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NATO Terrorists Bomb Damascus Fair; Syrians Keep Coming


Four days into the Damascus Fair, NATO and Gulfies armed savages could not tolerate this joyful occasion.  On 20 August, the savages bombed the entrance to the 59th International Fair. The Damascus Fair reopened after a 5 year hiatus caused by the foreign terrorist war against the Syrian Arab Republic.  Nine visitors reported as martyred, and dozens of others injured.  Such acts of satanic barbarism are almost to be anticipated.  Among the heinous, glaring examples came two days after Homs governate celebrated the rebuilding and dedication of Central Homs, destroyed by NATO and Gulfie savages that belong incarcerated in psych facilities for the criminally insane. On 12 May 2015, takfiri thugs, unable to endure neither joy, nor beauty, martyred four, and wounded 28, in twin bombings.

Syrian Rula Zulhof, among the martyrs whose crime was enjoyment of the Damascus Fair
Edward Sayegh, martyred with relative Zulhof

[Edit/Update] Among the Syrians who refused to let NATO-armed savages destroy the joyous occasion, were His Excellency, Bashar al Jaafari, who visited the Fair with his son.

Let us please cleanse ourselves from Newspeak, the war-pimping language that bleaches the blood from the hands and souls of monsters.  No “militant” “shelled” the Damascus Fair.  Unknown terrorists in eastern al Ghouta bombed the visitors of this International Damascus Fair. 

Mortars, missiles, hell cannons, and other improvised weapons are bombs, used for the purpose of slaughter, mayhem, and instilling fear in the population.

Archived photo of NATO & Gulfie terrorists who look about to dry hump this bomb

These are ‘improvised’ rocket- and mortar bombs found by the SAA in post liberated Aleppo.  Call them by their proper names.  Newspeak has always been for purposes of pimping perpetual war.  The word “shells” can bring to mind a delicious Italian meal, or pretty fossils of marine life.

‘Improvised’ rocket- and mortar bombs found in post-liberated Aleppo. Call them by their proper names, “bombs.”

Billions of dollars in weapons were left behind in reunified Aleppo:

Weapons gifts from the US to terrorists in Syria, found by SAA in liberated Aleppo, December 2017

In September 2017, FSA/Nusra terrorists bragged about having received massive weapons via NATO Bulgaria‘s VMZ.

If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about  in helpless confusion.  Hence there must  be no arbitrariness in what is said.  This matters above everything. Confucius

If al Ghouta sounds familiar to the western ear, that is the neighborhood in which terrorists created snuff porn propaganda in August 2013, when bodies of kidnapped and slaughtered Syrians from Latakia governate were shown as fraudulent evidence that the chemical weapons provided by Saudi Bandar Bush to the takfiri, were used by the Syrian Arab Air Force. This crimes against peace propaganda was recycled by al Nusra terrorists — and their stethoscope-less CIA death squad White Helmets — in Khan Sheikhoun, 4 April. The takfiri beasts on two legs had previously kidnapped more than 200 Syrian civilians from nearby towns of Majal and Khattab, for the ghastly snuff porn videos pimped by all NATO-run msm.

The indomitable Syrian soul, thousands of years old, refuses to submit.  Hours after the NATO & Gulfie freedom fighting bombs slaughtered and injured Syrians at their Damascus Fair, hundreds were returning to this stunning exhibition.

The Damascus Fair has been so successful that the 170 dedicated buses are not enough.
Damascus Fair
On exhibit at the Damascus Fair is a poignant tribute to Syrian journalists martyred by the foreign-armed terrorists

Did that NATO gang give the order for the fatal bombing yesterday, as a Rumpelstiltskin type tantrum for not being invited in? The scum in expensive clothing — politicians, think-tankers, and faustian ‘diplomats’ have spent the last five years salivating as they hold meetings in which they count the coins they fantasize they will received as reward for their economic hit men wetworks.  They dream of a balkanized post Syria Syria that will never exist, all the while ‘owning’ underling status.

NATO media are taking note.
China helped the SAR rebuild Central Homs, destroyed by NATO & Gulfie thugs

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Imad Khamis on Sunday paid a visit to Damascus International Fair on its 4th day, met industrialists and manufacturers and reviewed the signed export contracts.

Touring a number of the Fair’s pavilions, Premier Khamis stressed that Syria has been able to rise up again and even stronger despite the billions of dollars spent to destroy the country.

He noted to the remarkable presence and participation of local industrial companies, adding that the high quality products affirm the recovery of the Syrian economy and send a message to the entire world that Syria is now far stronger and more powerful than ever before thanks to the Syrian people’s determination to continue their lives. — R. Raslan/Mazen 20 August

The Damascus International Fair continues throughout 26 August.

Miri Wood

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