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NATO ISIS Cells Ambush SAA: 21 Martyrs, Several Casualties

NATO-sponsored ISIS in Syria

NATO ISIS sleeper cells ambushed Syrian Arab Army soldiers deployed in the Homs-Hama-Raqqa desert triangle at dawn, Damascene time. The terrorists massacred twenty-one soldiers defending their homeland within its internationally recognized borders and injured approximately seven others.

Details of the most recent atrocity in the NATO – and allies’ and associates’ – attempt at the final solution against Syria have not been released at the time of this writing, nor have NATO-affiliated media mentioned the attacks.

Two days earlier, a reporter from Orient News – headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey -embedded with ISIS terrorists announced that NATO-sponsored terrorists (Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their affiliates) in ‘support of brothers in Gaza’ planned to attack Syrian soldiers in Lattakia countryside:

The reporter did not detail how the terrorists’ atrocities in the Syrian Arab Republic, against the Syrian people, are acts of support for ‘brothers in Gaza,’ unless perhaps, he was implying that the ‘brothers’ are the IDF, the same IDF that has bragged on Israeli media that its surgeons provide state of art medical care to ISIS on the occupied Golan, after which it brings ISIS terrorists into Israeli hospitals, for free follow-up care, including physical rehabilitation.

It might behoove non-regular Syria News readers – those who believed the adult daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US, when she lied and said she was a teen who spent her summer doing volunteer work at a hospital where she saw ‘Iraqi troops’ kill neo-nates in order to steal incubators; those who believed Colin Powell when he lied to the UNSC that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction; those who believed al Qaeda in Syria when Brit illegal lied to CNN about chemical weapons in Khan Sheikhoun – continue to believe the criminal lies that NATO war-whoring politicians and think tankers pour down their throats and shove up their noses now give credence to the nonsense that Hamas is currently pouring into the United States through our porous borders.

Almost four years ago, Syria News reported on one of the most ridiculous fear porn news stories that was so absurd, it was pulled for a slightly less fantastic rewrite – years in the making:

Details of the dawn massacre by ISIS on the slaughter of Syrian Arab Army soldiers will be provided as soon as they become available.

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