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UN Mafiosi Launch Two-fer Propaganda: Syria & DPRK


The UN mafiosi have launched one of their most vicious criminal propaganda campaigns since their undeclared war of terror against the Syrian Arab Republic.  The mobsters are the P3 countries, France, UK, and US — historical leaders in world genocide — aligned with lesser member criminals, and terrorizing any member state that might consider standing on its hind legs.  Actually, these thugs in expensive suits have hit the trifecta, but such a headline would not fit the allotted width. The more accurate headline should be UN Mafiosi Launch Trifecta of Criminal Propaganda, Lying that the DPRK Sent Chemical and other Sanctioned Weapons to Syria which Were Intercepted by Secret Countries.

The UN mafiosi have a notorious history of absolute secrecy when it comes to engaging in crimes against peace toward Syria.  They have never released the Tennari fraudumentary that made Samantha Power cry in April 2015 (though not American, Tennari is claimed as a member of SAMS). The identity of Qatari paid “Caesar” has never been leaked, despite his secret speeches at the UN (and on Capitol Hill).

Reuters claimed that it had read the 37 page “confidential” report written by an unknown panel of “U.N. experts.” This faux-neutral, war whoring service noted that the secret report “gave no details on when or where the interdictions occurred or what the shipments contained,” that “[T]he panel is investigating reported prohibited chemical, ballistic missile and conventional arms cooperation between Syria and the DPRK,” and that “Two member states interdicted shipments destined for Syria. Another Member state informed the panel that it had reasons to believe that the goods were part of a KOMID contract with Syria” [emphases added].

Such hypothetical words did not prevent Reuters from its shameless headline.

Reuters headline is different from its own report

Reuters also managed to toss in the nonsensical claim that Kim Jong had his half-brother murdered at the Malaysian airport by hiring two women to slap his face with VX, using their bare hands.  VX is the most quick acting neurotoxic chemical weapon.  The FSA freedom-fighting terrorists uploaded a demonstration of its use on 5 December 2012, from Turkey, during which the savages threatened to unleash it on patriotic Syrians (the UN mafiosi ignored the request of H.E. Bashar al Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative, for an investigation into the deadly attempt at blackmail.).

Reuters ended its unneutral report by strongly implying that the SAR did not turn in all of its chemical weapons, and by promoting claims of the OPCW — omitting, of course, the fact that the OPCW shared lies in its Khan Sheikhoun report to the UN…mafiosi.

The following screen shots serve as a reminder that all the diplomats reported that Syria met its obligations upon joining the OPCW.

UN-OPCW announcement


John Kerry’s tweet, 23 June 2014


Syria’s CWs were destroyed on US ship.

Of some note, NATO msm rarely mentions that the US still holds over 3,000 tons of chemical weapons that were supposed to have been destroyed by 2012.

Syria’s chemical weapons were turned in earlier than expected, but the US is still not in compliance

Ha’aretz was among the first to run with the Reuters anti-Syria, anti-DPRK, UN mafiosi authorized propaganda, tweaking the headline to make the hypothetical ‘investigation’ to be read as proven.

Ha’aretz headline gets an A+ in criminal lying

All Israeli media is approved by its military.  This particular anti-Syria headline is significant beyond Israel being al Qaeda’s first air force against Syria (prior to Obama, and then Trump, making the USAF the terrorists’ second.).  It is significant beyond the fact that Israel provides al Qaeda/ISIS with state of the art medical care, on the occupied Golan and in Israeli hospitals (US tax dollars at work; America subsidizes Israel with more than $3 billion/annually, yet Washington is not disturbed by a chunk of these monies repairing the wounds of terrorists the US claims to be fighting — here, there, and everywhere.).

What is most significant is that Ha’aretz also ran with an anti-Syria piece by WaPo, back in 2012, in an article that seems to have been a prelude (Israel’s nuclear and chemical arsenal, of course, are nobody’s business).

As no one is permitted to condemn US having nukes and CWs, no one is permitted to question Israel, either.

Note that in the sub-headline specifically points to “sarin gas” (GB).  In April 2013, Israel launched the GB hoax, from Jerusalem, and all of msm immediately developed organic brain syndrome, helping to sabotage Syria’s request for an investigation into the deadly chemical attack in Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013.  Upon writing one of the longest epistles braying about Syria using GB against Syria, the NYT yellow urinalist, David Sanger, immediately whined to Christiane Amanpour that Israeli Ret. Brig. General Bruin offered no evidence of GB use.

Bruin’s press briefing was an important adjunct to the P2 UN mafiosi subversion of Syria’s request, as noted by Dr. al Ja’afari in an extensive stake out 30 April, forty days after the chemical attack killed around 25 Syrians, including 18 soldiers.  This stake out was ignored by NATO and Gulfies media.


As nothing occurs within a vacuum, crimes against peace propaganda pimped by the msm is always timed. Though Reuters claimed to have seen the secret report by the UN mafiosi experts, early this month, it timed its release to preface the massive reinforcement of brainwashing regarding the 4th year anniversary of the chemical attacks in al Ghouta, blaming the deadly attacks on Syria (bombing Syria).

The hoax “US Embassy Syria” account of course would not mention that the takfiri admitted having been the culprits in the HCN attacks, ratting out the Saudis for giving them the chemical weapon missiles:  “They didn’t tell us what these arms were or how to use them.  When Saud Prince Bandar gives such weapons to people he must give them to those who know how to use them.”

