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Syria Mourns while NATO UN Klan Frets over al Qaeda

Syria's mass funeral procession began at the Homs Military Hospital

Syria began its three day national mourning period on Friday, the 6th of October, for the eighty-nine people massacred while attending what should have been a joyous graduation ceremony in Homs, a graduation of the Military Academy cadets. All civilized world leaders have sent letters of condolences to President Bashar al Assad. Unsurprisingly- albeit shamelessly-not a single leader of the NATO world emitted a single phrase of consolation. Similarly, and by its silence, the UN klan including its Secretary General, demonstrated that this gang of Sykes-Picot colonialists is bereft of even the smallest semblance of human decency.

The heinous carnage against Syria unleashed by NATO terrorists, was part of an assassination plot against “the Syrian Minister of Defense, top officers of the Syrian Arab Army, and guest officers from friendly countries.” The drone hit shortly after they left, when families “poured onto the courtyard to join their sons” in celebration, upon the ending of the ceremony.

The funeral procession for the twenty-eight military martyrs began at the Homs Military Hospital. Defense Minister Ali Abbas told the mourners in attendance “We pay this price for our country’s dignity, may God have mercy on the souls of the martyrs.”

Syrian Arab Army officer Ahmad Khadour was among the twenty-eight martyrs laid to rest.

Here he is, sharing happiness with his mother, shortly before they both became part of the mass carnage.

Nour attended the ceremony to celebrate her twin brother’s graduation. Majd’s coffin was among the twenty-eight.

Graduation ceremonies are a universally human source of the joy and pride of families, of the happiness of knowing work and study make us productive members of society. These are rites of passage, captured in photography and imparted as personal and societal posterity, throughout generations of humanity.

That the NATO terrorist plot was meant as mass assassination of military and diplomatic official speakers and attendees does not deter from the other intention of destroying joy in human beings.

The religious continue to seek solace in mosques and churches, in secular Syria.

Eighty-nine Syrian human beings have been massacred, and upwards of three hundred have been wounded, many catastrophically. In Syria News 5 October report on the heinous mass murder at the graduating ceremony, we anticipated bleating from UNSG Antonio Guterres.

Alas, he has not disappointed, as he has not uttered a word of condolence, though the UN website has given him a sub-heading, his being deeply concerned did not merit quotation marks, as did his deep concern over future “retaliatory shelling” (misnomer for ensuring that at least some terrorists do not have another opportunity to perpetrate another massacre), and of most importance related to the carnage the need for another [unilateral] “nationwide ceasefire.”

Is it possible that His Excellency remains unaware that the previous Cessation of Hostilities (“ceasefire” requires two recognized militaries who have previously declared war. A “ceasefire” does not pertain to a standing military fighting against terrorists armed by multiple countries around the world) have all been unilateral, and have all resulted in mass deaths and casualties among the Syrian Arab Army and the civilian citizens of Syria, and have provided factions of al Qaeda the opportunity to regroup and re-arm?

Before providing the documentation showing the lack of the most fundamental in human decency, issuing a short condolence, and providing evidence of outright lying, we point to what might be the most surreal and fantastically astonishing coincidence in the history of that bastion of peace and security: Twenty-two minutes before eighty plus Syrians were blown up in Homs, brown man’s burden (a ‘source of pride’ photograph that Guterres is pleased to share, included here. It is the one where several brown men carry him atop their shoulders), Guterres stated that he and the president of the ICRC had launched a fundraising opportunity call to create a “legally binding instrument” to prohibit autonomous weapons systems.

Are drones – like the NATO terrorist drones that butchered eighty-nine Syrians while they enjoyed a graduation ceremony – part of the “autonomous weapons systems”?

If so, this is an exceptionally extraordinary coincidence – or, perhaps a bit of prescience by His Excellency.

22 minutes before the carnage in Homs, Syria, Guterres put out a call for the prohibition of drone warfare.

UN News headline showed the NATO junta’s concern for “de-escalating,” not for the atrocious carnage. It featured Geir O. Pedersen, the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Syria, who really should receive an award for complete incompetence. He has held this position since January 2019 and has not been able to move the Constitutional Committee anywhere near a constitution. Syria News last featured him in July 2022, when he addressed the Security Council along with the phony torture victim as celebrity guests. At that time, Pedersen was at round number eight in his list of ongoing failures. That committee is the fundamental requirement of colonialist UNSCR 2254 (2015).

Guterres’ concern for the massacre did merit a sub-heading and came with a hyperlink affixed to his name, but that did not lead to an official condolence. The man who arrogantly lied to the [likely complicit] Security Council in his cover letter dated 19 May 2017 that said “letter transmits the note by the OPCW Technical Secretariat containing a status update of the OPCW fact-finding mission in the Syrian Arab Republic regarding an alleged incident in Khan Shaykhun in April 2017 [emphasis added],” despite the Secretariat’s note stating the FFM received samples from NGO’s, and that it planned to “liaison with the United Nations regarding a possible visit to the alleged site of the incident at Khan Shaykhun” and that such a potential visit would be “dependent on the availability of the most stringent security assurances for the FFM [because the vermin who claimed sarin was used were very scary terrorists] (4.3) [emphases added].”

For those so sweet they cannot fathom callousness and malice among our [NATO klan supremacist] diplomats, we take a quick look at Guterres’ spokesman Stéphane Dujarric’s Daily Press Briefing of 5 October, approximately four and one-half hours after NATO terrorists executed their barbaric slaughter of more than eighty Syrians at the graduation ceremony.

Please note that Syria is not on the UN list of topics. Guterres’ mouthpiece mentions “reaction to the events in Syria” during the Q & A, and it has nothing to do with the barbarity.

