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Hezb Allah Joined the War to Defend Gaza Since October 8th

Hezb Allah Chief Hasan Nasr Allah: Martyrs on the Path to Al Quds Speech

Hezb Allah joined the US-led Israeli war on Gaza on the 8th of October, last month, the Hezb Allah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasr Allah explained in one of the most anticipated speeches delivered by the man who led his party to the liberation of southern Lebanon after defeating Israel in May 2000 and then delivered a humiliating defeat to Israel and all its Wester and regional sponsors in the war Israel waged on Lebanon in July 2006.

In a live televised speech delivered over an hour and twenty minutes and before hundreds of supporters spread over different locations watching through large screens, Sayyed Hasan Nasr Allah made it clear that this battle is all about Palestine, it was carried out by the Palestinians, for Palestine, and at a timing chosen by the Palestinians.

Nasr Allah clarified that the timing to launch the operation was taken by the (military) commanders of Hamas in Gaza with high secrecy and that other factions in the Axis of Resistance were not aware of the zero hour and further explained that this did not bother the other parties of the Axis of Resistance.

However, unlike many analysts who didn’t see the declaration of war by the Hezb Allah chief in his speech, Sayyed Hasan Nasr Allah explicitly stated that the Islamic Resistance – Hezb Allah in Lebanon, Iraq, and the Yemeni Army and Ansar Allah in Yemen, all have already joined the war to defend the Palestinians in Gaza and that Hezb Allah joined on the 8th of October, the very next day of the Gaza fighters’ military operation against the Israelis.

Nasr Allah explained that Hezb Allah and other factions in Lebanon have lost dozens of martyrs already in this war and are continuing to escalate the operations against Israel in northern occupied Palestine in retaliation to the war crimes committed by Israel against the people of Gaza, despite and in challenging of the US and European threats; hear it from the man himself with the verbatim translation of his speech into English:

The video is also available on Rumble, and BitChute; YouTube deleted the video and gave us a community strike!


The Islamic Resistance in Iraq started to shoulder its responsibility, they announced they were going to engage in a new phase.

Our honorable brothers in Yemen, the Yemeni Army, Ansar Allah movement, the patient, oppressed, and resisting Yemeni warrior people publicly and officially and despite all the threats, American, Western, and foreign threats, have taken a number of initiatives so far, launching drones and missiles, even if it’s shot down, at the end of the day they will reach and they will hit their targets. These Yemeni missiles and drones will reach Elat, the south of Palestine, and the Israeli army occupation bases in southern Palestine, we salute our fellow resistance fighters.

Yet, on our Lebanese front, some claim that we will declare that we are about to engage in the war, I’m telling you, we have been engaged in this battle since October 8th.

We have been in this battle since October 8th.

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon started operations the very next day after Al Aqsa Typhoon, we had no knowledge, honestly speaking, we learned about the operation on Saturday (7th Oct.) like the rest of the world, we swiftly moved into a second phase, the very following day, operations were launched at Shabaa Farms and the Kafr Shouba hills, then extended all across the Lebanese border line with the occupied Palestine.

You have and are still closely monitoring the details of the daily operations.

What’s taking place on our front is very important and significant. Those who claim that Hezb Allah should engage swiftly in an all-out war with the enemy might see what’s taking place on the border as minimal. But if we look at what is happening on the border objectively, we will find it very large, very important, and very influential. Of course, it will not be sufficient in any case, it will not be sufficient in any case.

What is happening on our Lebanese front, on the one hand, is unprecedented in the history of the (Zionist) entity since 1948, and since there were Israeli military sites on the border with Lebanon, and since there were settlements, settlers, and occupiers in the north of occupied Palestine on the border with Lebanon, not even this has happened in the July 2006 war, what is happening now since October 8.

Since October 8th, that all the Israeli military positions from the (Mediterranean) Sea to the heights of Shibaa Farms and Kafr Shouba Since October 8th, that all the Israeli military positions from the (Mediterranean) Sea to the heights of Shibaa Farms and Kafr Shouba to reel under daily offensive operations and intensified operations targeting these posts and what’s in between, targeting tanks, armored vehicles, drones, clusters of personnel, and above all technical installations which are the eyes and ears of Israel, and with all sorts of weapons.

Since October 8, the Islamic resistance in Lebanon has been waging a real battle that can only be felt by those who are actually present in the border area, including fighters and residents. It is a true battle different from all those of the past, separate from all those engaged by Lebanon, be 2000 or 2006, or after, it is a different kind of battle in its circumstances, in its merits, in its titles, in its tools, in its targets, and in its procedures. Therefore, this large constellation of brave, self-sacrificing martyrs who insisted on staying and being on the front lines presented themselves.

