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Antonio Guterres Tells UNGA to Restore Trust, Engages in Imperial Deceit

UN SG Antonio Guterres addressed UNGA 76 with lies, threats, and supremacist arrogance

Antonio Guterres, the Secretary of the United Nations, addressed UNGA 76 on 21 September. Utilizing exceptionally beautiful imagery — including the lovely metaphor — he waxed poetic in piety, dutifully noted by mainstream media stenography-journalists, first in his opening statement, and then in the various, subsequent video clips uploaded to his Twitter account. Ignored by all, was his insidiously subtle call for a global governance run by the imperial elite.

This Syria News study will provide extensive evidence of the sanctimonious fraud, missed by that MSM continue to suffer self-induced homonymous hemianopsia, along with convenient amnesia.

His Excellency’s transcript is here, UN Affairs synopsis with partial and full quotations, here, and video, here.)

Restoring trust might have been possible had SG Antonio Guterres not outright lied in an introductory letter to the Security Council, in May 2017. Guterres lied that the OPCW “fact finding mission [was] in the Syrian Arab Republic,” despite the Technical Secretariat stating that investigators could not enter Khan Sheikhoun because the threat of al Qaeda terrorists was too scary.

SG Guterres physically demonstrated that “a sense of impunity is taking hold,” when, prior to speaking, he wiped his nose and flagrantly ignored the hand sanitizer placed next to him, before placing those hands on the podium, to be used by others.

That bridge metaphor has a fetid stench of imperialist sadism, given that on 29 September 2016, the Obama regime “bombed and completely destroyed” the Ashara and al Mayadeen bridges in al Raqqa — bridges used by hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians; given that on 2 February 2017, the Trump regime bombed and destroyed two more civilian bridges in al Raqqa; given there was no UNSC emergency meeting to condemn these war crimes; and given the same NATO-dominated Security Council ignored the temporary floating bridge built by Russia and the Engineering Unit of the Syrian Arab Army, at a cost of one million Syrian liras (approximately two million USD).

Guterres’ in places such as Yemen, Libya and Syria, where we must overcome stalemates and push for peace also reeked of geopolitical sadism. On 14 May 2015, Obama gathered the Gulfies (formally, Gulf Cooperation Council/GCC, informally NATO Gulfies) unto him at Camp David, announced that the al Saud monarchy had correctly asked his permission before launching the slow genocide campaign against Yemen, promised to protect the US weapons importer, and the Qatar peninsular gas station two-thirds of which is US military bases.

Though the background on how hope was crushed and trust was lost by our leaders, is beyond the scope of this report on Guterres’s address to UNGA and to humanity, we include a massive cache of evidentiary screenshots in our ADDENDUM, which shows the interwoven, not conspirators, engaged in the hard work of the billionaire class planning our lives — including the World Economic Forum, which the SG was pleased to address early this year. Somewhat curiously, the United Nations Regional Information Center claims a headline of his call for “a global reset,” not specifically found in Guterres’ “Special Address.”

Some need to know the fierce relationships of our philanthropists, how bankers, think tanks, billionaires and incompetent politicians have joined together to ensure the promotion of the general welfare for generations to come.

The NATO P3 obliteration of Libya could not have been possible without the cowardly abstention of the P2 in passage of UNSCR 1973 (2011) which turned the country into an al Qaeda breeding ground, destroyed the Eighth Wonder of the World, caused mass instability in the region, and created a horrific refugee crisis.

The NATO imperialist SG ignores the NATO Spring against Syria, ignores the NATO weapons that do not fall like manna from the heavens, into the hands of al Qaeda factions; he can not acknowledge them while bleats for a push for peace.

His Most Excellency Guterres’ concern for women and girls, and a transformation from a male-dominated world to shift the balance of power was both hypocritical and repugnant. He has never uttered a word of condemnation against EU and US member states breach of the UN Charter by unilaterally imposing economic terrorism against Syrians, including the First Lady Asma Assad (‘sanctioned’ by EU in March 2012, after she refused a bribe to leave her husband and betray her country, and by the US in 2020) and President Assad’s Chief Advisor, Bouthaina Shaaban (‘sanctioned’ by US August 2011, and by the EU, June 2012). He averted his gaze when NATO bombed Syria for the al Qaeda mass slaughter of mostly women and children in Douma without a UNSC resolution.

