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Deep State Revs up Criminal Lies against Syria


Deep State, horrified at the successes of the Syrian Arab Republic and its allies, is again trying to breathe life into old, dead, scripts of war criminal propaganda.  Though faux independent media whines about the use of this terminology, Deep State is an efficient name for the “military-industrial-complex that President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about in his January 1961 Farewell Address to the nation.  Deep State is the conspiracy of politician-traitors, intelligence services’ colonialism, lying media, war-pimping NGOs, mercenary gangs, and international corporations. Deep state is fascism, described by dictator Benito Mussolini as the merger of state and corporation. The world got a sensuous view of deep state under the co-presidency of Bush/Cheneyac, fused to Cheney’s Halliburton corporation.  There was a hermetic seal of the view, though, during the Obama reign, whose 8 years found the anti-war left in Rip Van Winkle type coma-sleep.

This behind the curtains clan is currently focused on a triad of tried-and-found-successful propaganda scripts: Chemical weapons, sexual violence against Syrian women, and demoralization.


The cynical motif of sexual violence against women — in targeted countries — has always been a ‘winner.’  By looking there, western countries can avoid looking at their own horrific statistics on rape.  It is such a terrific exit tactic that few notice the anomalous headlines, such as the one recently run by the UK’s Independent.  Note that there are no prisons in Syria, but rather Assad‘s prisons (Syria is that Orwellian Utopia where there are no criminals, but multiple jails — all “Assad”‘s — filled with uncriminals).  Note that these ‘reports’ are uncorroborated and that this story makes no mention that military service in Syria is mandatory for men, and that Syria’s soldiers are sons, brothers, and fathers; such an addition might cause the reading audience to wonder about the validity of these verbal horror stories.


The Middle East Eye‘s headline was even more bathetically objectionable, orchestrating the rape scene under a photograph of Syria’s president.  The MEE is the illicit offspring of the union of Britain’s The Geryon and Qatar’s al Khanzeera, written for those who care deeply.

The woman whose photo is prominently featured in the MEE and Independent stories was screengrabbed asking that her photo be removed.  In her comment — since deleted — she stated she was not raped. Other photos have emerged with the same woman and her family.  At this writing, only HuffPo Arabic has removed her photo — along with her request to do so.

Omitted from the recycled, misanthropic ‘report,’ also, is the ugly scam promoted by former UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who brayed that Gaddafi — personally, despite not being a physician — prescribed Viagra to Libyan soldiers, fighting western-funded al Qaeda.  This psychotic fabrication was massively shared by Deep State media.  Strangely, though Rice’s lies are still scattered throughout the internet, NBC‘s  site has removed the text to US intelligence sources statement which refuted Rice’s perverse, sadoerotic, brayings.

Why is the text no longer available?
Why is the text no longer available?

Instead of being swept away by the deep state’s resurgence of rape war porn, the reader might wonder why Hayat was so malignantly ignored.  After Aleppo was purged of FSA and its derivative terrorist gangs, reunified by the SAA in December, this woman reported on the western-funded and armed terrorist gangs having committed kidnappings, torture, rape, beheadings, and organ theft.  When she removes her glove, she shows her now deformed hand, fingers broken, and scarred.

Deep state ignored all of Ambassador al Ja’afari’s reports on rape of Syrian women.

In August 2013, when FSA invaded several villages in Latakia countryside, slaughtered most of the men, and kidnapped women and children, there was perverse silence throughout the deep state.  There was no concern for these Syrian women and their children, held captive by al Khanzeera et al., no condemnation of the smarmy report of these imprisoned women voicing their gratitude to the terrorists.

[YouTube prefers that “Big Lie” over the truth, and censored the Arabi Souri channel. al Khanzeera interview of kidnapped Syrian women found on bitchute: ]

There was also not a murmur, in February, when 58 of these women and their kids were finally freed, in exchange for incarcerated terrorists.

Similarly, the honest read might also wonder why al Watan‘s statistics of sexual violence against Syrian women, in 2013, did not merit the attention of war-pimping media:

  • Thirty-seven thousand (37,000) rapes have been committed.
  • One thousand (1,000) women have been kidnapped.

Consider, also, the smarmy reporting of the slaughter in al Rashidin, on 15 April.  Most of the approximately  130 victims of the massacre were women and their children, who had been held hostage by terrorists in Fouaa and Kafraya — again, exchanged for terrorists, terrorists who had safe bus rides to Idlib.  Especially fetid, was the BBC  ‘reporting’ of the slaughter.