On Saturday the 7th of October, immediately after the Al Aqsa Typhoon operations, the Israeli army started to withdraw regular personnel from the borderline. Let me explain a little about what these operations have achieved thus far when we speak about fallen martyrs on the Lebanese front, almost 57 fallen martyrs including the two martyrs of the Lebanese Brigades together with the fallen martyrs from Al Qassam and (Palestinian Islamic Jihad PIJ) Saraya Al Quds Brigades, let alone the civilian martyrs, with that number and that blood we should know what’s been achieved in order to know how to move forward.

First, on Saturday, October 7, the enemy began withdrawing forces from the border with Lebanon, because it was in a state of moral collapse and wanted to mobilize forces and called in reserve, imagine, for the sake of Gaza and the besieged Gaza Strip with its limited area, the Zionist enemy wanted to take all its army to Gaza, and wanted to withdraw forces from the West Bank and northern Palestine and replace them with some reserve forces. He called in the reserves, and this has a precedent once or twice in the history of the entity.

The operations that began and escalated day after day until they reached what they were yesterday, forced the enemy to keep his forces at the border and in the north of occupied Palestine, and even to add forces to them, some of the forces, especially the elite forces, which he wanted to transfer from the West Bank to Gaza, brought to northern occupied Palestine. Therefore, I can say this title: The Lebanese front relieved a large part of the forces that were to be used to attack Gaza and attracted them towards us. Here we are exposing ourselves to danger, it is true. Some in Lebanon say that we are taking a risk, it is true, but this adventure is based on useful and correct calculations.

Look, brothers, if our position were only that we are in political solidarity, we preach and hold demonstrations every day, and if the Israelis were comfortable on the northern border, all of their forces would go to Gaza, some of the forces sent to the West Bank, but what has the Lebanon front achieved?

I have accurate numbers for the number of forces, vehicles, divisions, brigades, battalions, and the like, but because this requires an explanation and precise numbers, I asked the brothers for a close estimate in easy terms.

Today, the Lebanon front has been able to attract a third of the Israeli army to the border with Lebanon. A third of the Israeli army is now present in opposition to these mujahideen who are fighting on the border, and an important part of these forces are elite forces and regular forces, and these could have gone to Gaza.

Half of Israel’s naval capabilities are now located in the Mediterranean opposite us and Haifa. One-quarter of the air force is directed toward Lebanon, and nearly half of the missile defense, the so-called Iron Dome, Missile Dome, Patriot, and the like, is directed toward the Lebanon front.

Nearly a third of the logistical forces are directed towards Lebanon, and this is one of the direct results. These are correct and accurate numbers, and approximate percentages of them were presented.

We are witnessing the displacement of tens of thousands of settlement residents and the evacuation of thousands more. There were people who fled by themselves, and there were people who were forced to evacuate by the Israeli government and army.

In the north, there are 43 settlements that have been evacuated, and those who are now in the settlements are mostly soldiers, not civilians.

In the south, opposite Gaza, 58 settlements were evacuated. Those who were evacuated from the North and from the South are putting great pressure on the psychological, moral, financial, and economic levels. That is why the Minister of Finance is shouting at Israel. This serves the issue of pressure and time.

The third topic, which is the most important or no less important, is that these operations on the border and in the Shebaa Farms created a state of anxiety, anticipation, panic, and fear among the enemy’s political and military leadership and also among the Americans, whom we are talking about in the last two words.

Concern about the possibility of this front leading to additional escalation or a full-fledged war, or concern that this front will spiral into a wide-ranging war. This is a realistic possibility and it could happen, and the enemy must take every account of him and he will take every account of that. They expressed that and talked about that, and it is included in their calculations, and we read it strongly through all the American, French, European, Western, and some Arabic means that reach us every day.

This result, creating a state of anxiety, ambiguity and panic among the enemy’s leadership, serves two basic and important things. The first is to make the enemy carefully calculate its steps towards Lebanon. Here we are talking about deterrence, about the real Israeli fear. If a single operation of what happened during the past month had taken place against an Israeli position, an Israeli tank, or Israeli gatherings at the border, the enemy could not have tolerated that, but today he is enduring all of that and controlling his pace because he has a real fear that things will go as he fears and what he is cautious about.