Where is the enduring injustice to be found when NATO women reach this magical gender power parity, they also become rabid dogs of war (or, in the case of Janet Reno who oversaw the mass slaughter by bombing, in Waco, domestic atrocities)? Albright declared that the deaths of five hundred thousand Iraqi children under the age of five, was “worth it,” and Hillary Clinton spent much time on the campaign trail bragging that she convinced Obama to obliterate Libya, and promising to do the same, immediately, to Syria, if elected, and also telling her compatriots that her priority was not their well-being, but the removal of Syria’s president from office.

Guterres’ mutism has also been noted during the al Rashidin massacre, when upwards of 130 women and their children was slaughtered by NATO-supported terrorists, and when President and First Lady Assad received the 58 women and their children, released from more than three years of captivity from Latakia villages, in an abductee/arrest terrorists exchange (when US, UK, and France forced the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazahkstan into an Arria Formula meeting on Children and Armed Conflict, 29 January 2021, the kind SG eavesdropped into, but did not address.)

Syria News responsibly puts the proverbial flood light on the fraudulent concern of the Secretary-General, limiting that concern to violence against refugees and other immigrants that his NATO-run UNGA has created, with that impunity he both defames and belies.

His dishonesty and deceitfulness are seen in his call for the defense of “human rights.” Those paying attention have noticed this fake concern is limited to imposing western supremacism the peoples that NATO countries have bombed, for decades. Guterres puts on blinders when it comes to condemnation of the crimes that NATO members have inflicted, and now inflict on a regular basis, on their peoples.

Guterres ignored the Macron mass enucleation atrocities against the pre-COVID Gilets Jaunes demonstrations; the lone statesman at the UN, to condemn them was Dr. Bashar al Jaafari.

The concerned-for-human-rights SG has likewise ignored the mass police brutality in the NATO UK, NATO France, and in dear friend of NATO, Australia. When women are brutalized by gestapo cops in NATO countries, Guterres makes himself temporarily deaf, dumb, and blind. Though previously concerned for the safety fake physicians in Syria, he does not care a whit for Dr. Jean-Paul Théron, dragged from his clinic in French Polynesia by the gestapo, that he had to be brought to a hospital for emergency care.

A video of Macron’s gestapo, in such a frenzy that when the goons ran out of anti-lockdown protesters, they entered a department store and started gassing ‘legal’ and masked shoppers, included here.

The British, French, and Australian civilians being brutalized on the streets of their homelands, demonstrate against the fifteen days to flatten the curve turned into 19 months, with the additional declaration from their fascist politicians that they must be shot with the experimental agents — see footnote [1], here — in order to be granted permission to do normal things that social human beings need to do, and have an inherent right to do (the Aussie Health Minister recently announced there was no going back to normal). The term lockdown originally described the confinement of prisoners after an escape or a riot.

Subsequently, some genius in law enforcement decided it was a good idea to keep children locked down into schools during the occasions a psychopath was running around, shooting students and teachers.

We are unable to to show battered Berliners in the above gallery, as they have been buried under the joyful stenography media that dear Greta has returned — likely coincidental, having nothing to do with Guterrres’ UNGA statements — joyful, despite the “tens of thousands” breaching the corona virus mandates on “assemblies and religious events.”

The Most Esteemed Excellency Guterres knows of which he speaks when he utters the words, “colonial exploitation,” “exclusion and discrimination,” and the “gap between rich and poor.”

His dear friend, Tony Blair, has been excluded from indictment on his war crimes that devastated Iraq. He knows that the UN’s investigation into Iraq has been locked away, with the SG holding the key, not to be unlocked for sixty years, when all the mass-murdering perpetrators will be dead, likely of natural causes.

The SG has literally been on the backs of brown men. He knows what it is like to get to fly on the twenty million dollar Embraer Legacy 500 private jet, to join the G7 elitists (the ones who — like the elite at Obama’s birthday party, the elite at the Met Gala, the elite at the Emmy Awards — were unmasked, though all their servants were).

He knows what it is like to fly to one of the most impoverished Caribbean countries, St. Lucia, whose people are descendants of black African slaves, to lecture them on climate, and have his photo taken while surrounded by decaying, putrid, sargassum.

Sargassum is essential to the seas’ ecological system. That this putrid, decaying mess when it pushes up to the shore lines can be cleaned, made into pesticide-free fertilizer and kelp supplements, or even be feed to horses for enhanced nutrition, seemed to be of no matter to the SG, as there was no subsequent report on assistance from the UN to St. Lucians to deal with it, to recycle it, to make an eco-friendly business from it.