Since the murderous  GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun, on 4 April, deep state has continued to ooze stories alleging — and reinforcing — the criminal lies that the Syrian Arab Republic continues to magically be engaged in deploying CWs against the Syrian Arab Republic.  The Khan Sheikhoun con came via the British illegal embedded with al Nusra in Syria, courtesy of CNN, terrorists most trusted name in news.  None in the deep state media noticed that Trump followed “fake news” to bomb Syrian soldiers, nor did anyone marvel at how the White Helmets miraculously survived the deadly GB, despite their only protection being useless surgical masks.

In December the Syrian Arab Army discovered CWs in massive weapons depots in Aleppo, left behind by the terrorists. This is the proper protection against bio-chemical hazards

In mid-May, the OPCW announced it had ‘proof’ that GB had been used in Khan Sheikhoun.  This ‘proof’ included the admission that its investigators had not entered Idlib (too dangerous with all those terrorists running around), that there was no chain of custody of faux evidence, but that the terrorists could be trusted to give accurate verbal reports, and that the eye of newt and toe of frog passed from unknown takfiri in Idlib, to unknown takfiri in Erdoganstan in an unknown lab, contained ‘evidence’ of something GB-ishy.

Regarding the weaponization of various chemicals, these chemicals either exist, or they do not exist.  There are three types of CWs — Nerve Agents, Blistering Agents, and Choking Agents.  Each in its type is unique.  

Note that among the Nerve Agents there is no chemical compound nor suggestion of covalent bond for “GB-like.”


The website of the Federation of American Scientists is written for the layperson. Use its search engine and see OPCW lied.

In early July, terrorists in Ain Tarma attempted to claim a non-fatal weapons-grade chlorine attack.  As faux evidence, they uploaded a 40 second video of fake emergency care in which — again — no stethoscopes were seen.

white helmets
No stethoscope. No emergency health care.

In early July, Sputnik’s report that another GB scam was being planned in Khan Sheikhoun and Kafraya thwarted the plan — at least postponing it until the news was forgotten (this would explain why the Dr. Mengele and assorted mad scientists did not appear at the podium during SAMS weekend festival —  in Turkey, of course — as they were likely deployed to oversee a live weapons of mass destruction attack).

Sputnik 2 July



No, this inbred, Captagon-fueled beast with two legs is not capable of overseeing deployment of WMDs.

On 21 August, the U.S. Mission to the U.N. — that “…place to demolish peace and security…” — doubled-down on its deep state criminal lies against Syria, and chemical weapons.  The US war criminals brayed about the anniversary of al Ghouta, enhanced with the criminal lies from the British de-licensed physician once charged with “terrorism” in his native country.  In the impunity of the deep state, it is of no concern that the terrorists themselves admitted having used CWs (most likely HCN, contrary to popular mythology).  These killers went so far as to rat out Saudi Bandar Bush, complaining the ‘prince’ should not have provided such weapons of mass destruction without having given tutorials on their use.

US deep state lies.

On 21 August, deep state media sources attempted a two-for-one propaganda attack, tying the DPRK and Syria together in an anonymous report from anonymous (“read ‘fake”’) sources, offering absolutely no evidence.


Though SyriaNews has previously given an extensive history of weapons of mass destruction threats and deployments against the Syrian Arab Republic, in an effort to protect humanity from ongoing lies, and a potential new, genocidal plot afoot, we bullet a list of CW threats and use in Syria.  We also add a dissection of original criminal propaganda lies from France’s Le Merde and UK’s The Geryon (and we remind our readers that France, UK, and the US are world leaders in genocide, and that none of these mass-murdering states has ever had one of its politicians indicted for war crimes).