The first thing is this presence on this front, these operations on the front, this readiness on the front, this daily work makes the enemy deterred. Otherwise, we have all heard the Minister of Defense and other than the Minister of Defense, the voices talking about seizing the opportunity of American and international support for Israel in its war on Gaza to open a war on Lebanon or carry out a pre-emptive operation against Lebanon.

The Resistance operations in the south (of Lebanon) and the blood of our martyrs and your martyrs in the south tell this enemy, who may think about attacking Lebanon or launching a preemptive operation towards Lebanon, that you will commit the greatest folly in your history and existence.

(The enemy) tries to terrify us: look, Oh Lebanese, look at Gaza.
We have seen these scenes since 1948, they are not new scenes for us.”

These massacres in Lebanon are witnessed from Qana to Sabra and Shatila.

On the contrary, these scenes in Gaza will make us more convinced and confident in the necessity of steadfastness, fighting, confrontation, challenge, and not surrendering, regardless of the threats and pressures.

The second thing that is being achieved is through these operations and this anxiety and ambiguity, the enemy is making his calculations as he behaves with Gaza, especially in ground operations, and he is making every calculation for this.

So, these results are achieved by the confrontation today in the south, and by the blood of the martyrs, in addition to the extent of the human and material losses that befell this enemy during the past few weeks.

These operations, the blood of the martyrs, and the sacrificer of sacrificers, of the martyrs, the wounded, the resistance fighters, and our honorable people who are still in the villages or who today bear the burden of temporary displacement, all of them are in a position of sacrifice in this battle, which deserves this position and this performance.

These operations are an expression of our solidarity with Gaza, its people, and its resistance, with the blood of the martyrs, with the sweat of the Mujahideen, with staying up late nights facing dangers, to relieve the pressure on them in the state of madness and loss that dominates the enemy’s political and military leadership.

Here we reach the important point, over the course of weeks of pressure, communications, and threats, even we were told from the first day that if you conduct operations in the south, if you open the front in the south, these American fleets came for you, and it is the American aircraft that will bomb you. This was told to us on Sunday, October 8, and we were told on more than one day, and in some details, when some Palestinian groups from Hamas and Jihad entered from the Lebanese border into the occupied territories of Palestine, during the first operation there was also a threat that American planes would bomb you, and the second group has entered, the third group has entered, and new groups will also enter, God willing. This threat would not have changed our position at all, so we began working on this front.

As for this front, its escalation and development in any particular direction depends on one of two basic things. The first is the course of development of events in Gaza. This front is a front of solidarity and is the front of support for Gaza, and therefore it develops and moves in light of the events there and what the nature of the events, threats and developments there really requires.

The second thing that controls our Lebanese front is the behavior of the Zionist enemy towards Lebanon. Here again, I warn it against going too far and targeted some civilians. They died as martyrs, and this will bring us back to the civilian versus civilian equation.

In any case, the enemy’s course of behavior towards Lebanon will control our front. I say with all transparency, honesty, clarity and ambiguity, with all transparency, honesty, clarity, and constructive ambiguity as well, that all possibilities on our Lebanese front are open.

All options are on the table and we can go to them at any time, so we all need to be prepared, ready, and present for all future possibilities and hypotheses.

My message to the American is that threatening and intimidating us and the resistance fighters in our region is of no benefit, nor is it of any benefit to the resistance movements or the resistance countries.

Do you know that it has reached a point where we received threatening messages that if you complete operations in the south, America will not only bomb you in Lebanon but will bomb Iran as well, imagine that!

Threatening and intimidating us and the resistance fighters in our region is of no use. Your fleets in the Mediterranean do not frighten us, nor have they ever frightened us.

I tell you, with all honesty and frankness, that the fleets you are threatening with, we have prepared (to address) them as well.

O Americans, remember your defeats in Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and your humiliating exit from Afghanistan. O Americans, those who defeated you in Lebanon in the early eighties are still alive, and with them today are their children and grandchildren as well.

If the American and Western policy calls for preventing the expansion of the confrontation in the region, then its method is not to threaten and intimidate the honorable resistance fighters who defend the oppressed and the sacred, its path is to stop the aggression against Gaza, and Israel is your tool, your soldier, your servant, and under your guardianship. You Americans can stop the aggression against Gaza because it is your aggression.

Whoever wants to prevent a regional war and this is for the Americans must hasten to stop the aggression against Gaza, and you, Americans, know very well that if war breaks out in the region, your fleets will be of no use, nor will fighting from the air be of any benefit, and that what will pay the price in the first place is your interests, your soldiers, and your fleets, which will be the victim and the biggest loser.

