persists in claiming that unhospitals can be bombed.  That which does not exist cannot be destroyed.

A reality-based example can be found in this short video clip taken by CNN and Fox News Friends, the FSA, in 2012. These moderate opposition-ites videoed the bombing of a real hospital, the al Watani Hospital in Qusayr, Homs.

These are only true words written by MSF related to the SAR:  “The Syrian government has not granted MSF authorization to operate in the country…“.

Ce prétendu hôpital a été installé sans la permission du gouvernement syrien par le soi-disant réseau français appelé Médecins sans frontières qui est une branche des services de renseignement français opérant en Syrie…Ils assument toutes les conséquences de cet acte parce qu’il n’ont pas consulté le gouvernement syrien* — H.E. al Ja’afari – 17 February 2016

These are the words that should be fused into everyone’s brains, in order to recognize the criminal, warmongering lies of this almost two billion USD fraud humanitarian gang (For those actually altruistic in the health care professions considering joining this gang:  Do your research.  Do not become a dupe of war criminals.).  Pay attention, and see that in every filthy press release, this company uses expressions of plausible deniability.  In August 2013, despite not being in Syria, it decreed that the 3,600 patients it did not treat were treated for “neutoxic symptoms’’ which it could not “scientifically confirm.” MSF divides its propaganda between ordinary fake hospital bombings, and bombings involving the chemical conspiracy.

April Fools week 2017 had almost daily scam reports from MSF.  The most prominent of the chemical weapons conspiracy psychically arrived one day  before the atrocities by the al Qaeda/al Nusra/ White Helmets slaughter of kidnapped Syrians, under the guise of the GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun – whose press liaison to CNN was the indicted terrorist illegal whose license to practice medicine in his native UK had been permanently revoked.

MSF, which is not in Syria, has consistently lied about chemical weapons attacks and about bombing fake hospitals.
MSF, which is not in Syria, has consistently lied about chemical weapons attacks and about bombing fake hospitals.

Is it not odd that MSF wrote a huge piece on the 2013 al Ghouta attacks — omitting of course, the fact that the moderate FSA terrorists took responsibility for the slaughter — on 3 April 2017, just one day before the GB hoax was unleashed in Khan Sheikhoun?

MSF offensively bleats  that hospital bombings are a breach of international law, but in murderous hypocrisy.

Geneva/ICRC  Treaties require authorization from the host country,  “mutual recognition of the hospital zones,” and that the ICRC  emblems be clearly visible.

“When the Parties concerned have AGREED upon…”
French intelligence services MSF depends on people cowering when bullied by the words International Law, on people not reading the Treaties.

Upon “mutual recognition,” comes the essential “emblem.”

Fulfillment of these treaties is impossible without the mutual recognition.  MSF admits it has no permission to be in Syria, therefore everything it says must be dismissed as the lies that they are. Syria has not breached International Law, but the French intelligence services have also spit upon the Geneva Treaties.

Were the MSF truthful in concern for the Syrian people, it would go through proper channels, through the Syrian government, through the respected Syrian Red Crescent.  Instead, its reports are via outlawed terrorist gangs.  — a  Syrian

Criminal liar MSF’s statement on the Owdai hospital, allegedly in Saraqib, Idlib, is the most bathetic, to date.  It claims a mere 18 beds to cover a population of 50,000 yet included an ER, outpatient clinic, surgical theater, and 3,800 “consultations” per month [by unphysicians].  Where is this Luis Montiel, “MSF Head of Mission in North Syria [MSF also has a balkanization project for Syria?]” which does not have permission to be anywhere in the SAR?

Montiel, who either is not in Syria, or is illegally in Syria offers no real evidence of a hospital being bombed, yet gets to demonize the SAR in malignant claim that an unverified attack on an unhospital “demonstrates the brutality with which health care is coming under attack” in SAR, and dictates this fakery is a “clear violation of international humanitarian law,” whose treaties the MSF flaunts.

This is the reported photo of the “hospital” that not-in-Syria-Montiel claimed was bombed several times.  Besides the building itself being intact, as a public hospital in Syria, it is missing the logo of the Syrian Ministry of Health, and local directorate in Saraqib.  The writing above the doorway simply says “Owdai Hospital.”