  • 5 December 2012:  Terrorists in Turkey uploaded demo threat to Syria.  Using VX, two rabbits were killed, and every Syrian patriot was threatened with its deployment. H.E. al Ja’afari requested that the UN investigate. His request was, of course, ignored.
  • 21 December 2012:  Terrorists in Turkey uploaded another demo threat to Syria, reporting that they had developed a poison that could be dumped into Alsinn, the main water source for Latakia, and could also be spread via missiles and mortars fired into Syria.  In this video, only one rabbit was killed.  The Islam-hating wahhabi takfiri sadistically named this poison “Sunnah2,” which appears to have been used by White Helmets against kidnapped Syrians, for their heinous Khan Sheikhoun snuff videos.  Dr. al Ja’afari again requested a UN investigation, which was — of course — also ignored.
  • 19 March 2013:  Terrorists used the primitive chlorine, weapons grade, to  slaughter upwards of 25 Syrians in Khan al Asal.  The death toll included 18 soldiers of the SAA.  This time, the UN sort of agreed to an investigation, which was then immediately sabotaged by France and the UK.  Deep state media kept their lips zipped.
  • 23 April 2013:  Israel declared GB use by Syria against Syria, in Khan al Asal, and deep state media collectively stricken with organic brain syndrome.  NYT’s David Sanger — after writing as though paid per word — immediately after hitting the ‘publish’ button, went crying to CNN’s Amanwour, in an interview,  that Brun did not offer any evidence of GB use.
Israel’s deep state contribution: Creating the GB hoax.
  • 25-26 May 2013:  Four neighborhoods of Damascus were fired upon with missiles that may have contained P4 (yes, deep state has a sadistic affinity for numbers), as per descriptions.  Fortunately, the terrorists attempts to upgrade resulted in no lasting injuries, just overflowing emergency rooms. It is likely that the unsuccessful plot was planned to increase anti-illegal immigrant McCain’s “hero’s welcome,” upon returning from his illegal entry into the SAR, to meet with kidnappers and other members of alQaeda.  Such a successful atrocity would have added to the bathos of the subsequent Le Merde and The Geryon extensive reports on GB that did not exist.
  • 21 August 2013:  Western- and Gulfies – backed terrorists commit a massacre in al Ghouta, and the world blamed Syria.
  • 24 April 2014:  Terrorists upload videos of themselves walking through more than 50 corpses of Syrian Arab Army soldiers, in Tel el Jabya.  All but one of the massacred soldiers showed the same signs of the decorticate, opisthotonus posturing seen in pre-mortem patients infected with Clostridium tetani.  There is a bioweapon made from this pathogen, but its death is not immediate.  That, with one exception, these soldiers — in varying stages of decomposition — all had the hyper-extended necks, and the carpo-pedal spasm posture of C. tetani is terrifying evidence that this bw has been genetically altered.  One dead soldier had been decapitated, suggesting he had a natural immunity.  Dr. Mengele was illegally in Syria at the time, tweeting away.
  • 23 December 2016:  Terrorists polluted humanity’s oldest water source, al Fijah Spring, with diesel fuel, in Souq Wada Barada village.  Deep state media offered a choice of anemic co-blame of this war crime that deprived 5.5 million Syrians of their water supply, or blamed Syria for it.  Deep state media was subsequently mute over the martyrdom of Retired General Ahmad al Ghadban, assassinated while engaged in the reconciliation process to free Syrian water.
  • 4 April 2017:  al Nusra occupying Idlib poison kidnapped Syrians (their own videos show evidence of ‘Sunnah2’), using their agonizing deaths as emotional war porn.

The above list is a useful memory enhancer and also a preface to SyrianGirl Partisan‘s video report of 27 August, which provides evidence of another potential, impending attack by the US and/or Israel attack against the SAR, which will of course spew more deep state criminal lies of chemical weapons propaganda.  SyrianGirl reminds her audience that US/France/UK force countries to give up their weapons of mass destruction before destroying them (or attempting to destroy them).

Note, especially, the screenshot shown, of Syrian children in a drama class being taught to act as corpses:

As though not enough rivers of Syrian blood, these FSA/White Helmets monsters promote the Cult of Death in children.

The depraved death cult terrorists against Syria ‘celebrated’ the Saudi-orchestrated al Ghouta attacks by stealing children’s favorite cartoon characters and giving them fake corpses.


No complaints from deep state media on this terrible form of child abuse.

Compare Syrian Girl’s above report to the following, from 30 April 2013.  This was one of Ambassador al Ja’afari’s longest stake outs at the UN.  He meticulously exposes the sabotage against Syria’s request for an investigation into Khan al Asal.  Deep state did not bother to issue a blurb on it.

On 31 August, Israel was quick to provide a cover story for another attack on Syria, offering a Breaking News! report that an IDF soldier on the occupied Syrian Golan had disappeared.


The above report did not explain how the Israeli soldier managed to ‘disappear,’ and the almost immediate follow-up report that his body was found, offered no details.

