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SAA Officer and 5 Soldiers Killed by US-Sponsored ISIS Terrorists in Daraa

SAA Syrian Arab Army in Daraa - Archive

A Syrian Arab Army officer and five soldiers killed in an attack against their military vehicle in the northwestern countryside of Daraa.

Lieutenant Colonel Fidaa Mahfouz, commander of the 641st Battalion of the 4th Mechanical Division, and five soldiers of the same battalion were ambushed and killed on the road connecting the towns of Sahm Golan and Tasil in the southern countryside of Daraa, about 23 kilometers northwest of the city of Daraa, Thursday 31 December 2021.

This battalion comprises of the members of former terror groups in Daraa who joined the reconciliation efforts and joined the Syrian Arab Army to fight the real terrorists.

All of the martyrs are from the province of Daraa, among them Bassil Muhammad Al Qarfan from the town of Tasil and Zakariya Al Jahmani from the city of Nawa.

A massive reconciliation process with Russian mediation was carried out in the southern Syrian province of Daraa after the defeat of the US-sponsored terrorist groups, thousands of the members of the terrorist groups either dropped their weapons and returned to their normal lives or joined the Syrian Arab Army ranks in newly formed units to fight the real terrorists.

Many men are forced to join the terrorist groups when their towns and villages were stormed in order to protect their families and earn some money after their work stopped, the terrorist groups had very deep pockets and were paying large monthly salaries to their members no thanks in that to the generosity of the US and other NATO taxpayers, and of course, the Gulfies.

Hundreds of the terrorists who refused to join the reconciliation were shipped to Idlib and others fled to an area illegally occupied by the US military in the southeastern Syrian desert. From their US-protected 55 square kilometers zone, these terrorists, mostly affiliated with ISIS, would carry out their terror attacks and massacres against the villages and towns of the provinces of Sweida and Daraa, they have special hatred towards their former colleagues.

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