On 31 January, Reuters vomited up the lying statement of the admitted liar MSF, to attack the Syrian Arab Republic, and included partial quotes by the  “appalled” Panos Moumtzis – ‘UN regional coordinator for the Syria crisis’ – whose full statement is not to be found on the UN’s shell game website.

On 31 January, these NATO moderate al Qaeda killers in Guterres’ beloved eastern Ghouta, celebrated the return of diplomats from Sochi, by again breaching the CoH, bombing the Damascus International Airport.

These savages, always reporting on suffocations from non-stop chemical conspiracy, on the same day, also bombed Sa’Sa, Asila, and al Mezzah. A 6-year-old child was murdered, several homes damaged.  The Syrian Arab Army responded by destroying fortified positions and “a number of launching pads” in eastern Ghouta.

Following the Vienna meetings, the two-day Sochi meetings were boycotted by France, US, UK, and the obnoxiously named High Negotiations Committee (HNC).  The HNC, formed in 2016, and headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi occupied Arabia, is an umbrella gang of more than 30 sub-gangs of international terrorists in suits who wish to destroy and colonize the SAR.

Basically a waste of time, terrorist sympathizer and colonialist Spec. Envoy Steffan de Mistura – the aging diplomat who once offered his body as a human shield, and then neglected to show up so it could thus be used – appeared to be the lone character thrilled with the outcome.  While msm gloated over the boycott, de Mistura went into a swoon over having collected 50 names from Turkey, Russia, and Iran:  “We are actually going to establish a [colonialist, satrap] constitutional committee.”  He assured the non-Syrian boycotters that those not at Sochi will be permitted to have a “very substantial participation” in these overseer committees.

Dalmatian de Mistura: Is his obsession to carve up Syria a Freudian reaction-formation to his father’s irredentism?

On 1 February, Fox News Fraud — again promoting the chemical conspiracy — ran a video report lying story that Syria “may be changing use of chemical weapons,” ignoring the fact that the SAR joined the OPCW (and, unlike the US, which still holds 31k tonnes of CWs, turned in these weapons, by  June 2014, according to the UN-OPCW).  It also moved the chemical conspiracy from the GB [hoax] to screams about chlorine, without which the country would suffer water-bourne diseases.

On 2 February, a seemingly extraordinary thing happened.  Mad Dog Mattis gave a press briefing in which he stated “…we’re looking for the evidence….We do not have evidence of it.”  Such an admission is one of colonialist impunity.  Syrian soldiers – and collateral damage — were murdered by the Trump regime, without evidence.  No apology was offered, just the ominous threat that Mad Dog is looking for GB evidence in Syria.

Mad Dog Mattis stated there was no evidence of chemical weapons, warned the US was in search of GB evidence.

The impunity is also given as future threat, *we’re looking for the evidence.”  His bizarre remark on the criminal chemical conspiracy, “I don’t have evidence, credible or uncredible,” was reminiscent of Rummy Rumsfeld’s various knowns and unknowns.  Obviously, there were no WMDs in Iraq.  The genocide of 1.5 million Iraqis will not cause Mad Dog to rethink his search for chemical weapons that Syria no longer has.  Weapons grade chlorine is not enough of a chemical conspiracy for Mattis; he seeks out GB.

Also on 2 February, the Ghouta moderate terrorists bombed a neighborhood in Damascus, slaughtering 10 civilians, four from the same family.

2 February, Fox News FSA al Qaeda friends bombed a post office in Aleppo.

On 3 February, Russian pilot Major Roman Filippov was shot down and murdered in Saraqib, Idlib.

Russian Major Roman Filippov
Body of Russian pilot Maj. Filippov, martyred by Nusra terrorists in Saraqib Idlib.

State Department liaison Heather Nauert immediately denied that the US had ever provided the Nusra terrorists – whom she called “rebels,” despite them being on the US terror list – with MANPADS. This despite Saudi terrorist Muhaysini — on US SDN list — cheerfully announcing the Major’s jet was shot down with a MANPAD, also despite the medium of the US’ great ally, “the only democracy in the Middle East, DebkaFile having reported on 16 January that the US had provided the takfiri with these man-portable air ‘defense’ system.

“Genetically altered” Saudi Syrian opposition terrorist provided a video.
Western or Gulfies armed terrorist, looking for human prey. Archive, May 2017

International mercenary, deep state media gloated over the murder of the Russian Major.  Criminal Reuters did not notice the gleeful remarks by Saudi terrorist in Syria, Muhaysini.

