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Astana FSA Opposition Delegates Massacre Syrians in Damascus


Another round of moderate “rebels” have slaughtered 48 persons and seriously wounded another 120 in Damascus, 11 March.  This time, the moderates were Astana FSA opposition delegates welcomed by the west and UN — led by Envoy Stefan de Mistura.

The double-tap of cowardly terrorism was used; 15 minutes after the first deadly explosion a second explosion – possibly a suicide bomber — was ignited.  Many of those who came to help the wounded, were also martyred in the second explosion.

Explosives had been planted on buses of visitors going to see the holy shrines of Sayyeda Zainab and Sayyeda Roqqayeh.  Such shrines have been previous targets of NATO funded savages:  In January 2016, 45 were martyred when a car near the Koaa Soudan bus station in Sayyed Zainab was remotely detonated.  In October 2016, a NATO and Gulfie terrorists killing spree included mortars fired into the Grand Umayyad Mosque.

Blood was everywhere, along with severed body parts, and shoes, with and without feet.

Damascus bombing 11 March
Damascus 11 March terror bombings

This horrific scene has become standard during every peace talk. The previous slaughter happened in Homs, 25 February.  At the beginning of the new round of Geneva talks, 6 suicide bombers murdered 42 people there.  Among the targets were security and military administrative offices.  Among those martyrs was Maj. Gen. Hassan Daaboul.

Syrian Major General Hassan Daaboul, martyred in Homs 25 February
Two of Homs suicide bombers were boys, trained by Saudi terrorists led by Muhaysini
Foreign terrorist in Syria, Saudi Muhaysini trains child soldiers

Immediately after the synchronized, deadly suicide bombings in Homs, Ambassador Bashar al Ja’afari demanded its condemnation by the UN and everyone in attendance:  “Any party who refuses to condemn these attacks today we will consider that party to be an accomplice to terrorism.”

When asked specifically about the deadly suicide bombings in Homs, Nasr al Hariri, chief of terrorists in suits (orwellianly called chief negotiator for the “opposition” of the High Negotiations) offered a cheap abuse of the dozens of martyrs:  “Our positions are clear in condemning terrorism and terrorists.”  There was no clarity in Hariri say if Homs incident falls under this terrorist attacks, this is clear from what I said.

Hariri wasn’t able to speak with actual transparency; the deadly attacks against Damascus were claimed by the Saif al Sham Brigades, yet another off-shoot of al Qaeda-FSA Southern Front.  Southern Front is the al Qaeda FSA umbrella gang of the very long list of terrorist gangs, and was part of the Astana FSA opposition delegates at the fraudulent peace talks.

What is the message of this new crime of the west and GCC backed rebels?

They want to kill more and more Syrians, spread more violence and more fear in the population.

The terrorists want to demonstrate they are able to bomb any site they want in Syria, and that they have their terrorist gangs everywhere.

NATO and Gulfie terrorists chose symbolic shrines, and those visiting them, to attack.  Most of the martyrs were Iraqi, en route to see Shia’a shrines.  This heinous act was “retaliation for the victories which the Syrian Arab Army has achieved against “ISIS” and Jabhat al Nusra and other terrorist entities linked to them in Deir Ezzor, Tadmor, northeastern Aleppo and the countryside of Damascus.” Was this heinous attack also revenge because of the recent Iraqi advances against “ISIS” in Mosul?

With this terror attack, the NATO and Gulfie sponsored atrocities has increased its flagrant impunity: It was not generic “ISIS” or even “Jahbat al Nusra” which claimed responsibility for the massacre.  This time, it was Astana FSA opposition delegates who bragged.  Yet western media averts their gaze.

al Qaeda FSA Astana opposition delegates claim for massacres in Damascus

This new slaughter by NATO and Gulfie terrorists is also an affront to the Syrian Arab Republic’s successful reconciliations in several areas of the country, even after a brutal assassination of a key reconciliation leader.

This is the cowardly, NATO and Gulfie terrorists ‘opposition,’ the Astana FSA opposition delegates, the bloody and criminal opposition we have been facing in Syria since the beginning of this foreign imposed war in 2011.

Right now it should be a ceasefire time, according to Astana and Geneva!  Who could put humanity, morals, in the hearts of these soul-less terrorists, who are protected by the whole world, under the cover of “moderate rebels”?

As of this writing, there are 48 bodies of martyrs from this recent attack on Syria, in hospital refrigerators. They await to be claimed by family members.

They were slaughtered by Astana FSA opposition delegates welcomed by the UN.

— Afraa Dagher

Editor’s addendum:

Among the Astana FSA opposition delegates was the veggie huckster, Mohammad ‘Unibrow’ Alloush, who was given the red carpet veneration treatment.  His words were given more weight that those of the polyglot diplomat, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. al Ja’afari (who holds several doctorates).  Alloush’s brother was the terrorist Zahran Alloush, head of Jaysh al Islam, who led the atrocities against Adra, December 2013.