Though Israel is not officially a member of the NATO war criminal coalition, it has bombed Syria, on a regular basis, has been in the forefront in war propaganda against the SAR, used the Zionist Federation in the US to support the terrorists in suits  against Syria, provided free trauma care to wounded terrorists, both on the occupied Syrian Golan, and in Israeli hospitals.  Among Israel’s non-NATO coalition bombings:  May 2013, Israel coordinated the bombing of Damascus countryside, with the takfiri cameramen, so they could capture the Kodak moment; October 2015, Qalamoun; 11 November 2015, near Damascus Airport; 24 November 2015; 29 November 2015, Qalamoun; 19 December 2015, Jaramana neighborhood, Damascus.

Israeli media has bragged about giving state of the art medical care to ISIS, both on the occupied Syrian Golan and in Israeli hospitals.


Less than one month after Israel projectile-y vomited up the GB hoax — using not one bit of evidence — Le Merde ran an extensive fake news report by a Jean-Philippe Remy.

The GB hoax was launched in Israel; who then should dare note it was a hoax?

Published on 27 May 2013, deep state’s cher ami Jean-Philippe ran one of the most repugnant anti-Syria missives, since the beginning of the crisis.  The story begins with the euphemistic use of “clandestine” to describe the illegal entry of Frenchmen into Syria, to be embedded with the terrorists that France itself was arming.

‘Clandestine’ is the euphemism for “illegal..”


Hollande admits arming takfiri against Syria. Shh! Don’t tell.

Dramatic and expensive gas masks were show in the huge hoax, yet Remy never mentioned that GB is both pneumonic and transdermal.  The most expensive masks in the world will not protect the skin from GB entry.

The impunity of the GB hoax.

Remy was among the first of deep state reporters to utilize Edgar Allen Poe’s How to Write a Blackwood Article to so drown the reading audience in emotional pornography that they become blinded to science, to reality.  His description of the Hollywood screenplay required suspension of disbelief is beyond the ludicrous, in the impossibility of rushing the  ‘afflicted’ to emergency care before ‘suffocating’ to death:   “Long maze,” “across trenches,” “through tunnels,”  finding “improvised ambulance parked in a small, inconspicuous space,” “high speed chase” with bullets flying.

Really?  All of that just to arrive at fake hospitals and be saved from a neurotoxic chemical weapon that can be fatal within minutes?

The illegal Frenchman embedded with NATO and Gulfies armed terrorists in Syria also interviewed a fake doctor who claimed to have treated an afflicted terrorist “…with a heart beat that had ‘gone crazy,”’ and who was treated with “…15 successive injections of atropine…”.

Most cardiac dysrhythmias can be diagnosed with a stethoscope.  Note that on this list, there is no such heart rate with a diagnosis of “gone crazy”:

‘Gone crazy’ is not a cardiac diagnosis, but it does enhance the smarmy drama.

French illegal either lied about the atropine or accepted the lies of the fake doctor.  Fifteen consecutive doses of atropine would be used to murder a patient:

French illegal either lied about the atropine dosing or accepted the lies of the fake doctor.

According to Equimed dot com, such dosing would also kill a horse; but there is no place for facts in deep state reporting (in this case, Vichy urinalist reporting).

Facts are of no significance in deep state war porn.

Here Le Merde offers another sensational photo.  No explanation is given for the weirdo in the chair positioning his hands as though he were a low quadriplegic.  As for the huge needle aimed at his eye, any health care professional witnessing such a thing would tackle the guy with that syringe —  to the floor.

Shameless emotional porn by deep state reporter illegally in Syria.

Remy’s anti-Syria propaganda piece (indictable, under Nuremberg “crimes against peace” were such laws ever applied to westerners, post WWII) also helped to give a rancid normalization to the expropriation and destruction of homes belonging to Syrian families.  He speaks of “pierced walls,” as though stealing people’s homes and blasting holes through them were committed by noble characters.

Deep state Le Merde normalized the destruction of Syrian homes. US mercenary VanDyk actually won awards for his version of such atrocities.

On 28 May 2013 — one day after the fabricated Le Merde fraud, UK’s The Geryon required two reporters to repeat the lies of the illegal Frenchman.

UK deep state medium required two reporters to engage in echolalia.

