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Syria’s Minister Jaafari Addresses Arria Meeting on Children and Armed Conflict

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Deputy Foreign Minister and Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al Jaafari was invited to address the Arria Formula meeting on Children and Armed Conflict, 29 January. This type of assemblage is gathered when the NATO klan that runs the bastion of world security deems topics not of significance for a Security Council meeting. Called by the Russian and Kazahkstan Missions, SG Antonio Guterres listened in but did not speak (the Russian ambassador welcomes him at the very beginning). His Excellency Vasily Nebenzya reminded everyone that all countries are bound by law to repatriate their citizens.

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His Excellency al Jaafari began his statement by thanking the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazahkstan “for holding this important session.” He also thanked Mrs. Anna Yurievna Kuznetsova, the Children’s Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation, for “serious and constructive cooperation” with Syria, which resulted in the return of tens of children to their countries. He passionately noted that it is children who suffer the most from criminal violence of terrorist scourges, particularly in the hideous recruitment of children into committing atrocities. He reminded those in attendance of the children made to execute the twenty-five kidnapped Syrian Arab Army soldiers in the ancient amphitheater of Palmyra.

Alluding to recent censorship, Minister Jaafari noted that ”unlike confiscating some presidential accounts,” this atrocity was permitted to widely circulate through the internet, to “serve criminal agendas.” “None of the social media giant corporations bothered to delete or prohibit the accounts” that showed the horror.

Such atrocities are ongoing: The US’ proxy terrorist militia, the SDF continue to murder, maim, kidnap, and recruit Syrian children in the northeast parts of the SAR under criminal US occupation. Some of the kidnapped children are transferred to “conflict areas” in neighboring countries.

Stating that the terrible conditions of Syrian children are “addressed outside their real context,” which ignore their “root causes,” Dr. Jaafari reminded all that the suffering of these children was caused by brutal occupation and brutal coercive economic measures, ignored by those giving perfunctory lip service.

Dr. Bashar al Jaafari addresses the Arria Formula meeting on Children and Armed Conflict
Dr. Bashar al Jaafari addresses the Arria Formula meeting on Children and Armed Conflict

The good ambassador again condemned the refusal of some member states to take back back what they dumped in his country, and also the revocation of citizenship by several member states. His Excellency Jaafari reiterated his country’s condemnation of the “so-called June 2019 Action Plan,” the attempt of the UN klan to “legitimize” armed separatists — “a flagrant violation of the Principles of the United Nations Charter” and relevant Security Council resolutions.

SGSR Virginia Gamba — the signatory of the western supremacist Plan — remained utterly stoic during Dr. Jaafari’s condemnation, despite being utterly giddy during the criminal signing of the June 2019 Action Plan:

SRSG Gamba, far right
SRSG Gamba, far right.

Utilizing his unique diplomatic language, Minister Jaafari voiced Syria’s contempt for the “bias,” the bias shared by the NATO klansmen, occupying Syria, the growing member states that criminally enter Syria, that support all forms of terror including trafficking children (during a recent attempt to smuggle children from al Hol, several of them died in the water truck they were stuffed into), trafficking their organs, trafficking underage girls into forced marriages, declarations of willingness to repatriate some children of ISIS terrorists while leaving their mothers behind.

Belgium issued a two-page letter filled with arrogant hypocrisy - UNSC Syria
Belgium issued a two-page letter filled with arrogant hypocrisy.

His Excellency Jaafari ended his statements to the Arria Formula meeting by also noting Syria’s commitment to caring for children found abandoned in areas cleansed of terrorists.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    They don’t care about their own children why would they care about the children of the people they want to destroy so they can steal their resources?! Look what they’ve done to their own economies despite the massive riches they stole from other countries for decades and in some cases for almost 2 centuries..


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