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Occupied Afrin: Terror Car Explosion Kills 3 Children and 2 Adults

Afrin Car Explosion - Aleppo Terror Turkey Erdogan

A car explosion in the occupied city of Afrin killed 3 children and 2 adults and injured more than 25 others, local sources confirmed.

The booby-trapped car was detonated in the Industrial district in the city of Afrin, northwestern Aleppo countryside, in the afternoon today Saturday 30 January 2021, the city is under the occupation of NATO member state Turkey and assorted terrorist groups loyal to the Turkish Madman Erdogan. Some of the wounded victims suffer from severe wounds and are in critical conditions.

Afrin Car Explosion – Aleppo Terror Turkey Erdogan

The explosion caused huge devastation in the industrial district which is crowded with small shops and workshops.

Afrin was occupied in March 2018 by NATO member state Turkey along with its terrorist groups, mainly the Nusra Front, the Levant’s branch of Al Qaeda, the Turkestan Islamist Party, and others from the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood organization which Erdogan considers himself its political party and (late) Ayman Zawahiri, the head of Al Qaeda its militia leader.

Syrians who are still in the regions under the occupation of Turkey and its terrorist groups live in horrible conditions and suffer on daily basis from the oppression by the terrorist groups and from the lack of security with the non-stop infighting among the terrorists over bounties and spoils of war.

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