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Meng Battle a Big Loss for the Axis of Resistance

Meng Airport Map

Meng Military airport, also spelled as Menagh, was lost by the SAA to al Nusra Front, a branch of Al-Qaeda operating in Syria to establish a phony caliphate that would serve under NATO instead of serving Muslims.

The loss of the airport is a major loss for the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian people, but would only increase the fight to very higher levels.

Meng Airport Map
Meng Airport Map – North of Aleppo

Meng airport officially recognized as a ‘Military Flight Training School’ is located to north of the city of Aleppo and very close to the Turkish borders. It is surrounded by a number of towns and was serving as a training base for SAF, the Syrian Air Force pilots until the ‘War of Terror’ was launched against Syria and the SAA started using the base to deliver food, medicine and essentials to tens of thousands of civilians entrapped in towns all over Aleppo countryside especially the 60,000 in Nubbol & Zahraa.

For about 2 years the Meng air base soldiers fought ‘unwinnable’ number of battles and they won each one of them at very high expenses from their personnel including the martyrdom of the commander of the base Brigadier Ali Salim Mahmoud, from their weapons and from their munition, earning them the title: the ‘Legendary Warriors of Meng’. 

Legendary Warriors of Meng
A group of the Legendary Warriors of Meng Airport

The Legendary Warrior of Meng Airport spent over 2 years without leave, didn’t see their families that long, didn’t leave the base, vowed to fight till the end. They didn’t lose the battle of Meng, they won their places in the heart of every Syrian and in the brightest pages of Syria’s history. We bow before them and would never be able to pay tribute to the ones fallen and the ones who fought but will always remember them and their heroic fight they put.

The Muslim Brotherhood government ruling in Turkey sold itself and their country’s interests in exchange of a promise to revive the infamous Ottoman Empire and appoint the embattled prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as the false Caliph of the Muslims, while in fact he will be just counted as one of the soldiers of the anti-Christ.

Without the full involvement of NATO member state Turkey’s army and intelligence in the battle, Meng airport would never be lost to the FSA ‘freedom fighters’ whom hoisted their original flag on the monitor tower in the airport, the black flag of Al-Qaeda. Turkey’s role was instrumental in providing logistics, intelligence, munition and even armored vehicles, one of which, at least, was booby trapped and detonated by its driver, a Saudi ‘Free from Syrians Army’ suicide member, at the entrance of the airport paving the way of herds of thousands of Wahhabi suicide fighters ready to waste their lives killing other Muslims and not thinking of firing a single bullet against Israel to liberate Al-Aqsa mosque and the holy lands in Occupied Palestine. A fact by itself should prove by no doubt the relation between death squads and the Israeli terror tool known as Mossad.

Under the severe attack by Al-Qaeda jihadists smuggled from Turkey under the wing of the dark, the SAA soldiers guarding the airport had no other choice but to withdraw.

Meng airport is lost, that’s a fact, but it’s not lost due to less courage of the SAA or the Syrian people, it was lost due to meager assistance provided by Syria’s allies and namely Russia’s Putin and the Beardocrats in Iran, while the enemies of humanity in the NATO and stooges alliance poured billions of dollars in cash, tens of thousands of suicide fighters, UN envoy Lakhdar Ibrahimi confessed in a statement in April there were 40,000 foreign terrorists he was able to confirm existence in Syria, and to betrayal of Syria everybody played.

Russia’s Putin never missed an opportunity since the first days of the Syrian crisis to criticize Syria’s Assad reiterating his disapproval of the conduct of Dr. Assad whom he described as ‘no angel and committed a lot of mistakes leading to the riots in the country, and trying to play as an arbitrator between the Syrian government and terrorists asking the Syrian state to deal with the terrorists as partners in ruling the country and not as foreign backed terrorists and mercenaries, while Mr. Putin, known in some forums as ‘GasPutin’, forgot how he himself handled the Russian opposition to his autocratic ruling describing them as ‘agents’ and ‘traitors receiving money from foreign countries to destabilize Russia’, something that applies more in public to the mercenaries fighting the Syrian state than to the Russian opposition. Mr. Putin imposed new laws on NGOs in his country and asks Dr. Assad to cooperate with similar NGOs in Syria using extreme pressure on the Syrian leadership to accept the Arab League monitors mission then Kofi Annan’s peace plan and General Mood’s observers mission’, each of which resulted in terrorists fortifying their positions in areas they infested in Baba Amro and elsewhere, and prolonging the crisis there.

