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US Helicopter Crash-Lands in Hasakah Over Illegal Military Base

US army helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk in Syria oil thieves

A Helicopter of the US troops illegally deployed in Syria had a hard-landing this morning over an illegal military base in Hasakah province, northeast of Syria.

The helicopter, a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, is part of a military regiment established by Obama and expanded by Trump responsible for stealing Syrian oil, burning Syrian wheat, and manages ISIS assets in northern and eastern Syria.

A spokesperson for the US Oil Thieves Regiment claimed the helicopter faced a mechanical failure in a tweet: ‘A coalition helicopter conducted a hard landing today in northeastern Syria, the incident was not the result of hostile activity, it was determined to be mechanical failure.’

Tweet by the spokesperson for the Syrian Oil Thieves Regiment

Local sources said the helicopter landed inside the illegal US military base and hit the ground hard on the road near the camp within the base inside the Ash-Shaddadi city in the southern Hasakah countryside, northeast of Syria.

In addition to war crimes against the Syrian people by depriving more than 16.5 million people of their oil, wheat, even barley, and drinking water, the US troops in Syria help separatist Kurdish armed groups to carve out large parts of Syria’s territories, displace the people and replace them with foreigners, helping the Turkish regime of madman Erdogan do the same in areas occupied by NATO’s Turkish army and its Al Qaeda proxies, the US forces organize the movements of ISIS terrorists continuing a policy outlined by former US Secretary of State John Kerry to use ISIS to threaten the Syrian leadership into negotiations.

ISIS terrorists move freely in their Toyota machine guns mounted pick-up trucks in the open Syrian desert bordering Iraq under the protection of US troops between their illegal military bases in the northeast of Syria in Hasakah near the major Syrian oil fields, and southeast of Syria at the At-Tanf military airbase where they hold thousands of Syrians hostages in Rukban Concentration Camp and train an ISIS affiliate group calling itself ‘Maghawir Thawra’.

Over 70 ISIS terrorist commanders were recently moved by these ‘routine flights’ from Al Hol concentration camp run by the Kurdish SDF separatist armed groups in Hasakah province to the At Tanf US illegal military base in southeast of Syria, this was soon followed by deadly terrorist attacks against buses between Hama and Deir Ezzor that killed dozens of Syrians.

The US Pentagon does not declare its losses unless they couldn’t hide it and mostly they claim that ‘no harm done and everything is good’ but after some time reports of their casualties start emerging.

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  1. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    Congratulations my friend, you have got a new Gauleiter!
    Now you can call them Biden/Kamala forces!
    However you call them, they remain International Jew banker mercenaries.


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