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Israel’s Next War with Hezb Allah will be Against a Whole Axis

image-Israeli Next War with Hezbollah will be Against a Whole Axis

Israelis trying to find a way to get out of the mess they found themselves in after their agents in ISIS and al-Qaeda operating under the FSA banner against the Syrian state not only failed in their mission but brought Iranian and Hezb Allah fighters to their southern borders of Syria.

The strength of Hezb Allah & Iran’s growing power in Syria will force Tel Aviv to deal with Lebanon and Syria as one front in any future confrontation. That’s what an Israeli strategic study briefed the scene of a comprehensive or qualitative war against Hezb Allah.

The video is uploaded to BitChute ( as YouTube deleted our channel for the 2nd time without any valid reason after re-instating it the first time without any explanation.

The reality on the ground speaks of a war against a whole axis, and here comes the concern of Iranian administration of the firing bases and Tehran’s deployment of anti-aircraft and sophisticated advanced weapons in different locations.

Here the study emphasizes a question that may shorten the Syrian scene, the researcher asks: Is it enough for Israel to face the rise of an Iranian force in Syria through secret cells and agents? Or is it necessary to intervene directly on the front line to curb the Iranian power?

Here the researcher goes on to assert that the continuation of the current reality will force Israel in the future to deal with the reality of assuming an advanced weapon in the hands of Hezb Allah and Iranian support of a qualitative weapon to Hezb in any possible confrontation, which will change the bases and plans of engagement and confrontation.

Russian (military) bases and Kremlin’s distinctive relations with the Syrian state all open the door to Russian-drawn borders for any broad Israeli move. Moscow will prevent sabotaging its efforts to settle the Syrian crisis, and will not allow the Syrian state’s allies to be deterred by a qualitative Israeli strike against Iranian forces there.

On the other side, the researcher asserts that any confrontation with Hezb Allah in Lebanon will slip into Syria due to the presence of the Hezb Allah fighters and Iranian forces in the Syrian south.

Naturally, the response to Israel will be from the borders of the Golan and Lebanon, and here lies the danger of allowing Iran and Hezb Allah to settle on the border with the Syrian occupied Golan.

To limit this presence, the researcher suggests that the Israeli government resort to coordination with Moscow through Washington, allowing it to launch a short and limited strike that will prevent the intensification of Iranian power in Syria. – end of report.

Israel has tried to directly interfere against Syria before and all attempts failed, Syria was not dragged to a new confrontation against Israel and the whole of NATO behind it when ISIS and clan were on the increase until reaching 350,000 anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists, but now in much better position to deter and engage in any further fighting against the pariah group of countries and semi-states. Israel attacked targets in Damascus several times to support al-Qaeda and its minions in coordinated effort to take the Syrian capital by surprise, and in retaliation to SAA’s eliminating of Israeli top targets or clients inside Syria.

When the general impression is that Hezb Allah is dependant on Iran completely, Hezb Allah top officials confirmed it’s the Syrian Arab Army and its commanders that supervise, support and even participate directly and indirectly in its fights against Israel, especially in the 1980s and recently in 2006. Hezb Allah top officials personally thank and commend on the SAA’s heroism and bravery on each chance and thank Syria’s support.

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