GasPutin – image credit

Maybe Mr. Putin forgot how he destroyed a whole country, Georgia, back in the summer of 2008, to ‘protect parts of his own country’, when he sensed danger of losing those parts, while in Syria it is not sensing but going through much uglier version of such dangers. Mr. Putin also fights what he calls ‘terrorists’ in Chechnya his country occupies, while asks the Syrian state to negotiate a settlement with the Muslim Brotherhood, or in other words the ‘Armed Opposition’ in Syria! 

Russian owned RT news channel which got exclusive access to the crisis in Syria played the game against Syria in the same method the western corporate media plays when ’embedded’ with US troops when killing civilians claiming they’re fighting terror.

Isn’t it worth noting that Mr. Putin paid visits to neighboring country to Syria, some of them involved directly and overtly in the crisis while not a single Russian diplomat visited Syria since 2011’s visit of Lavrov and the Russian intelligence chief? Mr. Putin, can you please tell us where are the S300 PMU you vowed to deliver to Syria which paid for in 2009?

While it might be understood that Mr. GasPutin of Russia is trying to secure his country’s investments in Israel and elsewhere in the oil and gas industry, BP and Shell deals with Gazprom could help shed a light here, Russia’s running of Israel’s oil and gas fields, and the more than 1 million Russian Jews living in Israel, all of that might give Mr. Putin some argument in defending his approach to Syria, but he definitely fails to see the bigger threat coming to him through the radicals hired by the same people he keeps inking deals with.

While that is understood for Russians, the behavior of the ‘Beardocrats’ in Iran is quite amazing. Iranian Mullahs seem to forget how they quashed their opponents in the spring of 2009, those who didn’t carry out suicide bombings in Iran and didn’t endanger the country the way the Muslim Brotherhood radicals are doing to Syria, yet the ‘beardocrats’ in Iran keep on courting the Muslim Brotherhood governments everywhere in the region. Their failure to see that MBs consider the Shiites as their main enemy and not the Zionists in Israel, makes one wonder if Iranians known for their intelligence fail to see such existential threat, or they just are afraid of a confrontation waiting for it to be imposed on them instead of taking an initiative and using whatever influence they still have to stop it at its cradle before it materialize.

Iranian Beardocracy
Iranian Beardocracy

The first non-NATO member or NATO stooge country to cheer for NATO’s invasion of Libya was Iran, and Iranian officials tried to woo the militia radicals who took control of devastated Libya even after knowing the role the radical militias play in arming the terrorists in Syria with men, weapons and munition. Islamic awakening will not come by the force of NATO, that’s something the Iranians seem to fail to understand.

Even after the super public uprising by the 33 million Egyptians who took to the streets to oust the lunatic Muslim Brotherhood Morsy and his clan, the ‘Beardocrats’ in Iran not only criticized the Egyptian military action, they supported the ousted pharaoh severing their ties in the region and leading to further alienating of them among the regular Muslims who are not aligned to Islamist parties.

Realizing that Turkey’s Muslim brotherhood government is responsible for the most of the aggression on Syria, the Iranian Mullahs played it naively and thought of influencing the New Ottomans by increasing the level of investments in the Turkish economy and securing the flow of Iranian gas and oil through Turkey, while Turkish intelligence were behind the kidnapping of 48 Iranian pilgrims near Damascus airport road, and the threat Turkey’s NATO Patriot shield poses against Iran’s national security itself..! Not to mention the sponsoring of the Wahhabi movement by the New Ottomans and the deep relations between Turkish MBs and Israel.