It relates to NATO US shooting down a NATO Turkey drone, in al Hasakah Syria, airspace. Both are engaged in war crimes, as neither has the permission to be in the airspace of the Levantine republic.

War crimes against Syria have been normalized by the UN to the extent that Scum Media not only do not question it but instead legitimize it.

Toward the end of the Q & A, Spokesman Dujarric at last mentions – sans les condoléances mais oui – that “the Secretary-General is deeply concerned about the drone attack on a military academy graduation….”.

This is an insensitive prelude to his truly, deeply, madly concern for the al Qaeda warlords still ruling too many areas of Idlib. Guterres, four and one-half hours after the massacre that should have horrified his sensibilities, instead is “deeply concerned about retaliatory shelling by pro-government forces on multiple locations in north-western Syria and emerging reports of casualties.”

Here we have it in a rancid, deadly, sadistic, Sykes-Picot colonialism nutshell.

Please make a special note that the United “Global Governance” Nations, along with the NATO P3 junta, various GA House Servants, and, of course, the dutiful stenographer Scum Media no longer mention Idlib by its name. During the recent period, Idlib, Syria has been replaced with “north-western Syria,” “North-Western Syria,” and also “NW Syria.”

This is because the goal of the supremacist oligarchs is to carve the Syrian Arab Republic into bantustans: One for the US-owned armed insurrectionist terrorists, the SDF (in the Hasakah region), a large chunk to be equally controlled by madman Erdogan, and various warlords of various factions of al Qaeda/ISIS et al., which will be renamed a version of its geography (“NW Syria,” “N-W Syria,” or “Northwest Syria” in an effort to make it a separate country).

The use of the word, “warlords,” is no hyperbole. These are the al Qaeda terrorists to whom the NATO junta ruling the UN throws the “lifeline” of “humanitarian goods,” via border crossings not under Syria’s control.

Al Qaeda takes the aid and sells it to those forced into hunger and immiseration caused by illicit and draconian “sanctions,” such as the United States’ fatal Caesar Act.

The following video was taken post February’s catastrophic earthquakes by NATO Turkey warlords occupying Janderis, in the Afrin region of Aleppo governate which was previously occupied by NATO SDF.

Turkey’s terrorists are in control of the humanitarian relief and decided to humiliate two young Syrian boys for the camera. The older child has been forced to memorize a speech and doesn’t realize he is on a hot mic, as the two walk away and he says two medicines and they want two thousand words…

In a nutshell, it would appear that Guterres and the klan want such humiliation to continue.

Did the UN News headline not drive home its malicious colonial bias – the massacre of eighty-nine people at what should have been a joyous graduation ceremony – that the carnage was a mere postscript to the “global governance” gang’s demand that Syria cease to defend itself, Pedersen’s statement should have nailed it to the wall.

Perpetual incompetent Pedersen wants another unilateral ceasefire in Syria

The continuously incompetent Pedersen makes himself the center of his statement, making “I” a dominating 2.17%. He alternates among grave, deep, and ordinary concern, not for the slaughtered Syrians, but for “escalating violence.” Wrapped in Sykes-Picot garb, he rudely describes Syria as “pro-government.” He shows tenacious preference for “northwest Syria” over Idlib. He emits a bit of perfunctory gas regarding “Security Council-listed terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham.” He does not condemn Turkey’s war crimes in Syria while choosing Erdogan’s preferred name for the US – owned armed insurrectionist SDF terrorists’ political party, “PKK” (in Syria, the party is “YPG”).

Pedersen ends by heartlessly describing the slaughter of eighty-nine Syrians, and the injury of almost three hundred more, as “today’s events” – before another round of bleating about colonialist UNSCR 2254 (2015).

Were the glaring lack of concern for the dozens of Syrians slaughtered at the graduation ceremony by the UNSG, and by his Special Envoy for Syria, to be considered coincidental flukes, the proverbial trifecta arrives with the tweet from Dan Stoenescu, the “head of the EU [supremacist] delegation to Syria” (European countries had closed their embassies in Damascus in 2012, and simultaneously shuttered Syria’s embassies. Embassies have been replaced with colonial overseer). In lieu of a perfunctory condolence, Stoenescu called for the Syrian Arab Army to stop defending its citizens from Western-owned terrorists, and instead to lie down and play dead, with a ”ceasefire.” He also demanded implementation of the Sykes-Picot 2254, without mentioning Pedersen’s incompetence in minimally pulling together that aforementioned committee.

A perfunctory visit to the website of the Delegation of the European Union to Syria finds a page of NATO sewage propaganda on the generic Western paraphilia, democracy, and a blatant implication that Syria is aligned with the EU in an expression of “solidarity with Ukraine,” complete with non-functioning urURL

As regular Syria News readers are aware, the Syrian Arab Republic’s recognition of the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk began in December 2021; any inverse suggestion is another shameless attempt at rewriting history, by NATO’s wannabe colonial overlords.

As with all things NATO-infested, following these urls leads to the discovery of worsening depravity. The head of the EU ‘delegation to Syria’ bragged about a recent visit with the nominal head of the child-kidnapping, alleged organ-stealing and trafficking, stethoscope-less, armed terrorist White Helmets, in Gaziantep – which is in Turkey which is not Syria – to provide the gang with another four million euros for its “[sadistically and degenerately] unique experience in civil defense in Syria.”

On 5 October, during a heartwarming graduation ceremony, eighty Syrians were massacred. At the time of the mass military funeral, this unfathomable number had jumped to eighty-nine slaughtered.

At the time of this writing, not a single criminally arrogant NATO political leader, nor a single criminally arrogant NATO diplomat has offered a single word of condolence to Syria.

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