Was it pure accident that Guterres whined about “billionaires joyriding to space while millions go hungry on earth”? Or was that to touch a nerve among the ordinary folk, whose small businesses have gone bankrupt, to touch a nerve in regular human beings now struggling to not join the homeless, now struggling to feed their families, now struggling to avoid becoming alcoholics and drug addicts during this horrifically dark time of Orwellian madness?

Why did he not make note of the COVID overnight billionaires, who have enriched themselves by the suffering of humanity, who have managed to create the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, lauded by the the stenography media, already accustomed to pimping for the Military Industrial Complex?

Oh, too, too many words to explain marketing experimental agents to the bludgeoned and fearful masses. While the BioNTech duo are physicians, Pfizer’s Bourla is a DVM, who immediately went into research and then started moving up the Pfizer ladder (no one is sure if he’s reached billionaire status, as yet, though his multi-millions have massively grown. He still patiently awaits his turn for the injections). CVS’s Karen Lynch is also headed in billionaire status direction. The closest she previously was to medicine, was likely doing tax returns for physicians, as she began her career as a CPA (and now authorizes many CVS pharmacists to practice medicine without licensure, in refusing to fill certain prescriptions written by licensed medical professionals.).

The author is forced to outright correct the Secretary-General regarding conspiracies theories and to make an educated guess on the non-physician’s inference regarding regarding pseudo-solutions. Once proven, a theory becomes fact.

Alas, there is no way to show the evidence, without bringing in the college dropout, also a non-physician, the multibillionaire pseudo-expert in virology, epidemiology, and vaccination, Bill Gates.

We shall not speculate as to the fine philanthropist’s alleged eugenics philosophy, as most possible evidence of such has found its way into the Orwellian memory hole. We do, however, stand retroactively aligned with Dan Rather, in his condemnation of the “cowardly sneak attack” by “a team of hitmen” in outrage over le ménage à trois des tartes. Nor shall we speculate over the apocryphal context of his announcement, with appropriate gesticulation: “…and we’re injecting them in little kids’ arms…we just shoot them right into the veins.”

Where are the conspiracy theories Antonio Guterres condemned, when we are readily able to document the relationship of the dropout, GAVI, mainstream and other approved media, the World Health Organization (WHO), COVAX, and the United Nations, using their own websites?

We must also point out the curious news adventures of media functioning as pro bono defense attorneys in their fact checking efforts to impose increased censorship involving decreed thoughtcrime, pasting the work of other media sites, and also flouting the impunity of proving the fact check to be erroneous.

The first screengrab is from SCMP (South China Morning Post, founded when China was under British occupation, owned by Murdoch at one time, and currently owned by Alibaba). It is a paste from a now-missing AFP report. The headline — 28 May 2020 — claims that very mean conspiracy theories about Gates in Africa are moving along with the spread of C19 on that continent.

The subhead, Conspiracy theorists claim Bill Gates stands to profit handsomely from an eventual vaccine, shows that both AFP and SCMP chose to ignore Gates’ tweet of 19 December 2019, in which he announced his organizations would be making huge profits from 2020’s “global health: vaccines” investments.

The writer of this damning attack on the thought criminalists post appears to be unaware that the non-physician, non-professional nurse has been photographed giving a black African infant a medication. In no country in the world is a layperson permitted to give a medicine that requires prescription, to another human being.

Aside from the Munchausen types, and those pathetic enough to want a nanosecond of celebrity status on the news, can anyone imagine people living in Martha’s Vineyard allowing a college dropout to administer vaccines to their children?

We do not know the exact date that the various doors of the UN were opened to the dropout, that the red carpet unfurled to protect the precious feet of the man who appears to be a tad over-interested in the fecundity of black- and brown-skinned peoples.

We do know that those doors are always opened; that he is a multibillionaire who decrees what poor people should and should not be doing by the year 2030; that he has become the largest private farmland owner in the United States (surely a coincidence, and nothing to do with the dropout’s investment promotion of fake meat and dairy made from volcanic fungi, for the serfs, right?); that he provided the seed money for GAVI (‘formerly the Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunisation’); that GAVI decreed ivermectin was not to be used in the treatment of C-19 (now, C-21).

