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ISIS Declares Responsibility for Yesterday’s Bus Attack in Deir Ezzor

ISIS terrorist attack on a bus in Deir Ezzor

US-sponsored ISIS terrorists issued a state confirming their responsibility for the attack on the bus in the Deir Ezzor province yesterday that left dozens killed and injured.

The US-sponsored ISIS terrorists claim they killed 40 personnel of the Syrian Arab Army in the attack trying to whitewash their heinous crime, as 25 of the passengers were soldiers returning home for vacation meaning they were not combatants, but there were at least 8 civilians killed in the attack and 9 others injured some of them lost limbs.

ISIS statement admit their terrorist attack in Deir Ezzor against the bus
ISIS statement admitting their terrorist attack in Deir Ezzor against the bus
ISIS terrorist attack on the bus in Deir Ezzor

ISIS terrorists insist on showing how they get their support from the US forces illegally deployed in Syria by the Trump regime by simply operating in open desert with their 4 x 4 machine-gun mounted pick up trucks in areas the US and its illegal coalition control and in all their operation, the ISIS terrorists only see Syrians, civilians, and army personnel, but somehow do not see any US troops anywhere despite the US troops heavy presence in the northeast of Syria, the dozens of convoys of oil tankers shipping Syrian oil to Kurdistan in the east and previously to Erdogan in the north, and despite being easier targets than the Syrian army personnel and civilians.

Attacking US troops whether in Syria or in Iraq would give some legitimate justification for the ISIS terrorists being against oppression and tyranny, as they claim, but freely operating under the watchful and caring eyes of the US forces, who in many cases ‘accidentally drop weapons, munitions, and food supplies to ISIS gatherings‘, and not carrying out a single attack against US troops in either country gives no room for any doubt that the US uses these terrorists, just like how the former US secretary of state John Kerry described how they use ISIS but in a diplomatic way: ‘We saw ISIS growing and we saw them move toward Damascus, we thought they will threaten Assad and he will come for negotiations, instead he brought in Putin.’

After the war crime by the Pentagon and its ISIS terrorists yesterday, the Syrian and Russian Air Forces pounded a number of locations of terrorist groups of ISIS and its affiliates in the Aleppo – Hama – Idlib triangle

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