The most gargantuan of the Goebbels Big Lie against Syria has been the GB hoax smut into which virtually every hand has been dipped, as though some holy water.  There has never been an iota of evidence of GB use in Syria; never once has there been a report of secondary infection.  In all of the criminal lies of GB — born in Israel, for those with short attention spans — in all of the hoaxes, we have been shown gas masks used while skin is unprotected.  Terrorist-sympathizer and Syria-hater, Carla del Ponte never said the ‘rebels used sarin.’   Compare BBC‘s headline with the actual quote:

BBC took its cue from the screenplay of the original ‘Manchurian Candidate.’

For those who were desperate enough to believe someone with del Ponte’s background might have been offering, not only did she never say it, but she is enraged that Syria’s president has not been charged with war crimes — based on unevidence (compare to Blair and Bush).

Scum del Ponte tells criminal lies.


Deep state BBC ok with the impunity of fake bagging in criminal lies against Syria.

An essential foundation of a good screenplay is called the rhyming scene.  It takes a previous moment in the script, and echoes it while giving it a new context, a new twist.  The best rhyming scene in The Manchurian Candidate is shown via the buffoonish character of Senator Iselin, the drunkard who cannot remember how many fake ‘card carrying Communists’ are in the Defense Department.  Despite his drunken haze, his ego is fragile enough that he complains to his wife he needs to stop changing the numbers because he is feeling stupid.  She yells at him that nobody is asking if there are ‘communists,’ but how many.

The Manchurian Candidate Goebbels big lie/rhyming scene

Every bit of news about GB in Syria is a hoax, the Goebbels Big Lie, the deep state scriptwriters rhyming scenes. The GB hoax was created by Israeli intelligence, and Israeli media — run by its military — continues ‘rhyming’:

Israel adds another rhyming scene. Let us call this one “Scum del Ponte.”


Deep state has far exceeded that shadow government that Eisenhower named military industrial complex in January 1961.  It has become a pandemic.  It increases the perversity of the adage, politics makes strange bedfellows (does it get much more corrupt than the US giving an anti-terrorist award named for a traitor to one of the world’s leading sponsors of terrorism?).  It has taken control of NGOs and NPs, has made the Hollywood elite give awards to CIA death squads, and has so infected the left that the left now cheers war crimes (and holds massive demonstrations condemning the result of a presidential election).

Independent investigative journalist Cory Morningstar has done ground-breaking — and massive — work on what she calls the Non-Profit Industrial Complex, an ever-expanding gang of perpetual war demons raking in the funds while giving the humanitarian face to genocide, to the pan-oligarchical destruction of national sovereignty.  Deep state pays fabulous ‘compensations’ to these assemblages.  Though many of this rabid war dog organizations with sweet facades have been around for decades, their procreation has exploded during the Syrian crisis, and their relationships to the deep state becoming increasingly obvious.

In May of this year, a somewhat new, Netherlands-based mercenary gang — “IB Consultancy” shipped an adoptive Frenchman to Seoul, to attend NCT talks and elicit support of the foreign-based attempts to destroy the SAR.

Adoptive Frenchman Hakim brought to Seoul for meeting created by a new private military contractor.

This anti-Syria coalition that is headquartered in Erdoganstan and that gets flown to Seoul, and holds meetings in Saudi occupied Arabia, has become so complacent it no longer pretends to write anything truthful.  Note the disparity in the headline and the photo:

No grass. No street. Abusing children as props ok, though.

In August, the CIA- and MI6 created White Helmets also went to Seoul, to collect an orwellian peace award; it is not known whether the costs were covered by IB Consultancy, or by Mayday Rescue, the Brit intelligence ‘humanitarian’ clan with an annual budget over $35,000,000 (and which helps defray Helmets’ costs, excluding such unessential things like stethoscopes, spinal protection equipment, and CPR classes).

CIA death squads received an award in South Korea

On the day of the fake Civil Defense in Syria receiving an award in South Korea, the UK’s MI6 founded and sponsored organization White Helmets stated the attack has left 7 of its on duty members killed or ‘eliminated’ as per their statement, and 2 Van vehicles were stolen and other gears.  In their first marketing photo, the stethoscope-less fake responders offered a photo of a white helmet and a jacket with a logo, against a wall, with what looked like a pool of blood.  Oddly, though, their first report claimed their members were shot in the head, execution-style, inside (later photos showed arterial blood splatter, inconsistent with forensics of head GSWs.  Additionally, deep state screwed up; this new fundraiser story got lost in the avalanche of Charlottesville reporting.