Yet, the Iranians keep offering help to bring the Syrian state and the mercenary Wahhabi Cannibal Sex Jihadists fighting in Syria to a political settlement that would see them reaching power in the country.

Iranians seem to forget that Syria severed its relations with the entire Arab world during the 8 years war when decided to support Iran against Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. Beardocratic Iran is paying back Syria with words only while maintaining its best ties to the west.

Hizbullah’s involvement in the Syrian crisis though very late, it didn’t help neither Syria nor Hizb itself. Initially, the Hizb wanted the Syrian leadership to repeat the same mistake Hizb’s leadership committed in forgiving the agents of the enemy and consider them as ‘partners in the nation’, failing to convince the Syrian leadership, Hizbullah’s secretary general Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah went public in criticizing the Syrian state for not ‘listening to their advise’! Hizb in Lebanon suffers from the same ‘partners in nation’ more than what they suffer from the Zionist enemy at the southern borders. After 2 years of living in denial, the Hizb decides to assist in fighting terrorists who vowed from the beginning to destroy Hizb itself after Syria, and get involved directly in the fighting in Qussayr with small numbers, falling in the trap planned for them by their enemies and failing to describe to the public that 24 months before their involvement in Qussayr, fighters from all sides of the planet were fighting the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian people. Thus their only political involvement at the beginning and their only military involvement in Qussayr hurt Syria more than it ever helped.

Other countries, BRICS, ALBA, Shanghai Cooperation Council, and all others not under NATO’s hegemony, not assisting Syria the way they should have in the battle against international evil, saw that same evil visiting their countries itself. Brazil is just one example.

Meng didn’t fall by Syrian incompetent. Syrians showed extreme courage and wisdom in fighting the terror imposed against them, it’s the lack of support Syria got from who is supposed to be her allies.

It’s from the abundant flow of billions of dollars the Al Saud were saving all those years to spend in killing Syrians, and the enormous cash flow from the gas station called Qatar.

It’s from the direct and rude involvement of NATO member state Turkey in the events to the extent of replenishing the munition the herds of thousands of terrorists they smuggled into Syria after training them on Turkey’s land, treating their wounded, and offering safe refuge to their political heads.

It’s from the bloodthirsty Zionist leaders of western nations like those controlling the policies of USA, UK, France and others bluntly and rudely supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria while they invaded and destroyed Afghanistan chasing it, occupied Mali fighting it and hired Al-Qaeda to sow destruction in all Muslim countries. It has other names when not in an Islamic country, Contras for instance. They claim to help the displace 4 million Syrians, they and their mercenaries only caused their suffering, by punishing the other 19 million Syrians inside Syria, that’s ‘democracy’ western style.

Rand Paul on Syria
Rand Paul on Syria

Sad to say that many Syrians play into the enemies hands as well in destroying their own country. Late Islamic scholar Ghazali said: ‘It’s not necessary to be an agent of the enemy to help them, it’s enough to be a fool’. Syrian media and many pro Syrian state activists, sadly again, played that role. The first step in resolving any problem is to identify there is a problem in the first place, else one would remain in denial thinking they’re winning while their enemies are the ones winning ground. Next step is to identify the failures to amend them and learn from the mistakes committed then applying the proper solution. Syria’s crisis is mostly a media one, and those working in that field have failed Syria, and as an example many pro-Syrian state blogs and social media pages serve against Syria’s interests in that line. One of which insists till this date that Meng airport didn’t fall based on a story by their ‘Mazen’ reporter and ‘Wael’, 2 pseudonyms invented by a known blog author to give an impression of credibility and who give him information from the ‘reliable’ sources they have ‘exclusive’ access to, it doesn’t matter he uses an eloquent English, the harm he and his alike does is dramatic. Such people are more harm than good to any cause especially the defending of their country.

