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SAA Advances Report near Abu Dhohour Military Airport

SAA Advances near Abu Dhohour Military Airport - Idlib

Syrian Arab Army units advancing closer towards the strategic Abu Dhohour Military Airport in Southern Aleppo countryside on the provincial borders with al-Qaeda infested Idlib.

In their movement towards the military airport, the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies managed to clean more than 90 towns and villages in Idlib countryside.

Video report by Press TV correspondent from the vicinity of the military airport:

(Video also available on BitChute: – BitChute and Dtube have been our alternative to YouTube after the latter deleted our channel without any proper justification wiping out thousands of hours work and hundreds of very important video reports.

All the massive losses in the north and northwest of Syria are the results of the loss of Ming Airbase when Syria’s assumed main allies were flirting with Turkey’s Erdogan on the account of the Syrian people. That was one of the largest strategic fails of Mr. Putin and the Ayatollahs in Iran as it empowered the presence of NATO in north Syria and the whole region instead of countering it.

When a coalition of over 80 countries combines their efforts on destroying just one of the small countries in the world, that country could withhold the attacks until a certain point where its allies it credited in the past should come in, not to shore up its main enemy..!

NATO member state and main sponsor of terrorists Turkey in the north is barking loud about a new incursion into Syrian territories to eradicate the US-allied Kurdish forces that took over Afrin (Effrin) town in the northwest of Syria. Syria has officially warned the Turkish radical leadership from any further stupidity threatening to shoot down any Turkish fighter jet violating the Syrian airspace.

The Syrian authorities are not siding by the separatist Kurds who are seeking to establish enclaves away from the central government’s control in Damascus with the help of the United States of Mass Mayhem wherever they go. Syria is simply protecting its sovereignty with the available means while fighting anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide terrorists on tens of other continuous fronts all over the country.

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