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Hama: 9 Murdered in an Attack by NATO Terrorists on their Buses

NATO ISIS terrorist attack on buses on Salamiyah - Ithriyah road in Hama

NATO terrorists attacked vehicles near the city of Salamiyah in Hama countryside killing at least 9 civilians and injured 4 others, Syrian Army units dispatched to the site and engaged with the terrorists.

Terrorists with machineguns attacked a convoy of fuel trucks and three public buses on the Ithriyah – Salamiyah road in Hama countryside, about 35 kilometers (22.5 miles) east of the city of Hama.

‘At 9:30 pm local time this evening (Sunday, January 3rd) a convoy of fuel trucks and three buses came under an attack, in Wadi Uzayb area on the Salamiyah – Ithriyah road, by terrorists with machineguns, mostly, killing 9 civilians and injuring 4 others in an initial count’, Muhammad Tariq Krishati, the governor of Hama, told the Syrian Ikhbariya news agency.

The governor added that the Syrian Arab Army rushed to the site and engaged with the NATO ISIS terrorists while rushing the victims to the Salamiyah National Hospital.

The swift deployment of the SAA to the site saved many of the innocent lives on the buses.

This latest heinous terrorist attack comes a couple of days after the deadly attack that killed 25 and injured 13 others by ISIS remnants operating in the Syrian open desert under the protection of the US troops illegally positioned in the Tanf Area, southeast of the country. ISIS remnants, some of whom the Kurdish SDF separatists let loose from the Al Hol concentration camp, operate freely in the open desert connecting Syria and Iraq wherever US troops can give them aerial protection and drop logistic aid.

Tensions are very high in the region on the 1st anniversary of the war crime committed by Donald Trump killing Iranian top general Qasem Soleimani and Iraqi’s top commander Abu Mahdi al Muhandis in the early hours of January 3rd last year. Iran vowed to avenge the killing of its most revered general and the region’s hero in combating and defeating ISIS by forcing the US troops out of the region and by punishing all of those who were involved in the crime, a threat that was repeated over the past week by many of Iran’s top political and military officials who also made a list of 47 persons involved in the killing including Donald Trump himself.

Trump needs a war or a major conflict to remain in power, his buddy Netanyahu in Israel needs a war in the region especially to keep large numbers of the US personnel serve as cannon fodder for the anti-Jewish state, Netanyahu who faces a host of corruption charges and is repeating the elections for the 4th time in the past 2 years to remain in power to avoid going to prison in corruption charges, Israel’s recent public friends of the region’s monarchs also need to keep more US troops in the region after their miserable failure in Yemen and mainly in Syria and fear repercussions of their military adventures. Other NATO members, namely the French and Turkish unstable leaders, need a war or major conflict to use it as a distraction from their domestic increasing problems, therefore, brazen terror attacks and false flag operation fall in the best interest of all these evil players.

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