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Germany: Terrorists in Syria pose a Threat for the Homeland

al Qaeda - Sponsord by the CIA

Saudi Arabia arrested terror suspects while supporting jihadists fighting in Syria.

While the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia has arrested two men on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks in the kingdom, the domestic intelligence agency of Germany has warned about the increasing number of militant Germans who are fighting alongside the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists against the secular government and President Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

A new statement by the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BFV), issued on Wednesday, says that the return of these German fighters from Syria to Germany is a threat for the security of the homeland and this is certainly true.

The same applies for the United States, France, Italy, and Sweden but also Britain as well as several other countries from where jihadists or radical persons already have travelled to Syria in order to fight in the ranks of the Syrian al-Qaeda offshoot (e.g. Jabhat al-Nusra / al-Nusra Front) or alongside the foreign-backed criminals and terrorists of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) against the Syrian Arab army (SAA) and the government in the capital, Damascus.

And the number of these foreign fighters in the ranks of the armed jihadist groups and terrorist groups in Syria, e.g. committing such crimes as the recent massacres in Khan al-Assal against over 120 Syrians or in northern Syria against over 450 Syrian Kurds, including 120 children, is high and according to a statement from yesterday, this number of foreign fighters on Syrian soil is even still increasing.

In the new statement issued by Hans-Georg Maassen, the president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BFV), the president of this Federal Office in Germany has expressed concern over the return of those terrorists in the ranks of the Islamists and terrorists in Syria to Germany.

According to this new statement, there is concrete evidence that some of the German terrorists and jihadists, who are currently fighting in Syria against the secular Arab nation as human resources for foreign powers, will also plan terrorist attacks on German soil after coming back from Syria.

Of course, this is no big surprise but it is to mention that if you support jihadists and terrorists abroad, as the German government did and does in Syria, one should not be surprised if those armed Islamists also pose a threat for the homeland. This was a logical fact from the beginning. Further, even several higher security advisors from Britain have already warned that those foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists fighting in Syria against the secular government and President Bashar al-Assad would not hesitate to use their weapons also against European states or against the United States if they get the chance to do so.

However, this still does not prevent the ongoing support by several Western states for the armed terrorist groups in Syria, while the totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia still supports parts of the Syrian al-Qaeda offshoot.

The German domestic intelligence service also stated in this new statement about the threats of these German jihadists and terrorists fighting in Syria that the inflow of these religious fanatics and fighters to Syria from Germany is to be stopped. After two years, the German government seems to fear those German jihadists finally so much that they stop to overlook the fact that many German jihadists travel to Syria in order to fight against the Syrian government and President al-Assad as human resources for foreign powers, although they are religious misguided, radicals, poor educated or just pose a huge level of readiness for violence so that they either love to kill people or do not understand that they are just fighting for Israel and Washington.

The majority of these jihadists from foreign countries and Arab jailhouses from all over the Arab world are not able to use a kind of logical thinking, and thus, they still think there would be a jihad in its correct sense on Syrian soil against the infidels of the Syrian government and the President al-Assad.

However, these foreign and Arab jihadists have already killed many Muslims in Syria and this not only in the mentioned two horrible massacres from recent days. When a so-called jihad leads to the situation that many Muslims are killed by other so-called Muslims, there must be something wrong with it. However, as stated, the majority is religious misguided, indoctrinated or just poorly educated. They confirm by their sole existence several prejudices of the West and they truly do pose a threat for every country.

Officials from Germany had already voiced their concerns about the German terrorists and jihadists fighting in Syria but that did not prevent the ongoing support by the German government for the attempt of the armed overthrow of the Syrian government in Damascus and the proxy war in Syria.

Of course, Germany has to do what the United States and the Israeli regime wants them to do. This situation has not yet changed since the 1950s and they even do it when it is counterproductive for the homeland or the German citizens. In April, German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich has already confirmed that some German-born gunmen had teamed up with the jihadists and terrorists inside Syria, although “some” is an understatement – more and more German militants travel to Syria in order to join the ranks of the armed jihadist and terrorist groups fighting in the Arab nation against the secular state.


German security officials have recently voiced a lot of concern over the experience the German religious fanatics have gained in Syria and the contacts they have made there in the ranks of the armed jihadist and terrorist groups. As stated, if one supports terrorism abroad then he should not be surprised if the terrorism comes to the homeland – one day. The same applies for the support by the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Croatia and other countries for these religious fanatics, Islamists, and terrorists fighting in Syria.

The governments of these countries should not be surprised when the previously supported jihadists and terrorists will come back to their homelands and plan terrorist attacks there and pose a huge threat for the security between their borders. This is no assumption, it is a fact. Thus, these Western governments have acted counterproductive for the security and safety of their citizens in recent years. And this wilfully in order to implement their plan of the new Middle East and to violent overthrow a secular government and President in the Arab world.

Meanwhile, the totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia still supports the armed jihadist groups in Syria fighting against the secular Syrian government and President al-Assad in the capital Damascus, but does not love the situation when they have terrorists on their own soil. According to the Saudi Press Agency, the Saudi security forces have arrested one guy from Yemen and one Chadian under the suspect of planning terrorist acts against the totalitarian dictatorship.

Both alleged terrorists were already arrested in late July because both have acted so dumb that they shared information about potential terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia on social media sites.

As stated in terms of the armed jihadists and Islamists fighting in Syria, their majority is less educated or they lack the ability of the logic thinking. That`s why they are following calls for jihad or are easy to be influenced and to be indoctrinated by dangerous Sheiks and other religious fanatics with (sadly) more brain.

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