Otherwise Meng would never fall in the hands of Al-Qaeda mercenaries raising their flag on its tower after they were sold to the world as being ‘freedom fighters’ from the ‘FSA’.

Had Dr. Assad not listened to the ‘advises’ of Syria’s supposed to be closest allies fighting in the same front the same enemies of humanity, and instead he showed his teeth from some anger in fighting the terrorists, the crisis wouldn’t have lasted thus far. Had he declared ‘War on Terror’ and its sponsors 18 months ago, most of the terror Syrians witnessed wouldn’t have happened. But finally, Dr. Assad has declared the outcome of the crisis would be based on the battlefield and finally declared the war on terror after finally naming the real enemies of Syria, the Wahhabis, the Meng battle lost to Al-Qaeda is the turning point in the north of Syria,  just like how Al-Qussayr was the turning point for the battle in the center of Syria.

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  1. miri

    Thank you, Arabi Souri.

    This is perhaps your most objective and intense analysis, to date. Thank you for having the stamina to expose Gasputin’s wanting that seat at the western table. I so hope you are correct about Dr Assadeleh finally taking off the kid gloves.

  2. anonymous

    Thanks for the good article. As a regular reader, I perceive you wrote this article while you’re angry. As a Syrian, I know you’re deeply hurt by what’s going on.

  3. Oktavijan

    don’t blame president Putin, he saved Syria. Without Russia, Syria would end like Libya. What do you want from him to do? Do you think it is easy? You should be grateful!!!

  4. Noor

    Jewish hatred towards gentiles always reveals them in the end!

    Thank you author for finally revealing yourself as what most of us suspected all along, a not-so-cleaver-disguised Zionist, probably a squatter from the Zionazi abomination. Mengh is not 100% lost (since NATO & Mossad desperately wants it to ship in reinforcements) and a real Syrian would never write such drivel in the first place..

  5. aliraza

    Dear, I think you wrote article by heart only not by mind, this airport will be regain it is possible. Inshalla….
    This War Against Terrorists may be long on decade but Syria will won at the end…. Despite the all money but US and its friend will be the loser ……

  6. Canthama

    Aliraza, I am with your opinion, this is not a major strategic loss at all, unfortunately SAA lost good and brave soldiers there, but not in hardware. This airport can be bombed and runways will be as good as moon’s geography.
    I also agree with you on the fate of this bloody war, it will take time but SAA will prevail.
    I do not agree with the writer of this article in blaming the loss of this small training airport to Russia and other Syrian allies. I believe Syria allies are indeed helping Syria with soldiers, weapons, food and medicine, it could be more..maybe..and it may indeed be more in the near future. The tide of support is not pretty balanced in the UN, from most of the countries in the world voting against the Syrian Government in the early stages of this war to about 40-50% now, the support to Syria will increase with time since it now clear to all the double standard and terrorists play from the US, UK, France, Turkey, KSA and Qatar.
    Have to say Russia is the leading country helping Syria in the global arena, while China plays in the backstage in the UN, both are instrumental in the strategy to keep the current Government standing.
    I would not make this small victory from the terrorists bigger than it is, this won’t help the cause. We need to keep bringing more people to the streets worldwide to support the Government, and show them this is the wright side and that they/we should so whatever it takes to raise the global awareness against the terrorists brutality and fake opposition.
    I have the trust and faith SAA will get the job done, it will take time but it will be done, and the Syrian friends and allies will be together in the end to celebrate this victory. Go SAA!!!

  7. Haydar

    once you read this article you would think almost Russia and Iran only cause of this mess. Before those two countries i can count 10 other should be counted for this war. By the way, Syrian force soldiers (70 soldiers and 5 tanks) went to surrendered Kurdish force in North! So no lost for the Axis of resistance

  8. Aleksandar

    The fundamental question is : How is it possible that the main headquarter of the SSA did not find solution for surrounded soldiers on Meng airport for more than 12 months.
    The first option is to withdraw troops using helicopters or terrain breakthrough if it is possible.
    The secound option is to strengthen defense and troops ( by air assaults, landing, paratroopers).
    The worst option is to leave troops (heros) surrounded without any hope for so long time.

