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SAA and Allies Clean Hmaimeh Town in Homs Countryside from ISIS Terrorists

image-SAA and Allies Clean Hmaimeh Town in Homs Eastern Countryside from ISIS Terrorists

Homs, Hmaimeh August 21, 2017: The town of Hmaimeh in Homs countryside is clean from Western-sponsored anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists ISIS terrorists thanks to the Syrian Arab Army and its allies.

Central Military Media distributed the following footage from the town and its vicinity:

The new development is part of the unstoppable advance of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies towards cleaning the entirety of the Syrian Arab Republic’s territory from all sorts of terrorists and agents of foreign parties, as the Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad reconfirmed in his latest speech before the Syrian diplomats 2 days ago.

Nobody crying more as the same ‘Humanitarian Bastards’ in the West and their regional stooges especially the Gulfies who spent billions of dollars to sponsor these ‘Moderate Rebels’ and ‘Armed Opposition’ groups of tens of thousands of non-Syrians combatants and all sorts of terrorists from all sides of the world. Their regional stooges include the regime of Erdogan in Turkey aka Erdoganstan, and of course Israel, the Zionist regime which had huge dreams riding these terrorist groups to achieve its ‘Jewish State’ racist and religious apartheid enclave in the heart of the Arab World based on some biblical promises to another group of people…!

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