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GRAPHIC: ‘Attack’ on White Helmets Quarters in Idlib Leaves 7 Dead

image-White Helmets Sarmin Attack - blurred

Al-Qaeda’s ‘Civil Defense’ aka White Helmets issued a circular claiming their quarters in Idlib countryside has been attacked by unknown armed group leaving 7 killed and material stolen.

The notorious ‘White Helmets’ known best for faking rescue operations always following Syrian or Russian army attacks on al-Qaeda’s bases in north and northwest Syria has claimed in a circular that ‘an unknown armed group’ attacked their quarters in the city of Sarmin in Idlib countryside, northwest of Syria.

image-White Helmets Circular about Sarmin Quarters Attack
White Helmets Circular about Sarmin Quarters Attack

On the day of the fake Civil Defense in Syria receiving an award in South Korea, the UK’s MI6 founded and sponsored organization White Helmets stated the attack has left 7 of its on duty members killed or ‘eliminated’ as per their statement, and 2 Van vehicles were stolen and other gears.

White Helmet’s director Raed al-Saleh in his circular called on check points erected by terrorist groups in the north of Syria to confiscate any van owned by his organization without an official mission sealed with the organization’s stamp.

The Oscars 2017 winner released what appears to be a graphic image of the ‘killed members’ swimming in what they assume is human blood. We are highly skeptical of adopting their story as in most cases earlier the same organization has staged traumatic footage and iconic images used in propaganda against the Syrian state and its allies, especially the Russian Federation.

image-White Helmets Sarmin Attack - blurred
White Helmets Sarmin Attack – blurred (original GRAPHIC image click here)

In one of their claims, the White Helmets managed to trick the US president Trump into bombing a Syrian Army Airbase in retaliation to a movie they filmed of a claimed ‘aftermath of a chemical attack in Khan Sheikhon’ in the same Idlib province. Trump has since worked as al-Qaeda’s tool. Idlib is now the hotbed of expelled terrorists from all over Syria and from Arsal in neighboring Lebanon.

The case of Omran Daqneesh is another fake propaganda created by an iconic picture taken of the young child in an ambulance after what this al-Qaeda’s ‘Civil Defense’ claimed to be an air raid on the boy’s house. The child and his father’s interview refutes categorically the claims and accuse the ‘White Helmets’ of trying to blackmail him to frame the Syrian state in the fake attack.

white helmets manniquin freeze
Still from WH “mannequin freeze” video.
CIA, UK funded contra White Helmets take post fake rescue selfie

And as what Syrians fought this foreign intervention for the past 6.5 years and paid a hefty price just to avoid:

Source credit: @Ehsani2

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