Today, the entire world is demanded, in the name of this oppressed blood, including thousands of children and women in Gaza, in the name of civilians, in the name of mosques, churches, and hospitals, in the name of everything that is humanity, in everything that is humane, moral and has value, it is demanded to take a stand and work diligently at night and during the day in order to stop the aggression and not to raise the censure.

Brothers and sisters, I say to our Palestinian people, to our people in Gaza, and to all the honorable resistance fighters in Palestine and in our region, that all of us, since the establishment of the resistance after the establishment of the (Zionist) entity, have been fighting a battle of steadfastness, our battle has not reached the stage of victory by knockout, and we still need time to be realistic, but we are victorious with points. We win and we conquer with points, this is how the resistance was victorious in Lebanon in 1985, in 2000, and in 2006, this is how the resistance was victorious in Gaza, and this is how the resistance in the West Bank made achievements, and this is how the resistance was victorious in Iraq, and this is how Afghanistan was victorious. Thus, with steadfastness, patience, and endurance, this is what the enemy does not have.

People come out from under the rubble in Gaza and say redemption for the resistance. In the July (2006) war, homes were destroyed, and people came out and said redemption for the resistance. Do you find among these people who were brought from all over the world anyone who says that my house, my son, and my husband are redemption for Israel? We haven’t heard any of this yet.

The battle, then, is a battle of steadfastness, patience, endurance, achieving achievements, accumulating achievements, thwarting the enemy, and preventing the enemy from achieving its goals, and thus we will be victorious.

All of us, I say again, must work to stop the aggression against Gaza, and we must work to make Gaza victorious and the resistance victorious in Gaza, and I tell you first, out of faith in the divine promise that promised the honest believers, the patient mujahideen, and victory is God’s promise. And God never broke a promise with us when he found true and truthful, patient, steadfast, and firm, fighting for His sake, no matter how great the sacrifices were, the sacrifices are evidence of honesty and sincerity that brings divine victory. This is how we were in all previous wars, as well as me personally, from the position of personal experience with Imam Sayyed Khamenei, who has repeated more than once in these days his certainty and faith, based on his certainty in the divine promise that Gaza will be victorious and that Palestine will be victorious, and he is the one who told us that a few days after the July ( 2000) War when there was no prospect of victory when he told us that you will be victorious, you will even become a regional power.

I say to our people in Gaza, despite all the wounds, to our people in the West Bank, to all the Palestinian people, to all the peoples of resistance in the region, to all those whose hearts beat for the children, women, and the oppressed in Palestine and Gaza, I say to them that all of us bear responsibility and all of our steadfastness and patience with what is happening and the blood and sacrifices we offer are in the eye of God, and for the sake of God, the result will be certain victory, God willing.

We and you, even though today we celebrate, honor, and celebrate our dear, heroic martyrs, will meet soon to celebrate, God willing, the victory of Gaza, the people of Gaza, and the resistance of Gaza.

May peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.

***End of the Transcript.

One of the scenarios most people were expecting to be announced by Nasr Allah today, especially after the horrific massacres and war crimes Israel is committing in Gaza is the declaration of an all-out regional war that will be accompanied by thousands of missiles fired at Israel, that wasn’t the case.

The Axis of Resistance: Syria, Iran, Lebanese Hezb Allah, Iraq’s PMU, Yemen’s Army and the Ansar Allah group, and the Palestinian factions in occupied Palestine and in the Gaza Strip, are carrying out a very delicate escalation in the war to end the Israeli occupation of the Arab lands, to lift the siege off Gaza, to liberate Syrian and Iraqi lands from the US and other NATO forces including the Turkish Army, and the plethora of Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorist groups.

The Axis of Resistance recognizes that the US evil empire is imploding and most of the credit is earned by the Axis of Resistance starting with the defeat of Israel in the year 2000 in Lebanon and followed by the 2006 defeat of the US-sponsored war on Lebanon, and then not only the failure of the Arab Spring when it reached Syria, the Syrian steadfastness and victory led to reverse the gains of the US-led NATO-sponsored ‘regime-change’ wars dubbed the Arab Spring. These lost wars cost the USA more than 7 trillion dollars.

US imploding was solidified in the failure of its NATO ‘defensive’ alliance joint efforts to fight Russia in Ukraine which led to the demilitarization of NATO, collectively, and the financial and moral bankruptcy of the European Union and their US leader.

Israel’s barbaric war crimes and the unlimited support of the USA and its European stooges have unveiled the ugly faces of the empire in its last throes.

A known rule of war is when your enemy is making deadly mistakes, do not interrupt it, on the contrary, encourage it. In this context, the speech of Hezb Allah Chief Hasan Nasra Allah is understood.