Post ‘executions,’ the HTS branch of alQaeda promised “protection” to the Helmets branch of alQaeda


May day Rescue,$35mln NGO launched attack on investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley.

Seoul has previously — and illegally — provided  Helmets with earth-moving equipment.

Seoul illegally sent White Helmets Hyundai excavator. Approximate cost $160k + shipping. Photo via @Syricide

In July, the US-based SAMS clan held both a gala affair and a strange medical mission.  Their own reports provided evidence that they were either lying about the ‘mission,’ or were engaged in human vivisection.  Instead of responding to a few serious questions, SAMS appeared to have gotten the Helmets to remove their Khan Sheikhoun video, which offered evidence of a stolen home, zero emergency services, abuse and torture of children.

SyriaNews has repeatedly demanded to know why the fraud responders, and faux ‘makeshift hospitals’ never have a single stethoscope — the most important tool in healthcare emergencies — in any marketed photo ops.



The Jobar video scam of ‘chemical weapons’ also had no stethoscope, but subtly added the useless Gorebulb.


Let’s play “find the stethoscope!” in this fake hospital setting.


CFL Gorebulb had already been ditched.

The stethoscope issue seems to have become a topic of dishonor.  Instead of handing out a few, the fraud responders have been given some snorkeling equipment and a few SCUBA tanks.  In a very suspicious video, they show a recovery of a newly-drowned, fully clothed boy, approximately 1/4 mi/0.04 km from land.  No explanation was given as to how the boy came to drown so far from land, nor how they were able to locate his body, before decomposition caused it to float.

Was this another, atrocious, snuff video?

The exposed death squads may be in their last throes, but this has not caused deep state’s media to ask how the State Department’s Heather Nauert and Saudi terrorist Muhaysini — on the Treasury’s SDN hit list — continue their really weird joint support of the White Helmets.


Note the look stupified look on the beautiful face of Nauert; it came from her shock of being asked a sane question, by Caleb Maupin:


Despite the fake awards and the SCUBA tanks and the love of Nikki Haley — Samantha Power on bath salts — and Nauert, the fake responder Helmets may be in their Cheynes-Stokes death rattle throes.  Despite the most ugly conspiracy in the history of humanity, Syria continues to win this war — and deep state apparatus keeps re-running the same boring scripts, hiding the tedium with superficial new faces.

Regarding the shameless use of children in anti-Syria emotional war porn, independent investigative journalist Barbara McKenzie recently provided an in-depth report on the re-branding of the famous daughter of an armed terrorist in the SAR:

With Bana now in semi-retirement at the age of eight and reduced to signing her name to autobiographies, the Syria Campaign has put the pitcher back into the same well in order to produce Nour, the six-year old karate kid, again from Aleppo.

With reference to mad as a hatter put us in strait jackets deep state ‘news,’ US comedian and talk show host, Conan O’Brien went to Israel, to shake hands with al Qaeda terrorists receiving free state of the art medical care.

US comedian Conan O’Brien proudly shakes hands of al Qaeda terrorists receiving free care in Israeli hospitals.

Remember the reports from The Independent and Middle East Eye, on the rapes of 8 women in “notorious” “Assad” “prisons,” from the deep state sites that refused to remove the photo of the woman who said she was not raped? They  came from an anonymous “neurosurgeon,” allegedly on the phone from Gaziantep, which is in Turkey, not Syria.

Come out, come out, from wherever you’re hiding, new and glorious NGO!

The Independent actually quoted the fake doctor, who claimed — from Turkey — that the unevidence “might be the most powerful evidence we have…” — because deep state impunity dictates no evidence to be the most powerful.

Twitter investigator, @JohnDelacour managed to ferret out the new, Turkey-based, Lawyers & Doctors for Human Rights of which Google knew nothing.

Seemingly benign website


“LDHR is growing fast….”. Another deep state NGO ready to feast upon Syrian blood. Delacour’s notation in red.


Fast growing new anti-Syria NGO thanks its one donor, noted by Delacour.

Syria is winning, no matter how many children are pimped as emotional war porn.  Syria is winning, no matter how fat the bank accounts of the heads of deep state NGOs, of deep state Vichy urinalists.

Syria is winning the most wretched of wretched wars.

It is past time for deep state to throw in the towel.

Miri Wood

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