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Kurdish SDF Militia Shot Dead a Protester and Injured another in Hasakah

Kurdish SDF separatists with US army - Biden Trump Obama Israel

The US-sponsored Kurdish separatist SDF armed groups killed a Syrian protester and injured another in the eastern Hasakah countryside, local sources quoted by the Syrian news agency SANA.

The armed SDF militiamen of the Kurdish opened their machine guns on a group of people in the Tishrin Field killing a civilian from the village of Al Fajj and injuring another.

The group of people took to the streets protesting the crimes of the US-sponsored Kurdish separatists and blocked the road between the Al Fajj and Taninir villages on the Hasakah main road with burning tires.

Syrians in the territories occupied by the Kurdish armed groups and their US military sponsors are living in unbearable conditions while the Kurds with their overseas sponsors loot their oil and wheat and kidnap their young men to serve in their militias as cannon fodders against other Syrians.

Video distributed of shooting by the Kurds against unarmed protesters who ran towards a Syrian security checkpoint

The SDF armed groups were created by the USA to serve as a proxy militia to fight against the Syrian state and create another Israel in northeastern Syria where the main Syrian oil fields and the food basket of Syria, and also the main water source from the Euphrates. To achieve their goals and Israelize the largest territories they could, the Kurds were of no difference that what their brethren in ISIS and other Al Qaeda FSA groups committed to serving their US sponsors.

Another task assigned to the Kurdish separatist groups is to lure the other NATO member state Turkey into more incursions in Syria, the US uses the Kurds as bait for Erdogan forces of the Turkish Army and the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorist groups affiliated with Erdogan. Erdogan uses the false pretext of fighting ‘terrorists’ in justifying his aggression against Syria and Iraq.

Two main neighborhoods in the cities of Hasakah and Qamishli are still under siege by the Kurdish SDF groups for more than 2 weeks depriving the people in the besieged neighborhoods of food and access to medical centers and schools in order to get further concessions from the Syrian state.

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