As we have noted that Gates has bought up much of US farmland, that he has made a large investment in ‘developing’ fake meat for us serfs, and that Guterres expressed his gratitude for speaking to the World Economic Forum — which has charmingly taken the name of the canton in the Swiss Alps, Davos, as its own — here might be the appropriate place to show our readers what these fine philanthropists announced for us, 9 April 2018.

Notice how some of these fascist dictates are couched in niceties. If we are good doggies, we may be provided with a treat of real meat. They do not tell us from whom we shall rent everything. They tell us they plan to create more refugees, but blame it on climate, not on perpetual war required by the Military Industrial Complex whose elite continue to make killings, financial and literal. They show us dried and cracked and dead land, but they do not mention Gaddafi’s Great Man Made River Project, which he planned to expand throughout the African continent before the US, and then the UNSC — led by the NATO klan — turned the country into a land mass for al Qaeda, and forced human beings into refugee status.

Though we do not know exactly when the poor dropout terrified of pies began funding the World Health Organization (taking first, second, and third places in contributions), we do know that the WHO began studies on adding hCG to tetanus toxoid (TT) in the 1970s, to produce allegedly efficient vaccine-contraceptive products.

This writer apologizes for misplacing a somewhat gruesome trial on male rhesus monkeys, some of whose testicles necrotized and fell off, but offers a short NIH May 1995 post on the WHO, the UN Population Fund, the World Bank, the Population Council, the Rockefeller Foundation et al., apparently spiking TT with human chorionic gonadotropin to ”vaccinate” women in the poorer countries — Mexico, Philippines, Nicaragua — over which Guterres frets, gnashes his teeth, but refrains from garment rending.

Perhaps if the pathologically generous dropout stopped practicing medicine throughout the African continent, if he stopped funding the WHO that subsequently sterilized without consent a few hundred Kenyan women, using its TT/hCG combo agent, if he were not buying up US farmland while investing in fake food, and if he did not finance the Keutsch Group at Harvard‘s SCoPEx: Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment trial balloon to perturb the atmosphere to test the waters for future solar geoengineering, the besieged MSM would not have to engage in explaining that Gates does not plot to block out the sun.

Is it sheer coincidence that the Gates’ funded GAVI declared ivermectin in the treatment of C19 verboten, as did the WHO — which cited the declaration of Merck, whose patent expired in the late 90s, and which has been given upwards of a billion in US-taxpayer money, to develop an antiviral similar to the wonder drug?

SG Guterres issued the called on himself to “be frank,” yet he neglected to explain what he meant in his claim that “today’s multilateral system is too limited…in relation to what is needed for effective governance of managing global public goods.” He did not explain how — or why — “we need to strengthen global governance.”

No medium questioned this. No medium noted the UN budget is over six billion dollars, and yet there is no peace. The UN budget is over six billion dollars yet there is no peace, and yet Secretary-General Guterres has never given a lesson to UNGA members that all are required to follow the Charter.

Perhaps Guterres’ call for more global governance involves deployment of the United Nations’ global police force (UNPOL) — euphemistically called peace keepers despite there being no peace — to be deployed to countries whose governments are brutalizing unarmed citizens for breaking out of their 15 day lockdown now in its 19th month?

Does anyone for a second believe Guterres does not know the origin of mistrust? Does he really not grasp that the roots of misinformation has come from 19 months of phony experts outright lying, later bragging their lies were noble, that humanity has endured nineteen months of Orwellian insanity, incompetent leadership, and gross negligence of Kabuki bobble-headed corrupt experts who do not care how many die, as long as they receive media coverage?

If we are paralyzed, might it not be from fear thrust upon us, 24/7, from fear of job loss, homelessness, food shortages that these international, overpaid, useless un-leaders?

Is Guterres truly naive over the origin of humanity's mistrust over our corrupt &/or grossly incompetent leaders?
Is Guterres truly naive over the origin of humanity’s mistrust over our corrupt &/or grossly incompetent leaders?

Excellency Guterres, how many times do we have to see our hypocritic leaders and the sadistic double standards before you might get an inkling? Though many have found their way into the Orwellian memory hole, we have all seen the photographs of double standards in masking, where the elite go without, and the servants don them — at the Met Gala, at the Emmy Awards, at the Presidential birthday bash, in the White House, and, yes, at the G7 outdoor party.

Surely such things foster mistrust, especially among those teetering on the edge of homelessness.

