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Moderate Oppositions at Geneva, in Syria: Terrorists


There, in Geneva, are the talks about the political solution in Syria.  It is the easy talk.  The negotiations should be two sides:   The governmental actor and the opposition actor.  However, the moderate oppositions have many delegations, many podiums, many representatives of many countries, but not to Syria.

There is the Riyadh delegation, Cairo delegation, Istanbul delegation, Moscow delegation – and behind the scene at the prime podium and the most effective delegation, the Israeli one.

Who are these people and why are they given podiums to discuss our country?

Stefan de Mistura, the UN envoy supports the wanting of most of those opposition factions for a transitional government, which is also the main goal of Israel.

Saudi, Qatar, Turkey, the US, and Israel have backed these moderate oppositions whose representatives live in Five Star hotels, in luxury – while real Syrians are under the horror of war and under the attack of moderate Wahhabi mercenaries, suicide bombers, liver eating cannibals, head choppers, since March 2011 when the west and Gulfie and Levantine underlings launched the fake ‘revolution’ to destroy our country.  All helped by the fake news media.

Now in Geneva there are some of the same terrorists but they arrived after shaving their long beards and wearing modern suits to look nicely formed in these so-called opposition delegations.

Morever, Mr. Stefan de Mistura, who never missed any chance to defend the so-called “moderate” terrorists in Syria, supported them so much as to offer to use himself as a human shield, to go with them from Aleppo to any part of Syria, and with their weapons.  The western news reported on this, how loving and caring this old man is for the concern of Syrians, but they left out the part about the weapons.

If you decide to leave in dignity with your weapons, to Idlib [which became a state of terrorists by the full will of the west] or anywhere you wanted to go, I personally am ready, physically, to accompany you.  I can’t guarantee more than my own personality and body.

They did not report it, either, when he did not go to Aleppo to use himself as human shield when his moderate oppositions friends were murdering any Syrians trying to get on the buses when the government opened humanitarian corridors and gave a long humanitarian pause.

This was al Nusra [Jabhat al Nusra, JaN] he offered to protect, in his fact manner.  But then he finally came and wanted my country to give these terrorists autonomy in Aleppo.  Autonomy of the killers, to kill more.  Autonomy to the “oppositions” who starved and tortured and destroyed.  You can check a video by a real Syria woman, Mrs. Hayat, 21 years old, who is not pro and not against the government, just a simple, and not political woman.  She was tortured by the friends of de Mistura, the “rebels.” This woman was pushed to tell her story about daily life and death under the rule of these monsters he wanted autonomy for.

image-Syrian Woman Tortured by FSA Moderate Rebels in Eastern Aleppo
Syrian Woman Tortured by FSA Moderate Rebels in Eastern Aleppo

All of the world’s media lies against Syria are still not enough! Not enough that most of the terror against Syria is foreign, there are domestic terrorists, too, who sell their country, give poison against their land, Syria.  More deadly insults come from Mr. de Mistura who brought two women whose relatives are involved in terror, as his guests to the Geneva talks, to tell lies as “Syrian witnesses.”  The UN’s website wrote that “He pledged to raise this issue of detainees, abducted and missing people as parts of the ongoing discussions.”

Such a statement sounds like he plans to bring up the lies of Amnesty about a jail.  All countries have jails for criminals.  But lies about Syria make the world believe jails are for “detainees.”  The UN website didn’t write about the villages in Latakia countryside where men were slaughtered and women and children kidnapped in 2013.  The UN website didn’t write that 58 of them were freed early this month in exchange for imprisoned terrorists.  So, it will be more double standards and hypocrisy against Syria.

Meanwhile the UN security council, the NGOs HRW, and Amnesty are openly defending terrorists in Syria.

Again in Homs, suicide attacks hit.  Six suicide bombers, 6 terrorists targeted two security and military administrative offices.  More than 42 Syrians were martyred and dozens others wounded, many critically.  The destruction of people’s homes, buildings, streets is massive.

The work of suicide bomber moderate oppositions

These are the moderate oppositions — terrorists — supported by the mentality of de Mistura and Amnesty.

If we had captured them before they blew themselves up, slaughtering dozens of Syrians, they should not have been jailed!

Their rotten families have no right to  be honored at the Geneva talks, but this is what the fake, war criminal western media will report.  They will make more emotional war pornography against us, using them.

But what about the families of today’s 42 martyrs, de Mistura?  This is the reality of the the many delegations of non-Syrians at Geneva.  Most of these delegations of this conference have backed these moderate oppositions terrorists. We are too used to these attacks during every peace conference you hold.

Gift of moderate oppositions to Homs, to celebrate the Geneva peace talks

What about the families of all Syrians, since you started your international plot against my country? What about a generation of orphans?

