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SAA Deployed to Daraa to Counter the Resurgence of NATO Terrorists

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The army is strengthening its presence in the Daraa countryside after repeated attacks on state institutions and the military and security elements, waving force to seize the Daraa countryside, paralleled by pressure from the residents on the remains of the militants.

The resurgence of terrorist groups in the province’s countryside and rural areas can only be achieved with the unlimited support NATO terrorists receive in Syria from the host of sponsoring countries from the western superpowers to the Gulfies super-rich with bordering Jordan and the Israel-occupied Golan as their logistical base.

Russian-mediated reconciliations worked to a certain limit and now is the time to eliminate the remnants of the terrorist groups after especially after their terrorist crimes have become more frequent and more brazen with last week’s kidnapping and butchering nine policemen in a town in Daraa’s northern countryside.

The following report by the Lebanese-based Al Mayadeen news channel sheds more light:

The video is also available on Bitchute.

The Syrian army is reinforcing its positions in Mazirib, Dael, and Izraa in the Daraa countryside, dozens of armored vehicles and hundreds of soldiers in combat positions, two years after the conclusion of reconciliations in response to the crimes of the militants after the massacre of Mzairib, which claimed the lives of nine police officers and after a number of assassinations scattered between the western and eastern countryside of the governorate.

Kamal Ayyash, a member of the Syrian People’s Assembly for Daraa: We are keen to restore security and safety to all parts of Syria, including some areas in Daraa such as Tafas, Al- Mzairib, Daraa Al-Balad, and Busra Al-Sham. I believe that the solution will be soon and that action will be taken to eliminate armed groups.

Resorting to force appears to be the last and most difficult solution, but the mobility of the local community represented by its leaders and reconciliation committees does not stop, and the goal in both cases is to deal with the weapons issue and those who reject the reconciliations despite signing them.

Kamal Ayyash, M.P.: The weapons in the hands of the militants must be handed over. Some of the reconciliations were formal and is supposed to be real, and we should continue to work with those who have been reconciled with him.

The reconciliations accomplished an important role in Daraa two years ago, they saved blood and contributed to bringing thousands of young people back to the military service, but a major imbalance began to appear and was caused by the presence of weapons in the hands of groups that refused to abide by the reconciliations.

The number of attacks on state institutions and army checkpoints exceeded 350 during the year, according to some estimates, which imposes an urgent movement to address and restore safety climates to a vital governorate, with its location near the occupied Golan and the Jordanian border.

Mohammed Al-Khader, Damascus – Al-Mayadeen.

End of the English translation transcript.

The question keeps pressing: Doesn’t the US citizens, or their European partners in crimes against humanity have better things to do than their continuous destroying of other countries thousands of miles away? Maybe, for instance, look at ways to revive their collapsing economies and healthcare systems exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic they complain about, or maybe bail out their own small businesses rather than destroying the livelihoods of thousands of families far away? A question that will never find an answer with the mentality of the Sheeple western citizens find their comfort zone in.

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