While many expressed their ‘disappointment’ in the speech by the chief of Hezb Allah, in sincerity or in malice, for not declaring an all-out regional war with the missiles starting to fly as soon as Nasr Allah finished his speech, the speech did meet the expectations and even exceeded it but it was belittled by the crowds just to continue to demonize the Resistance Axis and to frustrate the Palestinians in Gaza further.

Ironically, those who continue in their treacherous acts against Hezb Allah have much more capabilities than the Lebanese party and some of them have forged strong relations with Israel on the account of the Palestinians.

Turkey, the NATO member state and the largest army in the region has not fired a single shot against Israel, and its leader, the Islamist caliph wannabe and the head of the Muslim Brotherhood, the same radical organization that the Hamas politburo officials belong to, Erdogan has not bothered to sever the ties of his country with Israel selling only heated words to the crowds, on the contrary, the flip-flop Zionist stooge continues to ship oil, vegetables, fruits, and all goods to Israel while not a drop of oil to Gaza to fuel its hospitals.

The same Erdogan who continues to sponsor tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood tough warriors in northern Syria, in Libya, and about 60,000 of his own troops to protect the family of the Emir of Qatar, did not send any of the Turkish Army soldiers, any of the Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, or even a bullet to defend Gaza, let that sink in, they continue to carry out terrorist attacks against Syria and occupy parts of the country.

Egypt, an Arab country with over 100 million population bordering Gaza, the Egyptian Army of half a million personnel is helping with the blockade on the people of Gaza.

Saudi Arabia and Jordan are shooting down Yemeni missiles heading to bomb Israeli military targets and also helping with the siege on Gaza.

Yet, the Resistance Axis who has helped the Palestinians in all ways and methods and at a hefty price continues to do so and continues to be smeared for not doing more for the Palestinians by those who are helping Israel.

And we didn’t mention the bombing of the illegal US Army bases with drones and missiles in both Syria and Iraq by the Iraqi Islamic Resistance, and it’s only escalating on this front as well.

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  1. Arabi Souri

    Hamas deprived Hezb Allah and the rest of the Resistance Axis of the surprise element by not sharing the zero hour with the heads of the Resistance Axis, and took the initiative by itself which led to the chaos that accompanied its military operation in Gaza, then after the Israeli heinous barbaric criminal bombing, Hamas leaders started asking why the rest of the Resistance Axis is not joining in full?!

    The fact that Hezb Allah engaged the Israeli and very strongly so from the second day after the Hamas operation and without full preparations before the zero hour proves that the Hezb is giving more than what should be expected from them in such situation.

    Also, more than 60 martyrs from Hezb Allah alone by now in the exchange that led to more than 120 Israeli soldiers in northern Palestine killed and more injured, is more than enough evidence that Hezb Allah is totally engaged in the war without being consulted about it, only to alleviate the pressure off the people of Gaza at great risk for the Hezb and for Lebanon, and in extension for the rest of the Axis of Resistance.

    Those ‘disappointed’ from the Hezb not fully waging the war on Israel should blame Hamas for not coordinating with the rest of the Axis of Resistance, and should blame the capable Islamic and Arab countries who are threatening the Axis of Resistance, especially Syria and Hezb Allah by the thousands of NATO terrorists of Al Qaeda and the Turkish and US armies in Syria and Iraq.

    If what Hezb Allah is doing against Israel across the Lebanese-Palestinian borders is not a full-fledged war, can someone explain what is a war? The intensity of the border clashes in the small area between Hezb Allah fighters and the IDF terrorists is more than that of the Russian Army against Ukraine in the Russian SMO.

    And mentioning Russia, and add to it Chine, the other two permanent member states of the United Nations Security Council, why they are not exerting any proper pressure on Israel to stop its genocide and war crimes against the Palestinian civilians in Gaza? Why not at least severing their diplomatic or trade ties with the criminal regime of Netanyahu? How much back-stabbing should Israel do to both Russia and China to wake these two super powers that Israel is an enemy to them and not the close ‘partner’ or a reliable friend? The inaction of these two superpowers is greatly harming their credibility among the rest of the world, especially the Muslim and Arab world.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    I was surprised about those not understanding the speech until I read your post… How can anybody not understand it when it’s in plain language, it can’t be clearer: you are waiting for me to declare war now, we’ve already joined the war from the very second day despite the fact that we lost the element of surprise because Hamas didn’t inform us!

    But they don’t want to understand it because they’re part of the Resistance Axis demonizing process.


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