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Regime Change in Syria: Your Media Lies to You


Regime change in Syria:  Hey, your media lies to you.  Today President Bashar Al-Assad, the son of Syria and the brother of Syrians, again visited his people.  Dr. Al-Assad has made such visits on many occasions, like in the churches at Christmas, to the battlefield front for Ramadan Iftar, to newly liberated Daraya, or even to the houses of wounded soldiers. 

In June, the Syrian First Family paid visits to wounded soldiers.

His visit today was to Tartous countryside, to Al-Sheikh Bader-Ayen Alkabira.  He arrived with his soul mate the lady of jasmine First Lady Asma’a Al-Assad who is by her turn a sweetheart sister to all Syrians.

Dr. Al-Assad drove to the site of construction, and crowds immediately gathered.
Regime change for a president so beloved he cannot get out of his car without being kissed and touched by so many hands?

Their visit was to check a great project of economic development, which is in progress. This entity is a production project complex, which will include many facilities:  A bakery for bread sweets and sandwich bread, an olive press, a dairy factory and also a mall.

Al-Tannour bread, named for the small fireplace in which it was originally made. Here is the modern bakery in the new complex.
Syrian construction in progress

This project will serve the countryside of this province and it will help the local laborers to find jobs. During this visit, Syrians from all ages gathered around their beloved leader and his beloved wife.

They took selfies.

Crowds surrounded our beloved president

They shared their fruit of summer, the figs, with their beautiful guests.

President Al-Assad enjoying summer figs

While during this ugly war in Syria and through this moment your leaders in the West and your media lie with no shame, saying Syrians want regime change! How they dare to talk by our name! An Arabic expression is they make our heads —by their fake democracy, by their too much yelling about their deadly democracy to the degree they caused us headaches.

Dr. Al-Assad greeting the workers in the Tartous economic project

Where is your democracy when you hide the truth and talk by Syrians’ names!

The President and First Lady speak with laborers of the great project for Tartous
Workers of the dairy section discuss the great project with Dr. and Mrs. Al-Assad
Our First Lady is always surrounded by love. How dare the West demand regime change?
The West wants regime change for our elected president, Dr. Al-Assad who drives his own car

Moreover, your countries who joined the so-called US-led coalition anti-ISIS are non-stop murdering Syrian civilians by ongoing air striking them in Raqqa, Deir AlZour, and AlHaskah! By using white phosphorus sometimes! And never bomb the “Islamic State” terrorists! But they know how to bomb our brothers in the Syrian Arab Army! They know how to supply weapons and missiles …grad rockets to the oppositions to murder our kids in their schools and our people in their residential buildings!

Weapons crimes, gifts from the US to terrorists in Syria, found by SAA in liberated Aleppo

Those countries all what they care about is the wealth of these countries in the middle east. That’s why they organized their wars for a new middle East of “creative chaos.”  The location of Syria is a strategic line for transporting gas and oil. Israel’s aim is to transport the oil of the occupied land to Europe via Syria after their project done by using ISIS and the imperialist pawns, the separatist Kurds! Qatar, the agent of the West on its war on Syria has the same aim!

Geopolitics of regime change is theft of raw materials and the shortest route for their transportation

وخلال الزيارة قال الأسد “نستطيع أن نبني بلدنا بإمكانياتنا، سوريا بنيت بأيد سورية، لم تبن بأيد أجنبية أساسا عبر تاريخها، لا القديم ولا الحديث، فلدينا القدرات لأن نقوم بإعادة بناء الوطن”

During the visit Assad said, “We can build our country with our capabilities. Syria was built by Syrian hands. It was not built with foreign hands mainly through its history, neither the old nor the modern. We have the capacity to rebuild the nation.

Syria looks towards reconstruction and rebuilding and that will be a result of the great sacrifices of our army and with the support of our allies.

Finally from Syria, I tell you God Syria Bashar and the SAA.

الله سوريا بشار و الجيش العربي السوري، و بس!

President Al-Assad’s speech at the Damascus Opera House:

First Lady Al-Assad’s reception for the mothers of martyrs, on Mothers Day 21 March 2013:

Watch the video on BitChute ( after YouTube deleted our channel with no valid reason.

— Afraa Dagher

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