State Dept and Saudi terrorist on Treasury’s SDN hit list, Muhaysini both cheer the Helmets as “heroes.”

France 24 disgustingly reported the savagery  with a statement by Nursa terrorist, that this murder was “in retaliation for a ferocious bombing campaign by Russia warplanes over Idlib.”

The terrorist killing fields against Syria continued to go unmentioned in the mercenary, deep state media.

On 6 February, Fox Fraud News’ Evansky — still struggling to get some respect — further pimped the chemical conspiracy, beginning with deification of the terrorist-supporting Amnesty International.  He did not question AI’s claim of a “chlorine!” attack in Saraqib, but he did cite other sewage sources, such as that SAC of Excrement, and the death squad White Helmets (known for being the lone source of their fake rescues.  Over 33k served.  Over 66k. Over 99k. 104k!).  Also, fake afflicted by the chemical conspiracy, of course, was takfiri occupied eastern Ghouta.

Fake chemical attack in Ain Tarma, Ghouta. No pretense at emergency care.

Also on this date, Reuters ran with the UN’s warnings for Syrian IDPs not to return to al Raqqa.  The claim was “unprecedented” landmines left behind by ISIS.

Reuters did not report on the almost 1,000 hectares of Aleppo de-mined by Russian sappers, post-reunification, post-expulsion of FSA terrorists. The was no report on the landmines cleansed from Deir Ezzor; Gen. Zahreddine was martyred by one.

The actual reason is forced displacement, strategic depopulation.  In early July, the UN  “warned” Syrian refugees not to return home.

On 8 February, the Trump regime again continued in the Obama tradition of supporting ISIS, when it targeted 10 military positions of the Syrian Arab Army.  MEE, illicit offspring of the incestuous relationship of The Geryon and al Khanzeera jumped on this opportunity to further propagate the chemical conspiracy, and to suggest joint anti-Syria war crimes by US and France are looming.

Syria-hating MEE suggesting US & France further bomb the SAR based on lies of terrorists.

Reuters followed up with a report that Syria-hating Macron will bomb Syria upon finding evidence (that Mad Dog is in search of). Reuters used this opportunity to have a Nusra Helmets operative complain about France’s “inaction.”

On 10 February, the SAA killed 150 ISIS terrorists in Idlib; many were identified as foreign illegals, savages armed and funded by NATO and Gulfies, rebranded as genetically altered ”Syrian opposition” “moderates.”

Dead terrorist ID is written in illiterate Arabic.

This news was ignored and reports of Syria’s air defense successfully shooting down an illegal Israeli F-16 bomber, were inverted for the western claim of Israel’s right to ‘’ self-defense,” causing an outpouring of grief from various moderate terrorists.  A day of profound joy for Syrians, the mobster UNSG immediately called for “de-escalation.”  No questions asked as to where, exactly, in Israel was the “drone” found.  Not a sound was uttered about  Israel breaching both Lebanese and Syrian airspace, in order to again come to ISIS’ assistance, in Tadmor.

Syrian Arab Army soldiers about to distribute sweets to celebrate the having shot down an illegal Israeli bomber.

Nonetheless, the warmongering, whorehouse, destroyer of nations was so apoplectic about Syria’s successful military action, that the UN’s chief bully was suddenly concerned about an increase in violence, and demanded a complete CoH.  The UN’s news page carefully chose a battered water fountain in terrorist occupied Ghouta as emotional propaganda in support of the savages, and against the SAR.chemical-conspiracy

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rites [sic] evacuated a rotten statement in support of the Save Idlib & Ghouta Terrorists campaign, that contained not even the most anemic hint at diplomacy.  Instead, it again called for the Syrian Arab Republic to be referred to the kangaroo ICC.   