Hoax account lied about al Ghouta attack. Terrorists admitted receiving chemical weapons from Saudi occupied Arabia

Though this account is likely run by the US State Department, it is a hoax, having ‘cleverly’ omitted the word “in,” so as to have that cheating plausible deniability cover.  The US closed its embassy in Damascus, Syria, 6 February 2012.

The US closed its embassy in Syria in February 2012. Two years later, it closed the Syrian Embassy in DC

Note the similarity in the propaganda of the unembassy with that of the State Department, which also blamed Syria for bombing Syria with chemical weapons (from Wahhabistan Saudis).  The US excludes itself from being condemned for using chemical weapons, of course — and P4 is not legally designated a CW, so it does not matter how many Syrian civilians the Trump regime murders with it.

Criminal propaganda indictable under Nuremberg Statutes

The UN mafiosi member, US Mission, also ejaculated a statement condemning President al Assad for the attack by the US backed takfiri. Obviously, the US could not place the blame on the terrorist Saudis, after having given them a medal named for a US traitor, nor after Trump having bowed and curtsied to the tyrant dictator of Arabia.  US Mission’s statement also managed to fling lies about Khan Sheikhoun, again ignoring that the lies came from an illegal Brit in Syria, who is embedded with al Nusra terrorists, and whose license was revoked around the time he was charged with terrorism in his native UK (the Trump regime has not yet explained why it followed fake news! CNN‘s report to bomb the SAR).

More shameless lies from a member of the UN mafiosi


Terrorist UK national illegally in Syria was source of GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun

Neo-lib sites also complained of the lack of ‘accountability’ for the massacre in al Ghouta — again, ignoring takfiri admission of culpability.  Also generically ignored is that many civilians who had been kidnapped from Latakia countryside in early August, were murdered for purpose of snuff porn (58 of those captives were finally released in February, in exchange for incarcerated terrorists).

HCN missiles were given to incompetent takfiri by Saudis, who were ratted out because the terrorists killed many of their own, also.

The truth is there. If you dig a little bit, you will find scandals that take place at this United Nations—scandals. It’s not a place to maintain peace and security, it is a place to demolish peace and security, to destabilize societies. It’s very easy, very easy at the United Nations, to destroy a country. — H.E. al Ja’afari, speaking of the UN mafiosi,  at the Schiller Institute September 11 Memorial Conference

Charles Lister, a think tank-y person who has made his bones in cheering US arming terrorists in Syria, lamenting the reunification of Aleppo, and spewing every imaginable lie against Syria (until recently, from Doha, Qatar as a Brookings Institute ‘fellow’) has been on an accelerated anti-Syria rampage, and blocked this writer for asking too many questions (and then answering them).

Lister, a staunch supporter of the UN mafiosi, twitter blocked this writer.

The secret paper written by the secret experts to which Reuters  had access — but sat on — came about one month after the UN mafiosi became hysterical over more than 500,000 Syrian refugees returning home. They came from other countries, and also returned to their original areas of the SAR, after regions were cleansed of takfiri by the Syrian Arab Army.

The Independent lets some cats out of the bag

UNHCR believes conditions for refugees to return in safety and dignity are not yet in place in Syria…the sustainability of security improvements in many return areas is uncertain, and there remains significant risks of protection thresholds for voluntary safe and dignified returns not being met in parts of the country. — Andrej Mahecic

Surely the colonialist UN mafiosi know what is best for Syrian refugees, but those Syrians seem to take no interest in this white man’s burden.

Syrians fleeing Erdoganstan, to return home.


Syrians who have fled the organ harvesting camps of Turkey are unlikely to be concerned over the new GB hoax.



Refugees returning to Syria is a nightmare for the western psychopath dirtbags…”psychopath dirtbags” is a euphemism. — Mark Taliano, author of “Voices from Syria.”


Independent journalist Brandon Turbeville asks a simple question that UN mafiosi & msm do not answer


Syrians celebrating the liberation of Bani Zaid & al Liramoun. UN mafiosi hate happy Syrians

Reuters unprincipled release of the secret anti-Syria/anti-DPRK report also came just four days after the reopening of the Damascus International Fair, to hundreds of thousands of visitors.  It was published on 21 August, the date of the deadly bombing by terrorists from al Ghouta.  The martyrdom and the psy-ops were not enough to crush the spirit of optimism in the Syrian visitors.

His Excellency al Ja’afari, surrounded by other Syrians outside the Damascus International Fair

Damascus, SANA – Events of the sixth day of Damascus International Fair in its 59th edition include artistic and entertainment activities and a lottery drawing. “Our Future Is Ours” play will be performed at the child’s theatre, while Bab Sharqi choir will present a musical performance. Magic tricks and a number of other entertainment activities for children will also be held. The a SYP 30 million lottery drawing will be held, in parallel with a concert starring famous Lebanese singer Fares Karam and Inas Lattouf. Meanwhile, the 18th edition of al-Bassel Fair for Invention and Innovation continues its activities for the third day with the participation of over 650 inventors.  The Fair Grounds received on Monday 232500 visitors. — Shaza/H. Said 22 August

The UN mafiosi — colonialists, genocidalists, criminal liars — hate happy Syrians…which makes Syrians happier.


Courtesy Damascus Love Story Facebook page

Miri Wood


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