  9. anonymous

    Arab Souri your article is really disheartening. Syria alone without the allies, Iran and Russia couldn’t survive the enemy’s onslaught. I agree strategic mistakes might have been committed on Mengh but we must be realistic. How can SAA fight in every village at the same time? Not easy. I’m praying for Syrian people DAILY. God bless SAA, SYRIA AND ASSAD.

  10. AH

    Notwithstanding this unjust and desperate war that Syria was dragged into, there have been many mistakes by Syria itself, prior to the conflict and going back many years. I am not talking about Homs and the defeat of the Muslim Brotherhood uprising there in the early 80ies, or Hafeez Al-Assad’s stubborn stance on many occasions when the world tried to “communicate” closer with Syria.
    Syria should have tried do resolve the Golan more proactively. Negotiations were very close to a resolution already. The EU was basically even prepared and willing to pay Israel reparations for the built infrastructure on the Golan slopes, 5 Billion Euro. Well, Israel was willing to negotiate the 1921 French/British border, Syria did not move away from the 1967 border. Israel did not want to allow access to the lake or Jordan river, Syria wanted it. Water issues could have been resolved just as it is the case with the agreements between Lebanon and Israel over the little streams which cross the border there. The public does not even realize that such agreements, monitored by international mediators, exist.
    A resolution of the Golan would have been a success for young Assad, followed by a peace deal with Isreal.
    The Syrian support for the Palestinian cause is another issue…
    Syria never granted the refugees any favorable status, least citizenship. They were constantly being controlled and spied upon by the intelligence services, had no possibillity to officially work, even though many of them had been born and educated in Syria. Jordan would not give them citizenship either without prove of residence in Palestinian territories in Jordan prior to the Isreali occupation.
    Yes, they have been used by Syria as a convenient tool for arguments, not say propaganda. Their realiy in Syria was just as desperate as in the Westbank, or even worse.
    Well, now they support Assad. Not because they love him so much but, because Al Quaeda, Nusra Front, Jordan, Israel or Egypt are just as bad or worse of an option than being under Assad’s “protection”. Now they are hastily granted favors by Syria, because Syria needs them desparately. Suddenly they are more than just a figure on the chess board table.
    Well, said that, Syria may have also better thought about the many radical organizations on its grounds which, in the end, only became a political burden, rather than a political trump card.
    Syria has partially been its own enemy in terms of political development and international politics. It does not mean giving up what you stand for but, it means seeing reality and acting proactively.
    Syria has weakened itself by not trying enough to solve those problems as well as internal corruption. As a stronger nation Syria would not have been so vulnerable to the onslaught which happens now.
    Syria has lost on lost opportunities and the results are devastating for all Syrians.

  11. Kelly

    It seems you are an israel suporter, remember syria will overcome this madeness. If you are a peace loving person you should understand that syria has every right to suport any country it so wish to suport.

      • Canthama

        Well, you may be right but Russia still is the only superpower that is willing to help Syria, so I have to bet on them, at the end, though this is a bloody sad war for the Syrians, it is a chess board game for the larger world powers. We need more countries to advocate for Syria around the world, publicly and in the UN.

  12. Arklight

    Well, I’m part American Indian; we got overrun because the various tribes spent all of their energy fighting each other instead of forming a co-operative coalition to fight the common enemy, which was the white guys coming ashore from Europe. Nothing new – – there have always been different minorities, or factions, groups, sects, denomination – – whatever who are so busy with their own little rice bowl that somebody else, from outside, comes in and steals everything on the table; after that, the survivors of the original population spend all of their energy screaming and yelling at all of the other groups, claiming that it was everybody else’s fault. Grow up.