Reuters, the mother of deep state MSM outdid itself in amok-running with the High Commish’s statement, frothing about the unhospital bombed (rebombed, bombed when empty, bombed at the foot of the stairs, bombed of its unused blood bank, etc., ad nauseum, ad infinitum), brayed about chemical conspiracy video footage of possible use of “toxic agents” in the terrorists called rebels occupied Saraqib.   When the UN tribal leaders froth over the safety of the criminals in Syria, when they ignore the fact that it is the member states of this colonialist entity that created food, water, health care shortages and facilitated the transit of the world’s human garbage into this country, it is important to remind the world that they were mute, in December 2016, when the takfiri dumped diesel into humanity’s  oldest water source — al Fijah —  the mafiosi brutti were mute.  Though the FSA had held the Wadi Barada region hostage since 2013, it was not until the liberation of Aleppo, that the terrorists deprived more than 5 million Damascenes from water. Takfiri blew up parts of the infrastructure, and proudly uploaded their photos to social media.  Before these savages finally took the air conditioned Green Buses to Idlib, they assassinated Gen. (Ret.) Ahmad al Ghadban, the Reconciliation Coordinator, 14 January.

Expert in bombing Wadi Barada infrastructure after poisoning al Fijah spring
Note the stamp of Nusra Helmets supporting the water war crime in Wadi Barada.

Past is prologue.

Returning to Syria’s success against the Zionist state aggression, Israel actually bragged about al Qaeda supporting its war crimes against Syria — though this should not have been a surprise, as Israel has been al Qaeda’s first air force against the SAR, that Israel gives the malignant sociopaths free state of the art trauma care.

Shameless Israel brags about al Qaeda terrorist supporting the bombing of Syria.
Syria shot down an Israeli bomber. Israeli & NATO MSM lied about a ‘clash with Iran.’

Also on this date evolved a Twitter thread between this author and Moti Kahana, the thief of Syrian artifacts, the counterfeiter of Syrian passports, the founder of  a shady US-based charity without  charity status, run ‘in tandem with the IDF.’  The US Ambassador to Israel, under Obama, Daniel Shapiro, was also on the thread, though he was de-tagged for the assassination call by Kahana, against Syria’s President Dr. Bashar al Assad.  This was done for the purpose of plausible deniability, allowing him to remain mute, though he was obviously part of the thread:








No condemnation by the former ambassador regarding the theft of Syrian artifacts, the counterfeiting, or the free trauma care to the terrorists.

Just when it seemed the criminal MSM was running out of steam to pimp crimes against peace against Syria, they realized that the FSA/ISIS/Nusra/al Qaeda stethoscope-less, CPR-less, spinal precautions-less White Helmets were up for another Oscar (this time for a full-length fraudumentary), by the fifth column of Hollywood.  Anemic propaganda was given a transfusion of emotional war porn.

Various outhouses cheered the nomination, interviewed these savages, attempted to bully independent investigative journalists who have proven their fraudulence, and their terrorism.

As with the lying French intelligence services, when Nusra Helmets lie, no journalist questions them.
12 February: More bombs from al Ghouta into Damascus, while deep state MSM remained mute.

On 12 February, the Nusra Helmets tweeted incoherent idiocy about kids in Daraa getting a “break from school work,” to be traumatized about shelling and unexploded bombs.

There is no explanation for having this boy lie on a table and be touched by older girls in gloves.
Helmets offered no explanation for these very creepy photos.

Back in 2013, the FSA terrorists uploaded a video of children being ‘taught’ how to fake a chemical weapons attack. Syrian Girl Partisan re-shared the video, last August — shortly before YouTube censored her channel, helping to cover up the truth about the takfiri in Syria.  The truth about the chemical conspiracy is being erased.

YouTube also shut down the Arabi Souri channel, with thousands of subscribers, thousands of videos, and millions of views.

On 14 February, H.E. Bashar al Jaafari addressed the UN.  Holding up a very fat book of official documents from Syria to this place that destroys nations, he noted that 136 of those messages related to the chemical conspiracy against his country.  He stated that within the previous 20 days, one thousand missiles have been fired into Damascus, by the foreign terrorists genetically altered into “Syrian opposition.”  As he spoke, he was handed a note telling him that the translator stated 20 as the numbers of terrorist rockets fired upon Damascus.  Note that at the beginning, he stated the numbers, twice. In January 2015, in an interview with Eva Bartlett, Dr. Jaafari stated that he was intentionally given bad translators whenever he spoke.

(Video also available on BitChute:

His Excellency al Jaafari stated that his words would again be ignored, as they have been ignored from the beginning.

The first threat by the FSA to unleash chemical weapons against Syria involved the neurotoxin VX.  It was demonstrated on two rabbits in Turkey, 5 December 2012. The UN would not investigate.