Terrorist Alloush was a member of the Astana FSA Opposition delegates. Graphic courtesy of Professor Tim Anderson

This US born and reared American citizen is beyond disgusted with her country’s support of terrorism against Syria, and before making some significant suggestions, needs to share some background of impressive words of candidate Trump, to CNN on 28 September 2015:

Let Syria and ISIS fight.  Why do we care?  Let ISIS and Syria fight.  And let Russia, they’re in Syria already, let them fight ISIS.  Look, I don’t want ISIS.  ISIS is bad.  They are evil.  When they start doing with a head chopping and drowning of — these are really bad dudes.  So, I don’t want to — but let them fight it out.  Let Russia take care of ISIS.  How many places can we be? [S]o, I’ve watched Assad and I’ve watched a little bit on the other side.  The problem with the other side, we have no idea who they are…Are we better off with Assad?  We have no idea who these people are.  We give them weapons, we given them ammunition, we give them everything.  Erin, we have no idea, I mean, maybe it’s worse than Assad.  So, what are we doing?  Why are we involved?  We have to get rid of ISIS, very importantly, but I look at Assad and Assad, to me, looks better than the other side, and you know, this has happened before.  We back a certain side and that side turns out to be a total catastrophe.  Russia likes Assad seemingly a lot.  Let them worry about ISIS.  Let them fight it out. Now, in Iraq, we have to do it.  We shouldn’t have been there in the first place but we left the wrong way.  When Obama took us out the way he took us out, that was a mistake. We should never have been there in the first place[emphases added]

Candidate Trump was correct in these statements.  At that time, the US had funded the takfiri to approximately $3 billion tax dollars, in weapons, training, and pay (this sum did not include the costs of American war criminal bombings of the SAR, begun under cover of punishment for our triple header mercenaries cum orangettes).

FSA Grill Officer
A member of the FSA grills a head of a decapitated officer – Idleb
On 21 April 2011, peaceful Arab Springers attacked vegetable deliveryman, Nidal Jannound, in Baniyas. He was literally sliced to death. In 2011 all of al Qaeda against Syria was FSA.

In PEOTUS Trump’s acceptance speech, he continued in the vein of political sanity exhibited in the above interview. He offered entente to the world, the promise of being a good neighbor, and suggested he would put an end to perpetual war.  Almost immediately after taking oath, the new American president immediately developed amnesia, and continued — and accelerated — the war crimes of his predecessor.  On 2 February, Trump bombed two bridges in Raqqa, Syria. On 27 February, Trump vocalized his support of Erdoganstan invasion and occupation of Jarabulus; surely he would similarly support Canada invading NY, taking 400 unemployed NYers to Canada to train in ‘law enforcement’ and then bringing them back to NY for a graduation ceremony in which the men pledged allegiance to Canada, and to Trudeau.

On 28 February, brand new US Permanent Representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, couldn’t have done a better imitation of Samantha Power, unless she’d donned a red wig, for her hysterical anti-Syria speech.  For all the screams of fake news! Haley appeared to have been kept out of the loop by the other mafiosi running the United Nations:  Somehow, she did not know that her attacks were based on the fraud of the anti-Syria JIM report.  This report contains not a shred of forensic evidence, but is solely based on the murderous gossip of the terrorists in Syria, and in the many countries that have funded and armed terrorists in the SAR.

On 10 March, White House spokesman Sean Spicer announced that the Pentagon’s Dr. Strangeloves announced they were sending another 250 foreign terrorist invaders into Syria.  CNN — terrorists most trusted name in news — offered a war-pimping olive branch to President Trump, via an interview with terrorist-supporter and former US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford.  Ford blabbed that there was a colonialist need to “unify” the US-run mercenary militia in Syria, the HSD, the fake rebel, fake Kurdish mercenaries whose flag is written in Azeribaijani.  Azerbaijan is the third largest supplier of gas to Turkey, and has a $1.6 billion arms deal with Israel.  Apparently, the non-natives are restless, and are fighting over who gets to steal what.

Former Ambassador Ford with al Qaeda/FSA/JaN terrorist Abdel Jabber all Okaidi

Ford’s friend, al Qaeda/FSA terrorist al  Okaidi has called “ISIL” his brothers.

Since the new means of swamp draining involves an extra plug, and the addition of tons more of rancid sewage, let’s go full-steam Kafka, and go through Alice’s Looking Glass, and do some serious inverting.  Forget the silliness of wearing vagina costumes! Dump the re-run of McCarthyism (been there, done that! is soo boring!)!  Let’s do our own version of Astana FSA opposition delegates, and release our political prisoners, and put them at the podium, surrounding Diplomat Haley at some fake peace talks!

While America executed Timothy McVeigh, finding him guilty of murdering 168 civilians, there is still time to release Capitol Hill opposition member Terry Nichols from jail, to have him discuss sharing power with President Trump, until he is transitioned out, while Nichols can have France and the UK help to write a new Constitution for the US!

Alfred P, Murrah Federal Building, after a truck filled with explosives was remotely detonated outside it.
Would any sane person believe the massacre of 168 Americans, in Oklahoma City, to be considered “legitimate opposition” to the US government?

Among the sane, there is one definition for terrorism.  What is terrorism in the US, cannot be considered freedom-fighting opposition in Syria.  We are late in putting an end to geopolitical lunacy.  Invading another country is not putting an end to American carnage. 

President Trump, you said:  Let them worry about ISIS.  Let them fight it out.  Why have you changed your mind?

In October 2015, Ambassador al Ja’afari stated that the Syrian Arab Army could destroy “ISIS” in three days.  Pick up the phone and talk to him, instead of accelerating war crimes against his country.

— Miri Wood



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