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Israeli War Cabinet Terrified from its North Front Syria and Hezbollah

image-Israeli Next War with Hezbollah will be Against a Whole Axis

In the past few days, the Israeli war cabinet in full has convened 3 times in continuous meetings to discuss the ‘threats of the northern front’, as called by its officials meaning Lebanese and Syrian fronts.

The Israeli war cabinet is the smaller cabinet including all ministers and commanders of the Israeli war machine and its accessories.

The fear out of the increasing missile capability of Lebanese Hezbollah party and the continuous failures of the terrorist groups ISIS and Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Branches) and other factions of the FSA in Syria against the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, is not giving the Israelis any moment of comfort. They’re seeing these terrorist organizations they and their protectors in NATO members states and regional stooges invested heavily in fall apart and lose rapidly their positions to the Syrian state.

Israeli officials pushing of the regimes in the West mainly the Obama regime and now the Trump regime to launch a preventive war against Iran and its other allies is not working to their aspiration. Time is also not in favor of the Zionist entity and its friends. Even the reckless prince of Saudi is not able to launch his front against the Lebanese Hezbollah party as he cannot get out of the Yemeni war he launched with any gains except more losses and more weak points on the borders and even inside his country.

All of that topped with the horrible economic situations in the Western camp and its regional stooges due to their own fail strategies at the same time the increasing powers in the Russian, Chinese and their camp.

The next war will see thousands of missiles fall on each point in Israel, 3000 to 4000 missiles a day were the estimates of Avigdor Liberman, the minister of war in Israel, the most hawkish of the criminals there. That’s their estimates which in our estimates fall short another 2000 missiles a day. By the way, he’s counting Hezbollah’s missiles only and not yet adding Syrian missiles, Iranian missiles and maybe Iraqi missiles once the Iraqis get rid of their American controllers.

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