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US-Sponsored Kurdish SDF Kill a Protester and Injure 3 Others Hasakah

Kurdish SDF separatists kill a Syrian protester in Hasakah

The US-sponsored Kurdish separatist armed group known as the SDF killed an unarmed Syrian protester and injured 3 others in the city of Hasakah, northeast of Syria.

Terrorists from the SDF armed group opened live fire on unarmed Syrian civilians in the city of Hasakah killing one of them and injuring 3 others after large crowds of the locals took to the streets demanding the Kurds to end their inhumane siege over the cities of Hasakah and Qamishli which is ongoing for 19 continuous days now with the help of illegal US occupation forces in the Syrian northeastern provinces.

The Kurds pushed by the USA and Israel with the support of western NATO member states want to create their new country out of Syrian land they could Israelize, mainly in the northern provinces of Hasakah, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, and Aleppo countryside, whatever they can grab as the Syrian army is engaged in fighting Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, the other US proxies in a number of other provinces.

For 19 days, the Kurds have prevented the deliveries of food, wheat, oil, and even drinking water to the besieged cities of Hasakah and Qamishli which is under the Syrian state control surrounded by Kurdish armed groups, the Turkish army, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the US military, all of which are systematically looting and plundering Syria’s wheat, oil, and burning what they can’t steal.

The main public bakery in Hasakah and a number of private bakeries have stopped working as the Kurds are blocking the delivery of wheat and fuel to around 100 thousand civilians.

Today’s martyr is the second unarmed protester the Kurds kill in the city of Hasakah in three days, on 28 January, the Kurds killed another unarmed protester in the city.

We are not seeing any western condemnation for these barbaric crimes, maybe because the Kurdish armed groups have female fighters among them and claim they’re secular while they’re racist to the bones? Or because they serve the US interests in punishing the Syrian people by starving them because they hosted millions of Iraqis who fled the US and UK invasion of Iraq and they hosted the grandparents of these same Kurds who fled the Ottomans a century ago?

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