YouTube also shut down the Eretz Zen channel.

The second threat from the FSA also came from the same place in Turkey.  The FSA moderate forced a rabbit to ingest a quick-acting poison, named “Sunnah2.”  He threatened it would be dumped into the Alsinn spring, in Latakia.  The video was uploaded 21 December 2012.  Again, the UN, the same UN screaming lies about the SAR using chemical attacks on terrorists in al Ghouta, refused to investigate.  This poison — not GB — was used for the Nusra Helmets’ heinous snuff video in Khan Sheikhoun, 4 April 2017, a foundation of the sarin chemical conspiracy.

On 14 February, the Syrian Arabic Red Crescent, partnered with UN agencies, delivered a convoy of food and medical materials to 1,440 families in al Nashabieh and surrounding towns besieged by armed gangs in eastern Ghouta, gangs that have fired 1,000 rockets onto Damascus, while claiming victim hood in the chemical conspiracy.

SARC delivers food and aid to 1,440 Syrians.

Two days later, the UN burped up a report about it, as shameless as the proverbial story of the kid who murdered his parents and then lamented being an orphan.  Filled with complaints about food insufficiency, growing communicable diseases, it neglected to mention the draconian sanctions imposed on Syria, by the same member states who have bragged about arming foreign savages to destroy this ancient country.

CNN has replaced illegal alien Clarissa Ward with illegal alien Arwa Damon, in Idlib, with the Nusra Helmets terrorists as her tour guides, to lie about terrorism, give fake credibility to the chemical conspiracy (Damon’s godly olfactory bulbs picked up an “acrid smell” from a chemical attack that did not happen, 6 days earlier).

Like Ward, Damon was forced to cover, by the democratic terrorists of Idlib.

A close up of the White Helmets operative who claimed he was suffocated in a chemical conspiracy, show an ongoing motif by the Helmets and their choreographed photos:  A face mask attached to no oxygen.


C’est magique!

More magic is that in 2016, CNN’s Ward described al Nusra as “some of the most feared rebel fighters in Syria,” yet CNN recently lied (again), saying “Idlib was thought to be a safe space from the violence.”  How very odd, since OPCW investigators were too afraid to gather evidence in this garden of Eden, last year.


Amazingly, Damon also remains oblivious to the terrorist activities of the brother of one of her escorts.  She will, however, continue her part in the chemical conspiracy against Syria; she gets paid for this.

Though the moderate beheading has been brought to Damon’s attention, CNN’s most recent illegal in Syria has remained without comment.

Syria’s President Dr. Bashar al Assad has promised to free every inch of the Republic from foreign terrorist infestation, much to the chagrin of the media warmongering mouthpieces. As the Syrian Arab Army moves to exterminate the malignant sociopaths in Idlib and al Ghouta, the UN colonialists, the NGO Industrial Complex, the bipartisan deep state msm will howl more loudly.  The chemical conspiracy against the SAR — ongoing since 2012 — may go live, courtesy of the savages and their NATO commanders in expensive suits.

In 2001, the U.S. Sec. of Defense ordered plans to overthrow seven Mideast nations, including Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Iran.  We initiated a bloodbath across the region.  CIA and MI-6 spent billions to demonized secular, anti-terror nations in order to topple them.  We spared Saudi Arabi, althought it attacked us on 9-11, murdering 3,000 Americans.  Gen. Michael Flynn was removed as National Security Advisor because he intended to carry out Trump’s agenda:  1. Reduce tensions with Russia; 2. Work with Syria against the terrorists; 3. End regime change operations; and 4. Downgrade relations with NATO, which is recklessly moving us toward nuclear war.  — VA State Senator (R) Col. Dick Black 

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  1. L B

    Great article, i just wanted to make you aware, if you are not already, that this site is also being censored on the site, i use the site to share articles and videos and recently it does not allow me to add links to articles from this site which it used to.

  2. miri

    Thank you for your input, Jerome. It is an unfortunate double standard, that NATO, UN, Capitol Hil, EU spend billions on lies, offering zero evidence, while we must document everything. For those who have succumbed to Reuters Goebbels Big Lie in a ‘one minute’ or ‘three minute read,’ we offer screengrab documentation, with captions.


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