I would love to be there with Dr. Ja’afari, to ask this of de Mistura, please stop weeping your crocodile tears about Syrians, while all you care about is defending and strengthening the terrorists you have supported.

One of today’s victims is General Hasan Da’aboul, our countryman. Your mainstream media like BBC Arabic was so happy about his martyrdom, under the pretext that he put many of your moderate terrorists in jail!  This is another clear confession from you:  You cheer the death of defenders of our country.  You call the killers and beheaders “moderate rebels” but you know that they are well organized gangs funded and armed by you.

Your moderate oppositions also bombed the Ebla processing station, in Homs countryside. It is the commercial gas plant of electricity-generating stations that feed into Syria’s national grid.  Some hospitals are now without fuel for their generators.

Don’t tell me about moderate “oppositions”!  Let Syrians tell you!

— Afraa Dagher 25 February

Photo updates:

Some of the Syrians martyred in the Homs moderate oppositions attack:

Syrian martyrs

Two of the very young suicide bomber moderate oppositions terrorists:

Mass murderers

Foreign terrorist Saudi Abdullah Mushaysini flagrantly calls himself an “immigrant to Sham.”  He trains child soldiers’ in a camp near the Syrian-Erdoganstan border:


Moderate oppositions illegal Mushaysini has a friend in American foreign terrorist illegally in Syrian, Bilal Abdul Kareem, native New Yorker:


American foreign terrorist Kareem was interviewed by CNN’s Gorani who lauded him as the last western journalist in Aleppo.


CNN managed to omit Kareem’s legal status, and ignore his support for SDN Mushaysini, and also his support for al Zinki, the FSA gang who hacked off the head of 12 year old Abdullah Issa, who was kidnapped from a hospital.

Terrorist Kareem interviewing co-terrorist. CNN’s Ward has cheered Kareem’s “extraordinary brave reporting.”

Editor’s addenda:

Bait and switch artist Stefan de Mistura’s 23 February opening statement to the Geneva meeting merits an award for oozing with patrimony and neo-colonialism (perhaps it is related to that noble bloodline from his father’s side of the family). His braying commitment to “continue to do everything…to promote the full and effective participation of Syrian women in the Syrian effort” omits the reality of Syrian women throughout the country’s thousands of years of civilized history; Syria’s warrior queen Zenobia was born in 240 CE.  Syrian women have had full suffrage since 1953, seven years after the French Mandate occupiers were driven out of the country.  Syria’s current vice president is a woman, and President Bashar al Assad’s chief advisor is a woman.  The Syrian Parliament’s House Speaker is a woman.   Syrian women dress themselves, run businesses, drive cars. Perhaps he mistakes Syria for Saudi occupied Arabia, where women do nothing without permission of male guardians?

He ridiculously claimed that there is “no military solution, only a political solution.”  This is an attempt to diminish the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army in defending the homeland from mostly foreign terrorist invaders.   By suggesting that there is a future political solution, he ignores that Syria has been successfully engaged in its Reconciliation projects.

On 5 January, twelve hundred terrorists converted to SAA in Damascus countryside.

In early January, top opposition figure Namaf al Bashir repented, and returned home.

On 14 January, Ret. Gen. Ahmad Ghadban, Reconciliation Coordinator in Wadi Barada was assassinated after leaving a successful meeting.

Today’s synchronized moderate opposition suicide bombings in Homs (which struck two security centers) were carried out by Jabhat Fateh al Sham, formerly Jabhat al Nusra.  Its leaders are foreign terrorists from Australia, Saudi occupied Arabia, Jordan, and Macedonia.  Aussie leader Mahamed assured CNN‘s Clarissa Ward last summer that the gang was no longer affiliated with al Qaeda.

That Major General Daaboul was among the 42 martyrs is being shamelessly ignored by western msm.

de Mistura heaped praise upon the Syria-less (as in no Syrians involved) ISSG, the the urgency for the colonialist- imposition of UNSCR 2254 upon the Syrian people.  It must be that royal bloodline of his, but he somehow missed that one of the countries who signed this UN agreement — Britain — does not have a constitution of its own.  Full analysis of the Syria-less ISSG and 2254, here.

H.E. Bashar al Ja’afari, Head of the Syrian Arab Republic delegation in Geneva, said that today’s “terrorist act in Homs isn’t just a military terrorist act, but also a political terrorist act” and called upon de Mistura et al. to issue a condemnation:

Naturally, issuing statements will not bring the victims back to life, but the condemnation will serve as a test for the platforms participating in the Geneva talks as moderate opposition, so that we can find out if these platforms are against terrorism or partners in it.


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