  13. Hassani

    Apesar de morar muito distante da Síria,eu amo este país e o seu povo,é muito triste esta agressão contra uma nação que vivia em paz,mas os seus inimigos estavam de olho para atacá-lo.Acho que o Dr. B.Assad demorou acreditar que havia um diabólico plano para derrubá-lo do poder e apoderaram do território Sírio.Aquelas visitas do ex-secretário da ONO,na verdade era um grande pretexto pra os insurgentes ganharem tempo e se armarem,infelizmente, o governo Sírio demorou muito em descobrir esta trama.Contudo,ainda tenho esperanças que os Sírios revertam esta situação,talvez necessitem de bons assessores militares,gente fiel e confiável,mas sobretudo, muitas orações,apelar pra Deus todos poderoso,porque há uma injustiça muito grande contra a nação e o povo sírio e isso está clamando ao mundo.Que Deus abençoe o exército sírio a nação e o seu povo.

    • Canthama

      Hassani, segue a tardução do seu texto em Inglês. Follows Hassani translation to English.

      Despite living far from Syria, I love this country and its people, it is very sad that the aggression against a nation that lived in peace, while their enemies were watching to attack it. I believe Dr. B.Assad trusted that there was a diabolical plot to oust him from power and seized the Syria. Those visits from the former UN Secretary was an excuse for the insurgents to gain time to arm themselves and, unfortunately, the Syrian government was alow to react. I still have hope that the Syrians will reverse this situation, perhaps requiring good military advisers, faithful and trustworthy people, but above all, many prayers, appealing to God all powerful, because there is a great injustice against the nation and the Syrian people that are crying out to the world. May God bless the Syrian army a nation and its people.

      Hassani , temos que nos mobilizar no Brasil para ajudar o povo Sírio contra essa situação desesperadora. Sou Brasileiro de São Paulo, que admira a cultura Síria com energia de ajudar. Os Sirios milhões de Sírios e descendentes no Brasil estão neutros devido parte estar apoiando Assad e parte contra, de qualquer forma eu confio que todos são contra ao terrorismo e a brutalidade por lá, é hora de todos se juntarem para precisonar o Governo Brasileiro a favor do Governo Sírio.

      Hassani, we have to mobilize in Brazil to help the Syrian people against this stupid situation, I am a Brazilian, from São Paulo, that loves the Syrian culture, and with energy to help out. The milions of Syrians and descendents living in Brazil are neutral devided by Pro and anti Assad, I bet though that all of them are against the brutality and the terrorism that is happening there, we need all Syrians in Brazil to unite against this aggression while influecing the Brazilian government to side in favor of the Syrian Government.

  14. Hassani

    Obg,Canthama,não fiz o texto em inglês pq não tenho um inglês muito claro.Infelizmente,o gov.brasileiro é dominado pela mídia que faz o jogo do ocidente,mas nada impede que façamos a nossa parte trazendo a verdade à tona pq nota-se que há um plano diabólico e de mentiras contra a o governo Sírio e a intenção é simplesmente derrubá-lo,Espero que o gov.sýrio seja mais vigilante com suas fronteiras,não confiar em curdos,e procurar um meio de evitar as infiltrações de terroristas.Por outro lado, o gov.Sírio precisa de um sistema de defesa áreo, o mais rápido possível,tipo escudos patriot,Sem este sistema,é muito difícil sustentar uma agressão de outra nação avassaladora.Fico muito feliz em saber que há outros brasileiros torcendo pelo êxito do exército sírio.

  15. Ali Ghataah

    The loss of Meng Airport might seem like a step back wards but for a strategist it looks like an opportunity. Even though the SAA did not loose it willingly but in the long run this will pay off.

    • Arklight

      Hi, Ali. There is a huge unanswered question here; the defenders could only be successfully evacuated if the SAA had broken the siege lines in a broad enough area that the enemy could not bring either direct, or indirect, fire to bear but, instead of developing the breach SAA just left. Why? There are no reports of either SAF, or SAA artillery cratering the runways – – why? There is something going on here that does not pass the smell test.


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