The UNSG also did not explain what he considered these “easy-fixes” and “pseudo-solutions” to be. Based on the attacks against ivermectin, from GAVI and Merck — whose patent expired — and from the WHO via its support of Merck’s financially invested condemnation, we make the educated guess that Guterres’ inference related to the enigmatic, multifaceted drug for the world’s poor, ivermectin. Pity the little flabby man did not have the guts to spit it out, considering that GAVI and Merck are on his side.

Guterres merely inferred, but the lockstep was already in place. Merck issued a statement of condemnation against the use of ivermectin in C19 treatment, based on the mega-corporation’s scientists, on its payroll, which was viralized throughout NATO media. WHO arrogantly retweeted one of Merck’s condemnations. The utterly and contemptibly corrupt FDA insulted desperate and terrified people with its rude horsey remark, while engaged in lies of omission. CNN got out the pitchfork against the wonder drug (odd that Dr. Gupta was not available to clarify the lies and omissions). CNN most recently went all a-gush in its report on Merck’s molnupiravir — which might let human beings be human beings! — maybe — and which also might be a type of ivermectin that can receive a new patent.

When ordinary folk whose lives have been shattered, notice a pattern in the answer to Cui bono?, might this not contribute to those conspiracy thingies?

Donned in his white savior cape, 5th column stenographers went into a near smelling-salts required swoon over his “obscenity” remark, that 90 percent of Africans were still waiting for their first shots (he more extensively expounded on this supremacist colonial guardianship on 22 February, 2021. Hyperlinks to the third screenshot, here.).

Despite being surrounded by reputed experts, somehow the private jet-setting Secretary-General remains obtuse regarding any comparison of COVID statistics in the continents of Europe, North America, and Africa.

Is it possible that this feigned oblivion to statistics available to all, add to the alleged conspiracy theories he castigated, or might the conspiracy chatter be the result of the breathtaking profits the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex has made, as much of humanity has been destroyed, and as Nazi medicine takes over — Nazi medicine with its small beginnings against which Nuremberg prosecution witness Leo Alexander, MD, warned us in his report published in NEJM back in 1949 — via criminal, anti-Nuremberg Code, injection mandates by politicians who still do not make visible their swastikas?

Guterres’ declaration, that “we urgently need a global vaccination plan to at least double vaccine production and ensure that vaccines reach seventy percent of the world’s population in the first half of 2022,” bodes particularly ominous. In addition to ensuring the growth of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, we may wonder if there is a plan afoot to send in UNPOL to enforce injections at the end of peacekeepers’ weapons (compliance comes remarkably ready when confronted with looking into the barrel of a weapon), in certain impoverished countries whose C19 deaths are minor when compared to NATO countries.

Such a heinous thought would not be possible, without such impossible things as NY governor Hochul’s announcement that she is bringing in the National Guard to scab on licensed health professionals who were terminated for refusal to be injected with experimental agents, against the Nuremberg Code.

The use of Nazi imagery in medicine is no hyperbole; let us never forget that many of the Nazis that Dulles rat-lined, were rat-lined into extraordinary positions of power.

The Allies defeated the Nazis, Nope
The Allies defeated the Nazis, Nope!
Surely the breathtaking profits of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex have not been the cause of Guterres' blind spots?
Surely the breathtaking profits of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex have not been the cause of Guterres’ blind spots?
Is a caption needed?

POTUS Joe Biden’s UNGA speech nicely cohered with Guterres’ colonial, western savior supremacy dictum, though the Biden Handlers launched his, a few weeks before UNGA. Please make note that while US taxpayers — many jobless, on the edge of homelessness, suffering increased hunger — have forked over $15 billion dollars to the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, for experimental agents to be delivered to countries with very low COVID deaths, the news of Benton Harbor becoming the new Flint, Michigan, with lead in water from decrepit infrastructure, has barely made a blurb in the news.

For those who erroneously believe masks have become a political statement of sorts, we include some screengrabs that show how mask confusion ferments (in addition to some theatrical stage settings at the White House, which might also be a contributory factor to those annoying conspiracies.).

Syria News also reminds our readers of the unfortunate timing of the assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise, which unfortunately occurred shortly after Haiti said no to WHO, and the US was trying to figure out how to change his mind. That one week after the assassination, the US shipped 500k COVAX doses to the impoverished Caribbean country that did not suffer the effects of the pandemic, as have the western savior countries, is the stuff of which terrible conspiracy theories are made.

