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Moderate Rebels Kill Child & Bus Driver in Syria, Wound Several


Moderate rebels funded and armed by NATO, bombed a kindergarten school in Aleppo, killing a two-year-old boy and a bus driver, injuring three teachers, on 16 January.  The moderate rebels also bombed al Saan town of Hama and Damascus.  These latest attacks come as the Syrian Arab Army “establishes control over new areas in Aleppo and Hama countryside,” and continues its military campaign to liberate Idlib from terrorist control.

Kindergarten school bombed by terrorists, on al Nile street in Aleppo.
A day in kindergarten in Aleppo.
Syrian child with head injuries caused by freedom-loving moderate rebels.
From SANA.

In al Saan, Hama, two women were seriously injured by the takfiri.  A subsequent — unconfirmed — report was that one of the women, a physician, died of her wounds.  Several homes and businesses were damaged.

Syrian woman going about her daily life, was wounded.

The Masaken Barzeh neighborhood of Damascus was also shelled, injuring one woman, and causing material damage to homes and businesses.  Those moderate bombs were fired from eastern Ghouta terrorist-stronghold; the SAA returned precision fire, “inflicting losses upon the armed groups,” according to SANA. 

Perhaps, tomorrow, western media will bleat about the fire returned upon the takfiri in eastern Ghouta; this region in which Syrian women are invisible has been a long-time favorite of NATO war propaganda correspondents.

Last summer, criminal MSM ran with reports of a chlorine attack in Ain Tarma, based on a ridiculous, 40-second video.

It is now 2030, Washington, D.C., time, on 16 January.   Western media have not uttered a news byte over the bombings of three Syrian neighborhoods, by NATO moderate terrorists.  Anderson Cooper has not wept a single crocodile tear for the little Syrian boy whose crime was to have been taken to school.

Compare the new standard in hypocritical media low.  Compare the lack of reporting on these terrorist atrocities, to the massive reporting of the report in which Cooper choked himself up, and forced some salty water into his eyes, to discuss the dignity of the Haitian people.

Should our readers be amenable to a bit of mouth vomiting, watch his two minutes/36 seconds of almost weeping, and count the number of times he uses the word while ostensibly paying tribute to Haitians.

Cooper, squeezing out two tears on CNN, prior to being unable to speak…

Miri Wood

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