We again make significant note that poor countries that are successfully combating Tropical Diseases and Neglected Tropical Diseases have ”enigmatically” been spared the scourge of the C19 pandemic.

Surely, there is a reason for this.

Surely, SG Guterres should remove his savior cape and figure out the answer.

On 21 September, His Excellency Antonio Guterres told UNGA 76 and the world to restore trust, and reinstate hope.

On 21 September, Antonio Guterres then proceeded to engage in imperial deceit.

Miri Wood

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Most of these screenshots speak for themselves as evidence of the incestuous relationship joining the Military Industrial Complex to the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex, and how both overlap with the lucrative climate conglomerate (among the warmongers, there are never condemnations of the devastating human and environmental effects of dropping bombs on other people’s countries. The multimillionaires and the billionaires jump on their private planes, and fly around the world to lecture the masses on tightening our belts for more austerity, and also to have meetings with each other, stroking egos and holding press conferences. Have I missed the pressers on greening the deserts, on dusting off the engineering plans of the 60s, on the North American Water and Power Alliance — NAWAPA?).

As part of the circle jerk, I have included screenshots from the BBC‘s ridiculous claim that the rightwing conspirators hijacked the warm fuzzied Great Reset (who ya’ gonna believe, us or your lyin’ eyes?).

How the simple university professor Klaus Schwab — a mere millionaire — came to found a globalist, oligarchical, elite gang of financiers and corrupt politicians is work for another honest investigative journalist, whose interests are in oligarchical finance. Details on the banking BBVA would be especially interesting, should someone else look into the group that began in Argentina, sort of got headquartered in Alabama, and has some mergers in Pennsylvania, and which does most of the press work for WEF.

As for the perverse “transhumanism” — which 5th column Hollywood should have prepared us for in several cult classic hits, such as Robocop and The Terminator — it is not from the ravings of alleged righwing conspiracies, but from the ravings of Schwab, himself (Mengele must be rolling over in his grave, in apoplectic jealousy).

Way back on 10 January 2016, Schwab laid it all out, in an interview with Swiss public television for French-speaking Switzerland, RTS, while the sycophant reporter bobbed his head in constant titillation:

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UPDATE: We add a few more screenshots.

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  1. Miri

    The WEF neo-imperialists will be holding a very very important meeting of “leading thinkers,” “global thought leaders,” which they call “The Great Narrative,” in the UAE, in November.

    Guess this elite will be flying in on private jets to discuss how to get us to be inclusively “happy” over having nothing except fake food by 2030.

    These vermin don’t even try to sugar coat their plans.

  2. Miri

    In December 2017, the British Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) announced receipt of $1.3 million for collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the WHO “to improve the safety monitoring of medicines in low and middle-income countries.”

    Altruistic-sounding at face value, the press release included some rather disturbing admissions: “New medicines and vaccines, for diseases such as malaria and HIV, may be introduced for the first time in LMIC’s where there are weak or no regulatory systems in place for effective safety monitoring. These new treatments have been developed with urgent public health needs in mind and therefore the need to gather and analyse information quickly on their safety and effectiveness is important. The healthcare and regulatory systems in these settings may often lack the tools, training and capacity to operate a robust safety monitoring system. Whilst great progress has been made with many of LMIC’s now involved as members of the World Health Organization Program for International Drug Monitoring, the experience in collecting, assessing and acting on adverse reaction data, and risk management planning is limited.”

    “Without an effective system, public health programs are at risk and patients may be affected, should they suffer from adverse drug reactions (ADRs) which are not promptly identified and treated. This can consequently undermine the program and result in a loss of trust in the product or a vaccine. Ultimately, this may lead to lower uptake and therefore, the disease not being effectively treated.”

    “WHO and the Gates Foundation have launched ‘Project Smart Safety Surveillance’ (also known as Project 3-S) to help LMIC’s identify, assess, and adequately manage the risks associated with new products. MHRA will be joining this initiative to bring regulatory expertise to the project. This will be for a 3-year period where it is intended to run three pilot exercises in different LMIC settings.”

    Basically, the joyful announcement inferred that various ‘medicines’ were fast-tracked into LMIC countries, in what sounds like Phase I studies without the financial compensation, and Phase II ( and that “drug monitoring” was to data mine for adverse reactions in Phases I & II.


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